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List of features need the most in your freelancing platform


From the last few years, there is a drastic rise in the number of people joining freelancing platforms. It’s able to attract people across the globe to work on the same project. 

Freelancing platforms help you to outsource the people for different roles. Specifically, for the small and medium scale business who can’t find appropriate employees from the particular region, they can list the requirements and hire someone. 

Due to this much popularity you have seen a lot of freelance websites on the internet today. With the help of readymade Fiverr script you can develop the same website as the existing one with little bit of required modification. Fiverr clones are not a new thing today, everyone wants to have a website which gets maximum popularity. 

However, there is something you need to make it unique so that you will be distinguished between others. So, let’s discuss some of the features which are needed the most by the people in your freelancing platform. 

How does it work?

The process of freelance websites is simple and easy. Anybody can register on the platform as a client or a freelancer. Once your account is created you can avail all the service provided. First, you need to have a strong profile which includes complete details about you like experience, skills, experience and many more.

There are a lot of jobs being lost in the website everyday, the most suitable project you can select and bid for it. The projects can be of designing, development, writing, editing and many more. Based on your quality of work you will be paid higher as much as possible. 

01. Payment gateway

One of the most important features in freelance websites. Make sure that your  Fiverr clone script offers a secured payment option to the audience, don’t underestimate this feature.

Moreover, it must provide multiple modes of payment to make it more convenient for the users like credit/debit card, net banking, and many more. Rather than going to the some third party website for the payment if you add this in your Fiverr clone then it lets you attract more customers. 

However, while doing the payment the security should not be compromised at all. Make sure your Fiverr script is capable enough to prevent the system from the attackers.

02. Feedback

While working in any freelance website, you never know the person you’re working with. So, feedback is the only source to identify the persons’ work. Every freelance website must include this for both freelancer and client.

It will help you in finding the work. Anyone client will definitely will read the reviews and check the ratings given by the previous clients. A positive review finds people that have potential to complete the project and expertise to submit the quality work.

Even it’s really important for the freelancer to keep a strong relationship with the client to get better reviews and ratings. Thus, make sure that you will have a feature of review and rating in the website and get the positive feedback as well. 

03. Push notifications

Push notifications are far more better than the emails and SMS. It captures users’ attention quickly. It’s one of the best features ever built for any website. Make sure that your Fiverr script offers this feature. 

If you want to get maximum website traffic and keep your user engaged then you must include this. It will notify your users with messages, bid invitation, new project and many more until and unless they are connected with the internet. 

04. Bid for project

As we know that outsourcing is becoming very common these days for many businesses and for that platforms like Freelance, Upwork, Fiverr are the best way to opt for. There will be a bid for the project where anyone can participate and set their own price for the same.

Any freelancer can see the bid of other freelancers which will help you to set your own price. However, clinest will not only look for the price, your experience, skills, reviews will be observed before giving you any project. Therefore, make sure that your Fiverr clone includes this feature.

05. Dashboard

Your website must have a user dashboard which includes every information about the user. It may consist of experience, completed projects, skills, and many more information. Users must be allowed to edit any information from the dashboard. You can see any freelance marketplace software or any relevant platforms, definitely there will be this feature included in it. 

Whatever here included will be reflected in the profile section whenever any other freelancer or client will see the profile of that person. 

Wrapping up

A website with latest and most demande features will surely get user traffic. Try to identify what your user needs the most as per the service provided by you. If we talk about the freelance website then above-mentioned points will definitely grab the attention of the people as they are the most common and required features for it.

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