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Need of Reliable Document Destruction in this Digital Era

Document shredding, Paper shredding or document destruction is important for safe keeping of confidential and sensitive information. Most of us develop and store files with sensitive content. For examples forms of bills, financial statements, marketing plans, business plans, employee files, delivery packages, and customer data etc.

Rest we feel that other paper records or documents are waste for us and can be thrown away just like this only without keeping any safe measures. If you are an enterprise or medium size business owner then you should always understand the need of proper disposal of documents of your company. These documents may generally include customers’ id, legal documents, investment plans or a lot more things that can be easily utilized for unsocial acts and other activities that can hamper your business.

Here are some things you need to understand importance of document shredding for businesses these days-

Environmental Benefit

With business converting from paper documents to digital records some might find it surprising that annually, over more than 20 million tons of paper waste is produced. Those 20 million tons are built up for businesses requirement, with more than 85% being customer and employee data such as bank statements and pay slips etc. It is very common that firms are made to take responsibility for the consequences that their business are having on the environment.

These kinds of statistics have led many organizations to move towards recycling policies in an effort to be greener environment and creating less waste. Having your organization’s documents shredded by a company like SoftAge puts you at ease in the knowledge that all of your documents waste will be forwarded for the process of recycling after their destruction, as opposed to wastage of precious time, money and other resource value. It is our basic responsibility whether we are working individually or as an organization to protect the mother earth. A move made to dispose of confidential documents with process like Document Shredding Services that will recycle your waste, is a great way to help the environment.

Compliance with the Law

Not only document shredding services benefit the environment, but not having confidential documents safely disposed of can result in legal action being taken against your organization. In many organizations, employees have continuous access to confidential and essential pieces of information, which makes these documents potential security risks, if these records are not rightly disposed of once they’re no longer necessary. Though there are laws being made these days considering digital era that protects businesses from fraud, it continues to be a regular occurrence. Using a vetted and secure document disposal method is the only way to comply with UK law and it has also proven itself to be the best way to minimize fraud. Every person has a right to protection of personal information. Organizations that use personal data of users, but are unable to protect it face financial and legal consequences.

Prevention from Data Theft

Identity theft cases are on rise, and becoming a huge threat to the society with the advent of the Internet. Even a delivery box with a name and an address of a person on it that’s not properly disposed can already be a potential threat to its identity. It’s considered ‘best practice’ for companies and persons to use proper disposal techniques for the confidential data and avoid identity theft and fraud.

Cyber-attacks not only occur in form of internet space, but anyone can access your essential data that is not disposed properly. For an example, documents stored in banks include data and records like personal identities, pay slips, investment plans, account details and a lot more things that if get into wrong hands can cause a major problem to that particular person or organization. So, it is very essential to destroy the documents that are not being used safely and securely.

Protection of User Information

User privacy is always at the top of the list when it comes to priorities of any organization. In a recent survey, top employees from 300 companies rated their priorities and their top problems facing businesses around the world. Second only to employee health screening, the privacy and security of organizational records are massively important in the eyes of big as well as small business leaders. This issue always needs attention, policy development and redesign. Giving away data from these documents can be like giving away money and business secrets into wrong hands. It doesn’t make sense from a business point-of-view.


Data is considered to be the backbone of every business whether it is in the form of documents, physical records magnetic tapes or in any another digital format. Every organization whether you are eCommerce firm or Last Mile Delivery Company, there is a strict need to protect and proper disposal of documents for a safer trading.

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