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List Of Complete Document Checklist Of 189 Visa Australia

Do you possess a set of special skills and qualifications in a particular sector? Do you wish to work in a country like Australia by optimising these skills and qualifications? The only way by which you can do is by applying for the 189 skilled visa in the right way. This is basically a PR visa designed for overseas skilled workers. The Department of Home Affairs made this visa to compensate the skill shortage in Australia. To apply for this visa you should submit certain documents indispensably.

Crucial documents to submit

To procure the visa subclass 189 successfully, submission of the right documents play a significant role. So, while applying for this visa, ascertain that whether you have submitted all the essential documents or not. If the DoHA finds that you have submitted all the necessary documents they will approve your 189 visa right then. A comprehensive checklist of these documents has been given below for you to consider.

A checklist of fundamental documents

Whether you are below or above 18 years, there are certain documents which you must submit unfailingly. A complete checklist of these documents is given below. 

  • Additional documents requested by the Australian immigration department
  • Reference letters from your employers
  • All your health and character documents
  • Documents which substantiate your relationship i.e. whether you are married, divorced, single or bereft of your partner. In this context, you can submit documents like separation documents, marriage or death certificate and divorce related documents etc.
  • Documents which prove your partner’s skills
  • Documents which prove that you had studied in Australia only if required.
  • Credentials which prove that you have complied with the Australian academic requirements effectively.
  • Documents which prove your educational qualifications. In this regard, your highest qualification will be given the utmost importance.
  • Credentials which prove that you have qualified in the pertinent English language test successfully.
  • Documents which prove that you have cracked the skills assessment test successfully and
  • An authentic application form of the visa subclass 189.

Remember, you can bring your family members with you with this visa. In that case, each of the family members is required to submit all their relevant documents unfailingly.

Crucial documents for family

So, you already know that the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 allows your family members to accompany you. To become eligible each of them must submit the important documents along with their individual applications. Comprehensive bits of information related to that have been given below.

Family members who are 18 or more

Your family members who are below the age of 18 have to submit certain documents like the ones given below.

  • Relevant character documents only if needed
  • All the pertinent Id documents and
  • Documents which prove the current status of their relationship.

Absence of any of these documents may hinder the dependent to apply for the 189 visa successfully.

Family members who are above 18 years

Dependent family members who are more than 18 years must submit the following documents without a failure.

  • Documents which prove that the applicant is proficient in English
  • All the relevant identity credentials
  • Documents which prove relation the person has with you
  • The necessary character documents.

Apart from these documents, the secondary applicant may also be required to submit some documents more. These documents will prove that he/she was monetarily dependent on the primary applicant for 12 months at least. That was the point of time when the primary applicant applied for the visa subclass 189. Some of these documents have been outlined below.

  • Parental court orders or adoption papers only if required
  • The various documents substantiating his/her present qualifications and taxing records.
  • Essential documents which prove that the secondary applicant is actually staying with the primary applicant

So, when applying for the 189 visa, even the secondary applicants need to submit the documents stated above.

Factors to consider when submitting the documents

There are certain factors worth considering when submitting the crucial documents of the visa subclass 189. Some of these documents have been outlined below for your consideration.

  1. It may be the case that the documents you are submitting have been written in a different language. In that case, the translated versions of each of the documents should be attached along with the primary documents.
  2. Attach the original documents along with the main application only if the DoHA asks you to do so.
  3. The documents you have submitted should be the certified versions of the original documents.
  4. All the associated documents should be scanned and then uploaded in companion of your main application.

The application procedure of your Visa Subclass 189 is not tricky but of course a strategic process. As an applicant you should adhere to the right strategies to accomplish the task impeccably. That’s why do submit a few of the documents stated above as an imperative part of your visa application process.

Submit the essential partner documents

Is your spouse accompanying you concerning your visit to Australia via the visa subclass 189? Then you should submit a couple of important documents as well. Some of these documents have been given below.

  • Documents which prove the result of the English language test in which your partner has qualified. These documents are required to prove that your partner is optimally skilled in English.
  • All the relevant character documents.
  • Credentials like marriage certificate etc. which will prove your relationship with your partner and
  •  All the pertinent identity documents

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