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Mobile app development trends

Mobile app development trends

Mobile apps are penetrating almost all industries, market niches and segments. Today, literally everything has its own application – from social media to corporate communications. In the past year, such a direction as the creation of mobile applications developed at a rapid pace. Below is a description of last year’s major trends and how they influenced the implementation of design ideas.

Mobile apps have replaced PC apps

Over the past few years, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has taken off. Along with the use of their own devices by employees of companies in the workplace, more and more corporate applications are emerging. This trend, in turn, provoked a whole movement called BYOA (bring your own application). The main driver here is the labor force. A laptop is a rather bulky device, it is not very convenient on the road, and the technical characteristics of many mobile devices are not inferior to laptops, while their dimensions are much smaller.
How does all this affect mobile game app development company? Here, even two words are not needed to describe the situation. Security is the thing. While BYOA promotes an efficient work environment, both in and out of the office, developers have to consider every aspect of security as business leaders become increasingly interested in the quality of the applications their employees use. …
The main feature of BYOA is that a significant amount of data is stored in the cloud. And the company’s data is located next to the data of employees on the same device. To a certain extent, this is an inconvenience for companies. the information is no longer contained within the local physical system. And an additional requirement is imposed on developers, namely, to create sufficiently reliable security protocols that can protect against various kinds of mobile threats.
It is obvious that the issue of application security in 2020 will be no less relevant than in previous years. BYOA is just the tip of the iceberg. In the coming year, development teams will certainly have to work on ambitious strategies designed to secure corporate customer data.

Complicating developer tools

The emergence of an increasing number of companies that release mobile applications is associated with an increase in demand from developers for a quality work environment with the appropriate tools.
The good news is that this situation is provoking the emergence of qualitatively new tools that could help in creating the necessary environment for testing, and thus it would be easier for testers to identify problems before the release of the product. However, there is still much to be done in terms of the efficiency of the development process. And although mobile app developers have more and more resources, such as testing platforms, feature-rich IDEs (both Google and Apple), – we can safely assume that in the foreseeable future developer tools will become even more powerful. As companies embrace mobile technology.

Application development is becoming a separate industry

At first, mobile apps were seen only as a niche segment in the overall development landscape. Last year, in the wake of the popularity of mobile applications, this industry turned into a separate industry: social groups and Internet organizations began to appear, focused only on mobile application developers, and not on developers in general. The App Developers Alliance is a good example of this.

The problems and solutions that mobile app developers work with are different from what web developers have to deal with, and as the industry expands, these professionals finally have their own forums, groups and social media communities where they discuss challenges they face and sharing best practices (for example, regarding programming languages ​​or more specific topics related to iOS or Android).

The rapid development of the community can be considered a characteristic sign that increased demands are placed on the specialists from whom users expect useful tools. Community support can be a catalyst for innovation, for example, in terms of improving the UX or finding new users of mobile applications.

What can be expected in 2020

In summary, it can be noted that the past year has brought improvements both for end users of applications and for those who, in fact, come up with them. This path of evolutionary development will continue in 2020, if, of course, developers continue to worry about the quality of the user experience.
Creating a high-quality UX may seem like a fairly easy task, because, it would seem, everyone knows about the risks associated with the security of mobile technologies, and the various disadvantages and flaws of the interaction experience are obvious to users.
But here’s the difficulty. Updating applications, developing new features and more, fixing bugs – deciding what to focus on in the first place is not so easy.
You have to carefully weigh the cost of each update, decide if the functional improvements are worth the time. The only thing that can be safely said is that 2020 will be another exciting year in the app development industry.

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