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On-Premise or Cloud HRIS System – Which One to Choose?

In this world, where the internet and powerful computing is so essential, cloud computing has also gained a lot of popularity. The concept of cloud computing means that we can continue working on our project on multiple devices without needing to store the data everywhere. The big tech giants like Google Microsoft and Amazon provide us with such services.

One question that every company asks itself is whether to choose a cloud-based HRIS or suck to the on-premise team. We are going to discuss it.

As we know that the companies are growing at a great pace and the employees are all internet-driven, the management system should also adjust with the modern times and adopt cloud-based HRIS for efficient working of the company.

Understanding the Term Cloud

 The cloud-based HRIS or Software as a service is using computers and applications to provide a solution to multiple problems and also store data for future references and use.

What are the Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based System?

1) Irrespective of the old methods, the work of the HR department would come online. This way, the company would save a lot of money on the workforce and also on space and time wasted.

2) On-demand solutions are one of the main features of the system. Depending on the need, the company can scale down on the requirements or add new addon systems to the existing ones. It is a relatively easy and quick process, and the company is rest assured that the data is not lost during the shifting or changes made to the system.

3) The system could be accessed from anywhere in the world as it is always connected to the internet. The work continues to go on even though there is no one in the office. 

This feature has helped many companies protect themselves from the tough times created during the pandemic. Ease in controlling the data is also maintained and could be accessed through any device like desktop, laptop or even through the mobile application.

4) Everything happens paperless, and records of everything are right in your fingertips whenever you need it. This is undoubtedly saving many companies a lot of investment to be wasted on unnecessary paperwork.

5) This system is also protected from any kind of heavy rainfall or during any serious natural calamity where the employees cannot reach the office premises. The system is accessible to the employees and the users from the comfort of their home when reaching the office is very difficult.

Concerns Related to Cloud-Based HRIS

1) Security: as the internet is not a safe place to keep any data, and companies have shown concern about the safety of sensitive information of their company. Thus, the cloud-based HRIS provider has invested a great deal of money on the security of the system. A lot of time is also invested in making sure that the clients are tension free.

2) System Maintenance: Even though it is easier to implement in any company, much time is wasted on the maintenance works and repairs. An onsite IT department needs to be appointed to make sure that the system is running all time smoothly.

3) Recurring fees: these systems attract recurring bills for the company and add to the monthly or annual expense. This is sometimes better as it can be changed depending on the need of the company. 

Talking about the On-Premise HRIS, it is the old method of appointing specialized people to handle the work of the HR department. But this way, the company increases its expenses and also requires a lot of space in the office. 

The use of hardware increases which also attracts a great deal of investment and does not allow quick and mobile access to the data whenever it is required to.

Thus, the new system of managing the HR works is flexible and easy to handle. But companies should not rush into this new system and understand it’s working first. The company executive should be able to ask themselves whether the organization has a more robust IT department to handle the steady and constant working of the new cloud-based HRIS. 

They should also do excellent research on the secure facility provided by the cloud service provider. They should try it out in a smaller group of people and then implement it on a larger scale so that it could be easy for the employees to understand the working of it.  We hope that the companies start implementing this new concept in their system and efficiently grow the company.

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