Online Grocery app development Trends 2021 – What’s Trending?

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The lock-down turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the online grocery stores and millions of entrepreneurs that shipped goods, pantry, foods, and dairy products. Most of us used to rely on small shops and grocery stores for our food shopping, but we have been changing old habits due to fear of queues and comfort in online shopping. And for opportunistic e-commerce entrepreneurs, this is a business opportunity.

Here we try to bring down everything you need to know about starting an online grocery business in 2021 and also some trends that might help you standout. The long-foreseen online food boom all occurred in 2020 simultaneously. Experts now say it’s time for groceries to make online order delivery more effective and improve their channels.

Some Latest Trends:

1. Focus on Online Ordering

Online orders for supermarket stores are anticipated to linger around following months of changes to their way of life due to COVID-19. In contrast to the growth during the earlier pandemic in March 2020, online purchases have been largely steady, while total grocery sales have declined. Shopping for online groceries is projected to grow more in 2021.As Omni-channel campaigns become more and more common, online orders will offer a great opportunity for food retailers to attract new customers. Giving shoppers the ability to receive their food by choices such as shipment and collection can encourage ordering, but the expense of delivering these online orders can be a problem for the supermarket store. Complexities and timescales in the variety of consumer baskets make shopping online more difficult than most stores but can alleviate these logistic problems.Although online orders can give consumers many advantages and allow merchants to expand their business, challenges continue to be addressed in 2021. These include reducing late delivery, reducing the amount of goods lost, and handling substitutions to prevent faults.

2. Multiple Payment Methods

Consumers want more and better payment options for making the payment after the purchase is done.  For e.g. when someone is making a purchase from an overseas website, finding a payment suitable for both (the user and the business website) might be difficult sometimes. Customers use big names in the E-commerce field for quicker shopping. They save details on consumers and their billing and delivery and have simple and convenient check-out without having to enter any data. Increased payment options like Apple Pay, PayPal, and other funding options allow friction-free checkout on eCommerce pages.

3. Improving reward programs

By 2020, the fruits of the month club have become far gone. Subscription contracts give retailers some benefits because they make it possible to foresee loyalty expectations and to retain long-term consumers’ value.Many analysts warn that the influence multiple subscription services have on their budgets will rise in customer perception and therefore be more selective in the future. Retailers would need to be mindful of what their USP needs to be for the coming years.Grocers should continue to provide exclusive advantages related to their brand name.Adopting and ensuring that the clients are conscious of more sustainable activities could be a smart way to remain competitive in 2021.

4. Gaining more importance is the sustainability

In what is potentially not a residual phase, the buyers know that the importance of their buying decisions is limited to Earth’s resources, which is a very enlightening thing to know.  For contemporary consumers and brands, sustainability has acquired a renewed value to find ways to incorporate these into their goods, fulfillment methods, and promotions. Brands that improve their sustainability operations can have a direct effect on the selling of decisions. Some ecological projects include economical packaging, fair trade association’s source goods, going void, usage of recyclable materials, energy, etc. Adopting and making sure the clients are conscious of sustainable practices is an ideal means of being successful in 2021.

5. Companies should refine their digital conversion approach

Whatever you’re selling, you certainly have some rivals. Staying ahead means not only adding more new clients to the platform, but also converting them as soon as they arrive. Conversion optimization is a rising issue in 2020 when marketers seek to finalize their product pages to ensure that their products are differentiated by their multi-canal marketing methods. This may include interactive advertising on Facebook, Google shopping ads or digital marketing activities on the website.Big retailers now use a digital conversion approach to control consumers. They are fitted with high-quality pictures and shortcuts to buy the stuff instantly.

6. Mobile Applications will Rule E -commerce

With the growing trust of customers in online shopping, they feel better when shopping from their mobile devices. By the end of 2021, approximately 73% of all e-commerce transactions are anticipated from mobile devices. In comparison, 30% of online customers will potentially leave their carts in the shopping center if they figure out that the website is not mobile-friendly. As an online trader, you can concentrate on maximizing mobile clients’ experience. Here are some excellent ways to develop your mobile device e-commerce platform:  consult the best grocery app development. You can enter your tool URL and it will show if your online shop responds. It even reveals if the website has any loading problems, you can build your online shop with a progressive web application (PWA). The loading of PWA is swifter than a website and helps consumers to access previously browsed sites outside of the Internet, customers should be able to visit the site on a smartphone, introduce web sites that are expedited like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), you need to ensure the mobile device checkout process is seamless and find opportunities to further simplify it, you can manually verify your mobile website and see if navigation is easy also examine whether items on your cell phone are easy to see and whether there is a zoom option.

7. AI and AR enhance the quality of Grocery Applications

By 2022, online retailers are expected to spend billions on AI. Many businesses would use AR technology to provide a rich shopping experience to consumers by 2022.As an online in-store partner, Artificial intelligence (AI) offers tailored assistance and advice to clients. To show them items they are most likely to buy, AI uses the shopper’s previous shopping experience and searching.Like in retail markets, the goods they wish to purchase cannot be tried or checked visually by internet shoppers. Increased realism (AR) helps overcome this challenge by encouraging consumers to see how a certain product looks at them prior to purchasing the product.  You would potentially see a rise in conversions and a decline in the return rate by introducing AI and AR in your e-commerce shop.While quick shipment options have been able to provide shopping for online shopping almost at the same time, there has still been one drawback: you can’t feel the product or view it at home or on your own body. AR allows the substance to be visualized throughout your life. Although quick delivery opportunities have given shopping online almost as well as retail incentive, one drawback has always been: You can’t feel or see the merchandise on your body or in your house. AR helps the result to be visualized throughout your lifetime.

8. Chatbots enhance the quality of shopping

The chatbox, which can perform the role of the brick-and-dead greeter and dealer, is at the heart of the personalization and AI capability. Chat bots empower businesses to connect with thousands of consumers by giving them a feeling of personal attention and insightful guidance.In reality, more shoppers tend to talk to bots and other automated self-service resources. In one survey, more than 60 percent of customers say that they prefer blogs, applications, or chat bots. The higher reaction time is one of the key explanations for this.Experts expect the usage of chat bots will increase by 80% of organizations in 2021. Besides growing pace, analysts expect bots are going to grow in a variety of ways in the coming years.


There is a lot more left in 2021, so we are eager to see what new ideas will arise as the year progresses in grocery and retail. Although we see these are the best e-commerce developments in the market, there is still plenty of waits. Companies who wish to conquer the market have to be able to take on the new developments as quickly as possible. You can contact a online shopping app development company for getting your Grocery App right according to the latest trends.