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New CCTV Camera Guide Trends in The Video Surveillance Industry

In the current context, video surveillance technology is a great ally for prevention and control tasks and to guarantee a safe return to the so-called “new normal”. Axis offers his perspective on this matter.

Connectivity can be a fundamental tool in the current situation, not only in prevention and mitigation, but also in the exit phase of the current situation, thanks to the use of the resources available to guarantee the greater security of citizens.

For this reason, it is necessary for video surveillance companies to have a new technological vision that guarantees a safe return to activities.

In the current context in which the world finds itself, technology can be a key ally to achieve better results during the return to the so-called “new normal”, both to minimize existing risks and to mitigate and reduce their impact on the society.

Connectivity and access to technology, added to the coordination between the public and private sectors, can become great allies to prevent risk situations in the face of the new reality we are facing.

In a first stage, to begin this “new normal”, it is essential to identify and safeguard people, in addition to helping to recover the economic and social development of our region, for this it is essential to continue to maintain strict care of health regulations that until now has been asked to respect, all this in order to avoid greater risks and to be able to resume our daily routines.

“Axis uses its existing technologies and develops new ones to help social dynamics continue its course, thus supporting compliance with sanitary regulations, thus promoting a safer return,” said Leopoldo Ruiz, General Director of Axis in Latin America.

Companies like Axis will have to seek new visions of technology to guarantee a safe return to everyday activities.

The trends arising from social dynamics – which will be presented below – will guide the technological course in this new context:

The mask as a necessity:

Avoiding the spread of diseases that can be transmitted by talking, sneezing or coughing is one of the main focuses of attention, so people must wear a mask to enter different places.

Social distancing:

The new social dynamics will require people to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other, this will avoid potential risks to the health of all individuals who share a physical space, such as schools, hospitals, entertainment centers, supermarkets, etc.

For this reason, the owners of these sectors, both public and private, should look for the best alternatives to guarantee compliance with this requirement within their facilities.

Social distancing analytics:

One of the trends of the new social dynamics will be to maintain the distance of 1.5 meters, however, being a new norm of behavior, at the beginning it can be difficult to maintain it.

To do this, video technology has had to adapt in order to identify areas where large numbers of people congregate and, if necessary, issue an announcement alerting security guards and inviting people to keep their distance.

This analytic works by identifying the space between one person and another. When detecting that the predetermined distance is not met, it emits an alert signal with the help of the audio speakers to prevent risks.

Hand washing:

It is the most economical and effective action to prevent the transmission of diseases. In the “new normal” hand washing is a mandatory measure, included in the biosafety protocol so that companies can resume work, so network monitoring technologies have the challenge of helping companies ensure that this measure of sanitation is fulfilled before, during and after entering or leaving the facilities.

Identification of symptoms to avoid potential risks:

Some physical reactions of the body are an indication of possible risks, so identifying them will be a starting point to keep the population safe, regardless of the sector.

Faced with the new context we are going through, technology will have to find a way to quickly identify some real symptoms, such as cough, in order to mitigate the damage and be able to help people in need.

a public-private coordination between governments and companies that develop video technology is necessary, which allows, based on intelligent solutions, greater control of sanitary routines than people must still have after the last phase of the current situation.

“It is very important to have adequate security measures to protect our citizens even in times of crisis, as this is when the most support and empathy should be had with the most vulnerable sector of the population, in addition to having control over the main points care, like the ones we presented above, is essential for a healthy and organized future”.

Today connectivity can be a fundamental tool, not only in prevention and mitigation, but also in the phase out of the reality we are going through.

The use of security resources through video will become a priority to immediately control any health protocol and for the return to the “new normal”, for this reason video surveillance companies must be informed about these new trends as your participation will help ensure a safe return.

Technologies for symptom detection:

One of the requirements to return to daily activities is to be able to identify symptoms that represent a risk for people, for example, detecting a cough will be a starting point for the prevention of infections.

Video surveillance technology is prepared to meet this challenge through intelligent analysis, which works by identifying audio.

When the CCTV camera detects the sound that people make when coughing, it can immediately send an alert signal to medical personnel, management or security guards, who can act quickly and efficiently to help the individual who showed an indication of the disease, this will mitigate the risk of contagion to all the people who are nearby.

Solutions to identify masks or mouth covers

Defining protocols for the correct use of face masks or masks is currently a priority for all sectors, so Axis proposes the integration of video devices with intelligent analysis at the entrances of the venues, capable of detecting, through facial recognition, if a person is wearing their mask correctly.

In this way, those in charge of security will be able to be sure that all visitors who access a place are wearing a mask, which will allow them to carry out any activity safely.

There is also the integration of flexible technology that helps maintain security, no matter the situation.

Axis Surveillance Technology

The return to everyday life requires the joint work of public and private organizations and civil society; Axis trusts that technology will be a great ally in the implementation of health regulations to keep us safe in the “new normal”.

The world is in constant transformation and the panorama we face has highlighted the importance of joining forces for the collective well-being.

Furthermore, this context has set a precedent for the electronic security sector, since the social dynamics of the new “normal” requires technologies that are adaptable to changes to guarantee a safe return.

In this sense, the applications that allow analysis of what the camera captures through sound and video will be positioned as an important technology that the video surveillance industry should seek to integrate into all its devices.

To get ahead of the world’s challenges, countries will have to seek new regulations in business, industries and forms of coexistence in general, in order to guarantee the safety of all.

Today, for example, there is already a biosafety protocol approved in Colombia, which includes guidelines that seek to guide the population with the measures required to mitigate potential risks.

Faced with this scenario, video analytics are committed to helping the population to resume their daily activities and businesses to reestablish their economy.

New trends in social dynamics will demand a technological vision to better adopt general health protocols throughout the world, as well as to resume all economic and social activities.

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