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Lets Move To The Nature

Day- by- day we all are moving towards the technological world. A world where we are equipped with all kinds of facilities. Same time we are also going away from our mother nature .But this is the bitter truth that we all have to face its consequences.

Now-a-days due to our poor life style and changing environment we have developed many kinds of problems inside our bodies. We are facing many kinds of health issues. One of the health issue, that nearly about half of the population of women are facing is PCOS. health condition where the cause might be associated with oral cavities, gum disease, abscesses, cracked tooth, and many more. Though it gives a disturbing pain, it is necessary to find the root cause of the discomfort. Sometimes, the pain may also develop from other areas like sinus.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder due to the hormonal imbalance in women(mainly those who are in their reproductive stages).women may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual cycle or male hormone may be present in large amount. In PCOS ovaries become enlarged and small cysts are formed on the outer edges.If you are getting repeated flares of toothache for more than two days, have a severe headache, feel trouble breathing, or if the symptoms don’t go away even after using over-the-counter medicines, then visiting the doctor is a must.


In PCOS , many symptoms are observed, therefore it is a syndrome. Symptoms are –irregularity in menstrual cycle, excess growth of hairs, obesity and acne.The most common complaint seen in toothache is pain and inflammation. When you feel pressure due to hot or cold spurs,


PCOS can be kept under control with the right diet and correct nutrition. Many medicines and contraceptive pills can be a  great help in the infrequent menstrual cycle. But they have huge side effects. So we should move towards some natural remedy. Figuring out the right cause for the tooth problem is so important. While you are fighting with the pain, there are a few home remedies that you can follow to reduce swelling, pain, and other symptoms. But, if you are a pregnant women or breastfeeding mom, then consult your doctor before you follow any of the below home remedies to avoid further


Cranberries are a superfood. Generally we take them in the form of juice. They are very nutritious. It has high antioxidant content. It has many health benefits. They are loaded with vitamin C and fibers. They are also rich in many phytochemicals.  Besides all the mentioned things, it also contains manganese, vitamin E, vitamin K 1, copper. For thousands of years, individuals use garlic as the best pain killer to treat tooth-related discomforts. Yes! Just crush a few pods of garlic into a paste and apply on the affected area with a pinch of salt.


Since cranberries are potent source of antioxidants and many phytochemicals, so they can cause regular periods, they can boost energy, they can reduce weight and they can also reduce acne. No doubt, people use cloves or clove oil to treat tooth-related discomforts. The application of clove oil on the affected area effectively reduces the inflammation and also numbs the painful area. One teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves can be put in a cup of boiling water and steeped for 20 minutes. Proper dental care is the need of the hour to remove the existing tooth pain or to prevent getting any dental discomforts. Good dental hygiene like brushing the teeth twice daily, cutting down the sugar and carbonated drinks.

So cranberries can be a great help to PCOS.


Generally, we consume cranberry in the form of juice. We can also eat them dried. We can add them to oatmeal or salad. Even we can make smoothies. So if a woman is suffering from PCOS, then this cranberry can be proved to be a boon for her. So try to be natural. Think of long term good effects rather than short term benefits. Have faith in yourself, we can fight with this PCOS. Figuring out the right cause for the tooth problem is so important. While you are fighting with the pain.

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