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Xiaopeng P7 experience evaluation: What is an intelligent cockpit?

Nowadays, both new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles are working in one direction, that is, the smart cockpit. However, for this aspect, new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, have an inherent advantage of intelligence in terms of energy, that is, they can meet the function realization of vehicles under more working conditions.

In order to explore the intelligent performance of the car, we tested the Xiaopeng P7 this time, and this time our experience model is the 2020 rear-wheel drive long-life extreme version. The battery capacity of this model is 70.8kW·h, NEDC endurance is 586km, and our version has an acceleration time of 6.7s from 0-100km/h, which seems to be sufficient for daily commuting.

1. Vehicle exterior design

Xiaopeng P7 has been on the market for some time. I believe that many small partners have already seen or experienced the product at the auto show, test drive and even on the road. We will take a brief look at it here.

In terms of appearance design, Xiaopeng P7 is still very simple, and its streamlined design also gives it a drag coefficient of 0.236, which makes driving more energy-efficient. The lightsaber 2.0 LED penetrating light is used in the front, and the far and low beams and the LED penetrating light are separated in design. The overall unassuming and simple, I believe many consumers can be impressed. This time we test drive the star screen white color, and the versatile is also low-key.

In the interior, the design of Xiaopeng P7 still adopts a simple style. First of all, the performance of the field of view is still very good. In the case of the design, a 10.25 -inch high – definition full LCD smart instrument and a 14.96 -inch “2K+” touch screen constitute the main functions of information display and human-computer interaction. Except for the touch wheel buttons on the steering wheel and the gear and wiper + light control levers, there are no physical buttons. At the same time of simplicity, the test is the optimization of the interactive design.

2. External intelligent experience

Intelligent experience has become the focus of our evaluation. First of all, we must start with the external intelligent experience. The convenience of using the car starts before getting on the car. Then some of the most basic intelligent functions such as automatic unlocking of close vehicles and automatic power-off after getting off are also commonplace. Let’s start with Xiaopeng’s mobile phone APP. Save with Currys promo code NHS and  Amazon Discount Code NHS 

It can be seen that the APP control of Xiaopeng P7 is still very comprehensive, such as remote air-conditioning start, temperature control is naturally not a problem, the vehicle locks, unlocks, temporary parking, trunk, windows, fast charge, slow charge Both ports can be controlled remotely , greatly reducing the tedious steps. Whether it is remote control or opening the charging port after getting off the car, there is no pressure for convenient operation.

At the same time, there are some functions that cannot be completed by non-smart cars, such as the camera and sentry mode. The camera can view the environment near the parking in real time, which is helpful for understanding the location of the vehicle, while the sentry mode will record the status of the vehicle. The problem will be notified to the car owner in time, and the video will be recorded. Finding a vehicle also brings convenience to use, convenient positioning and understanding of status. Sending the address to the car can be said to be an important function of interconnection. It is convenient and quick to navigate to the charging station and destination, and then send it to the car and machine navigation after searching.

The “mobile phone remote parking” function in the APP reflects the more intelligent side of Xiaopeng P7. When parking, we occasionally encountered the problem that the parking place was too narrow, and we could not get off the car after parking, or encountered some unruly people parking next to us, and we could not get on and off the car. Use the mobile phone to remotely control the parking function, and connect the vehicle with Bluetooth, and the vehicle can be remotely controlled to move forward and backward. No need to worry about safety issues, just let it go, this function is very convenient to deal with some situations. It can be said that the intelligent experience outside the car is still very good on the Xiaopeng P7, with complete functions and able to meet people’s needs.  

3. Intelligent experience in the car

Of course, as a driving tool, the internal intelligent experience of the car is the most important thing. What’s more, the Xiaopeng P7 adopts a minimalist design style and does not have too many physical buttons. The demand for interaction and intelligence is very high. The Xiaopeng P7 also uses the Xmart OS in-vehicle intelligent system, which does bring a different intelligent experience to the experience.

Xiaopeng P7 uses dual intelligent engines, built-in NVDIA DRIVE Xavier high-performance autopilot chip and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A intelligent service engine, making the experience more intelligent and smooth. First of all, the response of the central control screen is very smooth, and it is equipped with an application store, an open application ecology, whether it is videos, K songs, or shopping, news or even games, it can be downloaded . At the same time, it also launched a small program function, whether it is payment or takeaway. A solution can be found.

Of course, these are not enough. In terms of interaction logic, the Xiaopeng P7 has clear settings, and most operations can be completed within two clicks. Vehicle settings, air conditioning, lighting, music, and navigation are all very convenient. The menu bar of the vehicle settings is also logically clear, and the corresponding functions can be found quickly

I have to mention here that Xiaopeng P7 has achieved a relatively safe design in the opening of NGP-related functions, and it cannot directly turn on the related assisted driving functions. After selecting to enable it, the owner needs to use the Xiaopeng APP to scan the code and view the related introduction video. , And through the answer test, help users understand the limitations of assisted driving related functions, remind users to stay vigilant, take over at any time, and make use safer. However, because it was raining during the test, we did not turn on the NGP function during the driving according to related safety matters, which is a little regrettable.

