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Making a Panel for double Ended Bath in Your Washroom


The bathroom is a practical space, where you always want to rest and relax. All bathrooms, however, do not have space and parameters to make it a luxury space. However, regardless of the size of your bathroom, a Double Ended Bath is available to suit your needs. These Double-ended round baths can really provide the illusion of more space in modern and elegant designs.

A bath is the focus of any new bathroom, so they come with several materials and designs to make a choice. We can add a straight bath with a panel under it. It will create a stylish look when taken with the same theme as is used in the rest of the bathroom furniture range.  Hence, the question arises about the formation of panels. 

Steps to Making a Bath Panel Yourself.

This is one of those DIY projects that are easy and affordable. There is no need for a lot of tools or a lot of wood to make this project a success. Just keep your bath in your mind before making any move. For example, a Double Ended Round Bath will go with the respective style of panel beneath it. 

  • Step One: measure the space in your bathroom where you want the bath panel to be installed. Measure the walls, including any ceiling height. Determine if you are going to install the bath panel on the floor or on a wall. If you install it on the wall, measure from corner to corner.
  • Step Two: Remodel the bathroom. Make all surfaces look good. Removing old wallpaper can make a big difference, as will repaint. Remove existing paint and stain. Clean out the bathrooms, including shower and toilet. Dry everything completely.
  • Step Three: Cut the corners. You do not need to cut your corners all the way to the floor, but you want to be sure they are level and flat. If you have a stud wall, you might not need to cut your corners to the studs. If you have an unfinished basement, you should probably not do this work, but if you’re doing a finished basement, be sure to mark your cuts to help with levelling.
  • Step Four: Lay the MDF on top of the wall and cut a circle on the bottom of the panel. This is the top of your new bath panel that you will cover with acrylic paint. Cut the MDF to fit, starting just below the surface of the wall.
  • Step Five: Place the panel on top of the MDF. Smooth the surface with a rag or would file to remove any air bubbles.
  • Step Six: Use acrylic paint to paint your new bath panel. The paint can be any colour you want to match the bathroom. This is the most enjoyable part!
  • Step Seven: Allow the paint to dry before installing trim around the edges of the panel. If you want to, use wood glue to join the corners together.
  • Step Eight: Apply to trim around the edges of the panel. If you don’t do this, the corners may not hold in the paint well and will eventually fall off. You can also buy trim and put it on before you put on the acrylic paint, but this method can be messy and difficult.
  • Step Nine: Apply the trim around the edges of the bath panel with a wood screw. The best trim is made of wood, but you can also use dowels, small hooks, plastic buttons, or even a pair of pliers.
  • Step Ten: Put on the first coat of paint and let it dry for several hours. If your trim does not stay on for this time, and the trim to get rid of any rough edges. If the trim does stick, trim some more until the paint is even all the way around.
  • Step Eleven: Next, apply two coats of clear latex paint to the top of the panel. Allow it to dry and allow it to harden between coats. The final coat of paint should be at least two coats if not over four. Once your paint has dried, wipe the flooring with a cloth, especially where there is a lot of moisture. After this, carefully sand any areas that are uneven using a sander.
  • Step Twelve: After the painting is complete, it is time to put on the trim around the edges. You can either attach it to the trim with clear tape or use a rubber band adhesive. To attach to the trim, just make sure that the trim is smooth and straight.
  • Step Thirteen: Now comes the fun part: sanding the corners of the trim. Make sure you take your time and not rush through the sanding process, as this can ruin the look of the trim.

The last step is to spray your panels with a wood filler. Before sealing them with a clear epoxy finish. If the corners are not smooth, sand and fill again.

In nutshell 

The bath panel is the real ultra-modern addition to any bath you have at your home. For a Double Ended Bath, the panel visibility will go on the two sides. Just make sure that the surface of the bath and panel match each other so they can last long. Likewise, you can get some professional help from any of the online bathroom stores in the UK. You can also get your customized panels from them. Just make sure the outcome is healthy and favourable. Have a nice day!

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