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Masterbuilt 20075315 Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt has become a symbol of good and affordable electric smokers. There less price doesn’t mean they have cut down on the quality of their products. Their digital electric smokers usually tick all the boxes like price, consistent temperature and smoke, ease of use, space and size, and ease of cleaning. These are the reasons why people trust the digital electric smokers of Masterbuilt.

Another classic from Masterbuilt is the 20075315 Digital Electric Smoker. This electric smoker could be the top choice in the market because it is durable, affordable and reliable like most electric smokers of Masterbuilt. If you want to pick out a digital electric smoker for your backyard then this product will certainly not disappoint you because it’s a safe and reliable choice. In my hours of research, I have shortlisted this product amongst the best available in the market. Go through my review and you’ll know why I have shortlisted it.

Masterbuilt 20075315 Digital Electric Smoker Review and Specs

Everybody is fond of BBQs and long lazy weekends outside. You may be thinking about an electric smoker to add in your backyard. You know you got one right in your arsenal. I can assure you that you can’t escape the name of Masterbuilt when it comes to smokers. But you got to make the right choice and probably the right one for you is Masterbuilt 20075315 Digital Electric Smoker. It is substantially lighter in weight without compromising the cooking area.

The Masterbuilt 20075315 Digital Electric Smoker comes in different models. One model has a digital controller on the front while the other has on top of it. I personally went for the one with the controller on the front but it is your choice. One model comes with a more utilitarian look with a window-less unit while the other has a separate Cuisinart thermometer. It comprises of 4 racks with a large cooking area of 975 sq. inches.

With large cooking space, mostly you come across the problem of cleaning the smoker. Usually, the smokers get clogged up with grease and the BBQ stuff so a proper cleaning mechanism is necessary. The Masterbuilt 20075315 will not disappoint in this regard as cleaning this smoker is actually a cakewalk. All the racks are chromium plated and non-stick. The drip has also a welcome tweak so no worries of cleansing.

The cooking space is large enough to cater a large dinner party i.e. 725 square inches. This smoker has 4 racks and each rack can easily accommodate 10 pounds of meat. There is a bigger model of Deluxe also available but I find it extremely sufficient. The smokebox is also made large enough that refilling is needed but after 7 hours. The box is well insulated so no smoke leakage is possible. Moreover, you get a pair of probes i.e. temperature probe and meat probe.

With the Masterbuilt 20075315, the ease of use is pretty much up there. This digital electric smoker uses wood chips so you have got yourself free from the heck of opening the door continuously and losing all the smoke. Moreover, you’ll not be compromised at all and in safe hands with respect to the food taste. The LED control of this smoker lets you keep a close eye on it. It comes with a remote to allow you to fine-tune the time and temperature.

The Specs of Masterbuilt 20075315 Digital Electric Smoker

  • 4 Non-Stick Chromium Coated Racks with a large 975 sq. inches cooking area.
  • A transparent window so you can sneak a look from a distance.
  • An efficient remote control to let you keep charge of the smoker from a distance.
  • Side-Loading System to load chips without opening the door and losing smoke.
  • Integrated Thermostat Temperature control for even cooking.

The Pros and Cons of Masterbuilt 20075315 Digital Electric Smoker


  • Full Viewing Window so you can sneak a look.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is quite easy.
  • Use of Wood chips so No loss of smoke.
  • Remote Controls and LED are pretty efficient.
  • Insulation is Top-Notch and Assembly is straightforward.
  • Have the casters and handle so shifting is easy.


  • Not preferred for advanced cooks.
  • The warranty is of 90 days only.
  • Made for Beginners.

Final Verdict:

Well, nothing is perfect, you always face some problems over time but overall the Masterbuilt 20075315 is quite good. It has not let me down so hopefully it will not again for you. Moreover, apart from a short warranty, customer service is very good. All in all, it is a smart choice at a very competitive price.

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