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My Personal Experience of Buying a New Car

Through this blog, I shall share my personal experience related to car and shall be friendly for those looking for a new car in their lives.

The car I had was as old as my half of age, means 14 years old and the time had come to replace that with a new one. My heart was filled with excitement to have a car with my income as that car I had was a gift from my father. Besides, this was the time when I was looking for a remarkable opportunity.

The first thing was to have concerns about whether the new car will find its adjustment in my parking place or not. After taking the measurements, I found that the parking spaces size was made just to park the old car, and there were no extra inches to fir the new one.

With this scenario, I had left with only two choices whether to go with a small car or a car of my desires. This story is based on the car which I had gone with. The story begins with the car’s pre-decided model in my mind, and I visited the showroom.

The new experience

There a dealer approached me. He made me familiar with the features, specifications and pricing, and finally, we ended the discussion at the colour of the car. I had already given my heart to the blue coloured car, but the dealer asked me the colour that I was choosing was the lowest selling colour.

Due to this, its demand is deficient, and maybe you will get this delivered after a long period as there was no car available in colour in the plant. He asked me to wait to get the desired colour of the model.

The cars come in two versions, which are 800 cc and 1000 cc. He told me that if I wished to go with a blue colour, then I would have to go with the model having low cc and consider 800cc. I requested him to allow me to take a test drive.

The first thing was that the car was not available, which I made my mind for, and according to them, that colour of the car is the least selling version. This was the reason why the car was not present there in the showroom. The next day, they brought the car, especially for me to take a test drive.

I liked the performance, and then I was looking for a top model with airbag provision and must be having a blue colour. To further influence my decision, they appointed a person besides me, said that he knows everything about 800 and 1000 cc cars, and will make you familiar with the differences.

The deliberate imposition

The person who they appointed to convince me with 800 cc car was unknowingly throwing descriptions and was telling rubbish about the cars. He said that the cars with 800 cc would have great cooling features and much stable in high speed whereas the car with 1000 cc is unstable.

I was convinced with his words and decided to take its test drive. It gave the worst performance as the gearbox was vibrating, the gear was too tight, and as I boosted the speed over 60, the car lost its control. The practicality was working against the words spoken by the person.

I decided not to go with 800 cc car, and the dealer requested me to fetch his senior to check the availability of a car for me. The dealer convinced me that the same car you had desired would be available within one month.

They demanded the booking amount, and I regretted the amount they were demanding. The amount they were insisting for was not assigned to the established standards. I made requests before them to allow me with the minimum amount to be given to book the car.

Financial concerns

I abided the financial agency that lends easy loan on cars by allotting the guaranteed car loans. I filled the booking money with their help.

The next week, the dealer phoned me up and said that there was no car available in blue colour in the plant and it would be hard to get the desired model. I showed my anger on him to inform about the incident much before the booking was made.

I pleaded them to make the refund. They did not transfer the fund on the same day, and it took the entire month to get transfer the money back into your account. I am not a businessman but a salaried person. I had to make savings to purchase a car, and they were feeding on my money.

I recognised the other sources to get reliable forms of buying a car with much experienced firms. I booked my car there with the financial source by applying for car loans with bad credit in the UK.


I learned with this incident that we should not rely too much on the car dealers. You need to make you well-versed in the dealings amount, booking amount, specifications, and all other things. You need to study over them published in reliable sources and directly ask the experts.

You cannot be betrayed by the dealer and remember not to finalise the car in the first visit. You should control your emotions. You are investing your savings in your new car, and then you need to have full focus on these traits.

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