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Mentoring in the Workplace: 5 keys to being a Good Mentor


Success does not come easy and when we will look at successful people a common part of the success is their mentors. Henry David Thoreau an American naturalist, essayist, poet, and philosopher truly said that “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Hence when they are looking out to succeed one must look for a good mentor. A good mentor is able to guide us promptly and advised us wisely, ultimately leading to one success. This greatly helps the mentee in many ways and can be proved to be fundamental in helping him or her in achieving great professional heights.

We as a mentor have a lot of potential and experience that we can share with the upcoming generation of leaders. Not only our company and our mentee but virtually everyone can profusely benefit from it. As this is something which will be passed down to the next generation and so on in the form of practical experiences and knowledge that cannot be taught in books. So, here are five ways we can become a mentor and help the next generation leaders to achieve their goals.

5 keys to being a Good Mentor

Be Interested:

No matter how great a mentor we are or how good we have been in our profession. Being a great mentor is something that comes from within and comes when we are genuinely interested in our mentee. It is only then, we will be interested in happily investing our time and efforts in them. This can only happen when we can start taking an interest and start learning and studying their background and knowing what is their present situation as well as what they want to be in future and aspire to become tomorrow. For instance, we can look at Sam Mizrahi, Toronto based president and founder of Mizrahi development, Sam Mizrahi is a very genuine person when it comes to mentoring the next generation. He and his team are now working on The One Toronto based tallest skyscraper.


Although the mentor and mentee relationship is quite an open one. But we should understand their environment and situation and be sensitive towards it. We can do this by using our experience and developing an insight into things that they do not share with us. Therefore we should be perceptive and foresee any challenges that can come along the way. Apart from this, we can also encourage them to communicate with us by sharing our own life experiences and trying to build trust followed by maintaining confidentiality.

Listen And Learn:

Regardless of the fact that mentorship seems to be a one-way street which in reality is not the case. Hence we should take a different approach by establishing a connection and having a regular conversation with the mentor. This can work well if we do so by doing the following once every month. Where we can take out time and have a conversation in an informal environment on informal topics. A good way to excel in it is by providing a listening ear along with asking open-ended questions that will encourage the mentee to speak freely. Not this but it will also give us the opportunity to constantly learn from the interactions.


Another great thing that we can do is have an open-door policy for the mentees that are approaching us with an intention of seeking help. This will aid us to help in the personal growth of serious and committed mentees by deploying our connections and helping them build their own network. We should be committed to fulfilling our promises by living up to our words as well as holding them accountable for theirs too.

Give Feedback:

Feedback can be a great way of improving our mentees and aiding them in achieving their personal and professional growth. To provide valuable feedback to them, we must ask them questions before dispensing any piece of advice. As well as we should keep aside our biases and try to be non-judgmental while giving them feedback. In order to achieve better outcomes, we must be proactive and assertive while doing so. Also, we should ensure that these conversations take place in a structured way.

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