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List of networking products that are must for everyone to buy online in UK

Generally, when we speak of the term network products, the name of a Wi-Fi router comes to mind. But the term itself has a huge meaning and is often misunderstood. Switches, firewalls, transmitters, transformers, etc. are all counted as networking products.

An ideal network system is not based on different products of the same company, but on integrated and coordinated products of different companies. Next, we’ll introduce you to some of the best companies to consider when purchasing networking products online in the UK.

1.   X-MEDIA 1-Port PCI 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet PCI Network Card

Network adapters are devices that are used to enhance networking capabilities. Three essential kinds of organization connectors dependent on the sort of network like wired, and wireless.

X-media 1-port PCI 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet PCI network card is one of the best-selling on amazon.

It can provide speed of 10/100/1000 Mbps and is compatible with some of the most common PC operating systems such as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, and Linux.

2.   Network switches by Cisco and Aruba

An organization switch is a gadget that is utilized to interface gadgets. This means that the switch receives the data, processes and moves it to configure the receiving device, and then creates the LAN. There are no better company for network switches than Cisco and Aruba

Cisco is a company on this list that is only about networking. The company accounts for 51% of Ethernet Switch’s revenue and 37% of the company’s router revenue, and this is the reason why this company is on top when it comes to networking switches.

Very few companies develop such plan for the future where they are, in practical form, ready to face it. When the COVID-19 epidemic devastated the world, Cisco was ready to go, and it proved that through its operational policies. The company did this by providing additional services such as VPN and its video conferencing platform called WebEx.

Aruba became a direct competition for Cisco after its acquisition by HP five years ago. Reason for this competition is that both companies operate in the same field of networking products and that is, WLAN market.

By using the internet of things IoT services to its very efficiency Aruba is now able to reduce burdens of IT departments across a variety of networking areas. The company has already gained 65,000 unique customers.

3.   Modem by Motorola

Modems are networking products that are used to connect any system to a telephone line for providing access to the internet. However, while purchasing modem you must ensure that it is compatible with your internet service provider.

Motorola MB7621 is one of the most successful modems to buy if you are looking for modems in the market.

It supports the fastest internet speed while offering compatibility with almost all cable ISPs.  It is a DOCSIS3.0 modem which implies that is can deal with 24 downstream channels and eight upstream channels.

4.   Network Router by Asus ROG

Routers are one of the most common networking devices. These devices worked by connecting multiple networks to a wide area network. That is the reason why WAN is used to cover large areas.

These routers can be wired or wireless, but with the advancement of technology wireless routers are now used more often. One of the best routers available in market Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is the best router available for an average consumer in the market.

This router has the best speed available, has gamer-friendly features for high-end games, can support eight LAN connection, works with Alexa voice control and IFTT applets, and can slick user interface.

5.   Network firewall

In current time a network without a network firewall is foolishness. The main job of any network firewall is to protect the privacy of your network while also optimizing your network for a continuous and smooth workflow.

It just like an anti-virus system that you use for you PC the only difference is the network firewall protects whole LAN rather than one PC

6.   Wireless access point by Ubiquiti

An access that is utilized to give remote availability to any wired organization. In today time mostly WAPs are capable of acting as a standalone device that can be connected to routers directly however most of the time routers do come with built-in WAPs.

In case you want one, consider buying Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO access point. The device comes with connectivity of 802.11ac.

Main features include single control plan management, remote firmware upgrade, user and guest login support, guest portal and hotspot functionality. Above all the design is very compact and the device has a smart management software.

These were some of the best and most recommended networking devices that one can and should consider while going through the market.

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