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The limbo of Reddit premed – how can students avoid it

Premed and medicine: the most strenuous and difficult of all educational disciplines found in the world. Learning concepts in medicine is not as easy as one think. A lot of people can burn out physically and mentally.

In short, doctors often smash their own health just to save ours. This itself, is a phenomenon which potentially can draw students away from medicine in considerable numbers.

Learning a lot of material in medicine is the sole reason why students fear this discipline. They in fact also fear flunking in this discipline if they gain admission in it. When students enter premed, the notion of securing a really good GPA for medical school is a scary prospect because in all honesty, premed students suffer a form of burnout too.

In fact, they are burdened with the responsibility of having an aced up GPA. This prospect is not friendly to their mental health. Faculty members at the University of Windsor in St Kitts and Nevis are concerned for the mental well-being of students and are devising ways to protect them from burnout.

They also believe that learning digitally can contribute to burnout in students. This burnout is caused by the learning limbo and pitfalls through resources on the internet. Balancing learning between different learning materials is not as easy as people think. In fact, it is difficult.

Is the internet a really useful resource?

The internet is no doubt a useful resource but it is also filled with various websites, forums and other informative sources which can potentially create stress. There is also the prospect of stressed premeds cursing medicine but also those who are giving out valuable advice. However, there is also the prospect of flunked premeds giving false and questionable advice.

One perfect platform for such debauchery is none other than Reddit.

Why is Reddit considered as a learning pitfall?

A stateside medical billing grad recalls how during college when they were applying to med school they tried restricting the use of online forums and references for learning. Despite their effort, that student ended up looking at online sources for referencing.

A lot of people can relate to how these resources can induce anxiety and in fact, reduce the learning power of students. The content present on these sites may not be useful in many instances. A lot of users posting about their stats and activities are found as well as those who despise the stressful situation they are facing at Pre medical courses for students.

Another stateside university grad recalls how he had once waited for a phone call from a medical school anxiously, and was often visiting online forums and the school’s own website. He was continuously refreshing them repeatedly just to see what were the latest updates.

That student felt bad and he was unable to focus on anything on that particular day (he even was unable to properly play PC games). This caused an enormous amount stress on him and because of that, he decided to apply to another discipline.

Had there been no such situation, he would have become a physician in all honesty.

What should premeds do when it comes to using Reddit?

The internet is useful and the useless resources found on it do not necessarily overturn its usefulness. Online resources need to be used in moderation (especially the medical forums in Reddit). It would be wise for students to devise balanced learning methods.

Here are some ways students can improve learning from Reddit:

The Don’t – Never engage with a website causing anxiety in you

That’s right! A lot of students have the urge to be on the same level with others and read about what others did. However, there are a lot of other reliable resources students can use to help themselves. Consulting with counselors, professors or close friends in med school is even better because they are kinder than the rest.

The Do # 1 – Utilizing the internet for helpful resources

The internet is full of helpful resources. At times, there are reliable forums that can be referenced to get the needed information about some schools and their reviews. As long as students know the difference between original and fake, helpful and distasteful material; they can benefit from online resources easily.

Students should also be mindful of the time they spend online. In all honesty, the internet is not everything.

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