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What is One-to-One Marketing, And How Will Big Data Enable It?

Have you ever wondered how you get emails with your names on them? Not only that, it has specific details of all that you like. Or, how do you get the same advertisements of products that you search for over Google?

Welcome to the land of Marketing; to be precise, personalized marketing. Personalized marketing, known by the name: one-to-one marketing is a field that has looped in all the core digital marketing strategies of the business. If you are over the internet, you will face incidents of personalized marketing.

The Biggest Backbone: Big Data

If you are wondering what’s keeping the entire 1:1 marketing area intact, it is Big Data. While Big Data management, storage, and processing are also important, that can be talked about later. Right now, with 1:1 marketing, it’s what the Big Data indicates that makes all the difference. There are varied reasons as to how data analytics consulting solutions help personalized marketing. Some of them are as:

  • Big Data consulting helps you gather information about your customers, efficiently enabling the Know Your Customer format. When you have the details of your customers, with that comprehensive view, you can use Big Data to indicate what kind of marketing plan will work for them.
  • The chances of retaining and engaging the customer go higher as Big Data analytics also indicates what entertains and maintains your customer outreach. Thanks to it, you can even reach a wider audience by creating a lookalike audience and check if you have more chances of increased revenue.
  • With Big Data solutions, you can leverage real-time performance. This means that you can promote yourself in the places that people like your audience visit. This means that even if you are a music company if your customers are active on some news portal, you can buy the ad space and promote yourself. With Big Data, cross-links like this can easily be found.

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Why One-to-One Marketing Is The New Trend?

As you know that 1:1 marketing is ruling the internet marketing industry, let us delve deeper into why it is the hottest trend. Let’s check out the reasons why it is preferred by most marketers:

1) No Spillover

When you create marketing plans that are dedicated based on the audience size, demographics, psychographics, etc., your marketing is channelized in the right direction which results in control over the budgets. It means that the entire budget you allocate for specific activities is putting to use, and there is no spillover meaning the budget spending on the wrong audience.

2) Increased Revenue

1: 1 marketing takes time, and the entire reason for it is increased revenue. The revenue terms can be different for varied marketing tactics, but the result always is focused on higher sales which in turn results in profit. With this marketing, as you reach the right audience at the right time with the perfect plan; the chances of a customer turning into sales go higher.

3) Return On Investment

If you consider the ROI that one gets with personalized marketing, you are always on the higher end. This is because the plans are tactical and practical with a budget cap. You can always control and alter the budget cap depending upon the performance of the plan. This means that your ROI is dependent upon different platforms but the amount invested can always be managed.

4) Higher Customer Experience

If you are searching for a dress and you get the same advertisement on any social media platform, that too with specific discounts, the likeliness of your buying it increases. This in turn increases your attraction towards the brand because it shows you the product that you’ve always been wanting. Back of the sales game, the entire customer journey becomes better.

5) Efficient Inclusion Of Technology

1:1 marketing is not possible without the inclusion of technology as it is based on the core arena of the internet. You can create personalized plans only if you have the data of the customer which means arranging the details of their preference and likes, their demographics, psychographics, and whatnot. Big Data plays a huge role in personalized marketing as it is the technological element that binds the business with technology for efficient marketing.

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6) Increased Customer Retention

When the entire personalized marketing plan is created and implemented, it has an impact on the people who view it. It isn’t just about advertisements or sales promotion; it is also about increasing the loyalty of your customers. When you reach the customers at the right time with a product that they need, they will remember your space. The chances of them retaining with you go a notch higher if you provide the right product/service as they convert into customers.

7) Efficient Strategy & Tactics That Work

The Internet marketing arena is a place where only the right marketing works. This is because you can always measure your performance and it will show you all the areas that do not work. If you created a campaign and it did not work, you have the scope to check what kind of audience likes what type of marketing. This ensures that every single plan that you make will be efficient as you can always look at its effectiveness.

Big Data Automation in Business

If you are creating some product, you will not want that your information should get leaked. In manual work, there are chances of transferring private information to outsiders. Designing software that is not easy to hack will solve the problem of security. Your data remains protected. Another benefit of automation software is, we can create an access control feature that can be accessible to only those members who are allowed to see that. This way it gives complete access control and security for your business by applying password options in the system.

Gone are the days in the business of mine can’t be used to be in the particular region only; however, in the present world, the effects of a specific company are usually felt worldwide. Those real-time trackers of the pandemic that constantly obtain data from references worldwide are assisting medical professionals, scientists, epidemiology personnel and policymakers to collect and develop all the occurrence data on a universal background.

Even there has been precise and accurate data that is originated from GPS analyses of population mobility that ultimately assist in rendering the insights of the population’s compliance to the government mandates or any absence of compliance-focused on social-distancing.


One to One Marketing is the hottest trend in the marketing arena. The traditional mediums were mass marketing, or even if it was door to door, the products, tone, and selling strategy were always the same. Enters digital marketing, and the dimension of marketing tactics has changed. Now brands focus on increased revenue through channelization of their marketing efforts and also for managing the data.

These marketing efforts are created by keeping the buyer’s persona in mind. Entire planning and content are tailored according to the customer preference so that it attracts the right people. The 1:1 marketing, therefore, in simple words, is creating marketing plans that suit the audience requirement for the optimum results both for customers and the company.

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