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Mobile app development getting a boost due to Cloud computing

In the modern business world, companies need connection and accessibility to survive and thrive amidst the challenges. Ever since mobile apps have become an indispensable part of the new age business organizations, constant evolutions have been made to make the process of mobile app development more convenient and fast. One such vital and essential event was the inclusion of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a relentless trend that has been prevailing in the IT world for a substantial amount of time now. It provides three primary service models to the best mobile app development companies and offers a fast-developing app development process by rendering the best-in-class business solutions.

With mobile cloud computing, app developers and designers have the power to design mobile apps that have the capability of breaking norms and bring a paradigm shift. Cloud technology increases the scalability of the mobile app and enhances the features of the mobile application. Elite
cloud computing service providers will cater profitable solutions for your brand and make it a success at the app stores.

With cloud computing becoming the latest trend in the world of mobile app technology, we dive in deep and help you understand the technology in a better manner.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the outsourcing of computer programs and uses the internet to share and store data across many devices through secured online channels. Apart from giving a secured and protected framework, it ensures data backup to minimize the damage or loss of data in emergencies.

Cloud Computing also provides scale-less servers for the developers so that they would find it easier to integrate data analytics and other advanced, yet essential technologies. The variation in how cloud computing caters to efficient services is through Mobile Cloud Computing and Cloud Mobile App.

Differentiating the three cloud computing service models

The essential function of each cloud service model viz. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) is to host, build, and consume. All three models of cloud computing services are distinctively different from each other. Therefore it would help if you defined the needs and demands of your business before choosing the cloud computing model.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is one of the most versatile cloud computing service models out there. It also allows a high degree of control over the mobile app infrastructure to the client. The cloud computing technology with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides host to the infrastructure components like the server, networking hardware, and storage. IaaS will allow your business to control mobile applications and operating systems easily.


  • It reduces the capital investments as IaaS is pitched as a pay-as-you-go model by the leading cloud computing service providing companies. The charges are based either on time or the space used by the virtual machine.
  • As IaaS is flexible, it can work on temporary workloads that can change unexpectedly. Thus, the organization will not need a permanent, in-house infrastructure to maintain its temporary needs.
  • A dedicated cloud service providing company will help you in deploying the servers, processing, networking, and storage in the IaaS model. Therefore, your system will be ready to use rapidly, and it will also increase uptime.


  • The performance and the ability of the workload are entirely dependent on the provider. Thus there are high chances of the system getting affected if the provider experiences an external or internal downtime.
  • IaaS is a way costlier cloud computing model as compared to SaaS and PaaS.
  • System management and monitoring become a bit difficult in IaaS as the IaaS provider maintains the entire structure. There are fewer chances of getting the details of the configuration and the performance.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If your hired cloud computing service providing company uses a SaaS model, there is no need to install a new infrastructure to access the Cloud-based applications. The applications run on the vendor cloud and are available with a paid licensed subscription. With SaaS, the headache of updating the app is eliminated.


  • Software as a Service is a highly affordable cloud service model. Thus, even the small-scale businesses find this model very appealing as the costs associated here are very low.
  • The programs in SaaS are fully developed and ready to use. It also requires less setup time as compared to the other two cloud computing service models.
  • SaaS is a highly accessible cloud-based service model and is used in companies that require collaboration at regular intervals. SaaS gives the power to the employees to access the cloud server from anywhere in the world.


  • It is observed that SaaS-based cloud applications have fewer features and functionalities as compared to their other two counterparts.
  • SaaS applications also tend to slow down as they depend on the internet connection for its functioning. Thus, the programs are not instantaneous but relatively quick.
  • The vendor has all the control of the programs with SaaS. Thus if you love to control everything about your application, then you should avoid SaaS.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

In PaaS, the Platform is provided by a third party to the business to develop and run the mobile applications. Like SaaS, there is no need to install in-house Software or hardware in Platform as a Service cloud computing service model because the vendor is hosting the cloud infrastructure.
If your designated cloud computing service provider is using PaaS, you will maintain control over all the deployed mobile apps, which is not possible in SaaS.


  • It provides a cost-effective development as PaaS renders a base upon which the mobile apps can be built. Thus, it dramatically reduces the cost.
  • PaaS cloud service module offers reusable code, thus making the mobile app more scalable and makes it easier for the best mobile app developer to deploy the application.
  • There is no need to maintain control over the underlying Infrastructure in Platform as a Service. Hence, mobile applications can be developed and deployed faster to the market.


  • There are high chances that the current mobile app development infrastructure used by your business will not be compatible with PaaS. Thus if some of the elements are not compatible, you may need to leave the parts out of the cloud infrastructure.
  • In PaaS, the vendor stores the application data via the third-party process; thus, they are high chances of security breaches and loss of data.
  • It isn’t easy to switch to another cloud computing service model from PaaS. There are additional expenses and added downtime to switch from one Platform as a Service provider to another cloud service model.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Mobile App Development

A leading cloud computing company will always look for rendering more mobile cloud app services as it will benefit your business in various ways. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Better Storage Space

With mobile cloud computing apps, your mobile app will have a very high storage capacity. Thus, your end clients won’t have grey hair over their head thinking about data storage issues.

More Battery Life

The mobile cloud computing will take care of the significant portion that is used for processing. Thus, it provides a boost to the mobile phone’s battery life.

Enhanced Broadband coverage

You can use the 4G/5G services, WiFi, wireless, and the femtocells services in a better manner with cloud mobile apps.

Advanced Technologies

New, improved technologies such as HTML5, cloudlets, and Web 4.0, a hypervisor virtual machine for PDAs, etc. can be used in a better manner with mobile cloud computing apps. Thus, mobile cloud computing contributes a lot to the rising horizon of mobile apps.

Better handling of business works

The cloud computing service providing organization will help you in better execution and better handling of the office work with the help of mobile cloud apps. The gadgets can perform well with cloud computing, and along with this, the top mobile app developers can evolve the general execution levels of mobile apps as well.

Seamless Integration of Database

The cloud mobile apps make the complex, tedious, and confusing process of data integration very seamless and simple. Thus, the information can be synced in a better manner.


The size of data collected by companies varies. The best part of having a cloud solution is that it can be flexible depending on the size of the data. Some cloud storage comes with flexible plans where storage and expenses can be cut down or increase at any time.

Multiple Platform support

Cloud computing work for multiple technologies and platforms. Different operating systems and various gadgets with different screen sizes can be easily included in cloud networks.

Mobile Application Development Cost and Time is Reduced

Cloud computing is relatively simpler and affordable. Unlike old storage and development processes, cloud computing can help to reduce mobile app development costs and time.

No Installation is Needed

Unlike obsolete methods of developing software and storing its data, cloud computing requires no separate or special installation. Flexible cloud technology allows you to utilize clouds without any hassles.

Greater Scalability and Reliability

Cloud computing has been known for its flexibility and security. As stated earlier, the cloud utility can be scaled up or down as per data needs.

​Data back-up

Since the cloud offers better security, the backup of any-size data is easier to handle. Important files, folders, and other such data can be backed up securely with fewer chances of data breach.

Data Recovery

As the data of all size can be backed up, it can be resorted or recovered with ease. The latest cloud computing technologies allow us to recover data with no difficulties.

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Wrapping Up

Cloud computing is bringing big waves of changes in the realm of mobile app development, which is for the betterment of the tech world. Apart from providing a robust platform for the top mobile app development companies to innovate, the leading cloud computing service providers know the art of unleashing the potential of the technology which is still in its nascent stage.

Thus, to be the leader of the genre, it’s high time that you begin investing and deploying cloud computing technology in the mobile app development process for your business.

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