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New Updates in AmazingCharts EMR

What is an EHR? 

The acronym EHR stands for electronic health records and as it sounds pretty innocuous in reality it is anything but. These days EHRs do much more than just take into account health records for your patients. From patient records to ePrescription tools and more. These software can help you with managing your practice, doing your billing and much more. This is why EHRs have gotten so popular in the North American market and why every medical practice has employed one in their service. 

If you are currently in the market for an EHR and wondering what you should be focusing on and more importantly which vendor you should opt for then you are in luck because we are going to break down some crowd favorite EMRs. This time we will be talking about AmazingCharts EMR, the features that it currently has and all the new updates the software has recently gotten which might seem appealing to you. If this is something you are interested in then keep on reading!

AmazingCharts EHR Features


Another very important feature especially these days in the time of Covid-19 when people prefer to leave their houses as little as possible especially not to go to a medical practice where chance of encountering someone infected might be even higher. With AmazingCharts EMR’s e-prescription feature, you are able to make prescriptions for your patients virtually so they do not have to come in. The prescription is automatically sent to a pharmacy most convenient to the patient and then they can collect it whenever they want. Several AmazingCharts EMR reviews talk about how great this feature is. 


This is an incredibly helpful feature. You can ask for an AmazingCharts EMR demo before you commit to it and check this feature out during your demo. This feature helps you make things much easier since templates are different for every speciality and having the ability to customize them to your preferences is very important and something this EMR does very well! 


Another great feature that AmazingCharts EMR has which will have you sold on the software is the charting feature which will make you realize how easy medical charting can suddenly be. The software does everything for you and helps make patient information incredibly easy to read with easy patient related infographics and other information being made into easy charts for you to refer to when needed. 

AmazingCharts EHR Updates

Some new updates in light of Covid-19 and otherwise have come to AmazingCharts EHR and we want to tell you about them since these too will play a role in your figuring out whether you want to use this software. 

AmazingCharts EHR has focused on telehealth solutions through the software. This feature allows physicians to provide care to their patients remotely with the use of software and technologies to talk and communicate with their patients. The software now has in-software texting capabilities which are secure and let the physician and patient interact without risking any safety or HIPAA protocols. The software now also has videohealth features which let a physician video call their patient so that they can give a better diagnosis and patient care by having a visual link with the patient. You are also able to maintain logs of all your video chats and texting with the patient so that you can have ease with billing. Overall, these updates make it very easy to treat patients even with Covid-19 still around making it harder for people to get out of their houses.

A lot of physicians have been thinking that with the AmazingCharts EMR pricing you should be able to get a software that can get you through tough times like Covid-19 where patients coming in have reduced and this is exactly what the software did; give you a way to retain your patients and save your practice with telehealth facilities. A lot of AmazingCharts EMR reviews also talk about how helpful this feature has been in the pandemic. 

In light of Covid-19 a lot of medical practices are re-assessing how they operate because the pandemic put a stop to a lot of activities and this is why you should always be prepared for the unexpected and doling our care through other means such as telehealth solutions. 

Should you Invest in AmazingCharts?

You are probably wondering if the AmazingCharts EMR pricing is worth it considering the pandemic and lower appointment rates and clinical visits well it is! A lot of physicians have talked about in AmazingCharts EMR reviews that they have been able to maintain their patient list in a similar fashion and not lose out on appointments for their practice because of the telehealth feature in this software and being able to shift to it when needed. Overall, this software is a great way for you to be able to manage your practice even during a global health crisis. However, other features depend on what you need as well. So we would highly recommend that you do your own research into AmazingCharts EMR or rather any software out there before buying it. Make a list of features that you need from a prospective EMR and then match the list with what features an EMR lists to have. If the lists match well enough then you have a winning software. Whatever you choose will hopefully be the best decision for your practice whether or not it is AmazingCharts EMR you decide to go with.

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