In the voice function, Xiaopeng P7 can be described as a lot of optimizations. It can directly speak multiple instructions, and supports precise control. It also supports fuzzy language operations. For example, simple “outside too noisy” will close the window, “It will lower the temperature of the air conditioner, “the screen will be too bright” will reduce the brightness of the screen, etc.” It can be said that the natural voice processing capability is more intelligent.

Xiaopeng P7 also supports automatic parking and memory parking functions. In terms of automatic parking, it can automatically identify the parking space and park. Such intelligent functions are the display of powerful automatic driving hardware and software coordination, reflecting the performance of Xiaopeng P7 Intelligent height. There is also a memory parking function. This is for users with fixed parking spaces. After a memory operation, Xiaopeng P7 will memorize and learn the relevant parking position and perform automatic parking to solve the tedious parking of the last few hundred meters. Hard work. However, due to conditions, we were unable to test related functions, which seems rather regrettable.

4. Charging experience

As a new energy vehicle, there is still a very big pain point, that is, the charging experience. Although the number of charging piles in Beijing, where we are currently located, has exceeded 200,000, the experience of different charging piles can be described as vastly different. Fortunately, Xiaopeng has its own dedicated charging station, covering most urban areas in Beijing, and it is understood that users who place an order before August 1, 2021 can enjoy a lifetime free charging policy of 3000 degrees per year. After August 1, it will be 1000 degrees per year.

We experienced the free charging experience of Xiaopeng’s dedicated charging station. You can find the charging station in your city on the Xiaopeng APP. Not only are there special charging stations for Xiaopeng, but also charging piles of other cooperative brands, but we still focus on experiencing the special charging station for Xiaopeng, which is not only clearly written The price, location, free location are also marked, and it supports one-click addressing to the vehicle. The smart experience is very good.

After we arrive at the location, we only need to scan the QR code on the charging station with Xiaopeng APP to start charging. It can be seen through the APP that the charging and parking fees can be reduced or exempted after charging for 20 minutes, and the charging power is also very good. When I arrived, it was the last idle position, and the charging speed could reach 142A and 370V. When charging, you can naturally turn on the air conditioner and enjoy video entertainment or game entertainment on the smart system. After charging for 20 minutes, we completed the charging and enjoyed the parking reduction. The total charging was 17.79 degrees. The experience is still very fast and convenient.

Five, driving dynamic experience

Finally, since as a car, we still have to pay attention to the dynamic performance of driving. In the driving mode, there are three modes: standard, sport and economy. We mainly focus on the standard mode, and the steering assist is set to the comfortable mode. In terms of the dynamic performance of the chassis, in the face of large vibrations such as speed bumps, the processing is still more advanced, but there will be a certain amount of small tremor in the follow-up. In the face of small bumps, the handling is relatively poor and the graininess is heavier.

In terms of power response, pure electric vehicles have a natural advantage. The power response is faster, and the brakes and accelerator pedals will learn the driving style of the owner and will make adjustments, that is, the more you drive, the easier it is. In terms of the quiet performance of the vehicle, it is quite satisfactory. The sound insulation of wind noise is relatively in place. For road noise, it may be due to tire problems. The road surface is relatively picky. The noise will be relatively more obvious on some asphalt roads. Some.

In terms of the establishment characteristics of the steering feel, it is still quite good. It is light at low speed, heavy at high speed, and it is well done in terms of return torque gain. It can be said that it is a better car to drive. The body’s followability is also praised, and the response to steering input is still very fast. At the same time, for the kinetic energy recovery of Xiaopeng P7, even if it is set to “High”, it does not feel like releasing the throttle as if stepping on a sudden brake. The kinetic energy recovery will begin to intervene after 1-2 seconds of raising the throttle, and give A relatively light braking force, and the speed is reduced to a speed close to the idle speed, after a simple adaptation, the control of the driving rhythm is still relatively comfortable, and there will not be such a strong sense of abruptness. Of course, the Xpeng P7 can also turn on the Xpedal single pedal mode, which is relatively more power-saving.

In summary, Xiaopeng P7 can be said to be at a comfortable level in terms of intelligence. Whether it is the APP setting outside the car, the welcome mode, or the minimalist interior with fewer physical buttons, it can still provide good interaction, reflecting the power of the Xpeng Xsmart intelligent system. Quick response and clear organization are his advantages, and the safety design in NGP assisted driving also makes people feel at ease. In terms of charging experience and driving performance, Xiaopeng P7 can give you a satisfactory answer. This is the current ideal intelligent cockpit. We also look forward to Xiaopeng will continue to improve the level of intelligence and bring us more surprises. .

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