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Learn About Secondary School Fees in Abu Dhabi and How to Manage It On A Tight Budget


School fees have increased substantially in Abu Dhabi over the last decade. The school fees and their rise vary with the schools and the curricula offered.

Many schools in Abu Dhabi offer the CBSE curriculum to secondary school students. It is one of the most awarded schools for educational excellence. It is one of the most awarded schools for educational excellence, with a fabulous infrastructure, efficient, dedicated and caring staff.

What is the approximate fee?

The annual secondary school fees range from 11,520 to 12550 (3137$ to 3417$) in this co-ed school. The school fees include charges for bus, books, uniforms and tuition. The fees for ASSET examination (English, Maths and Science) from grade 5 to grade 10 is 70 AED ( 19 $). 

The fee for the optional exam of IGCSE is 40 AED (about 11$). When compared to other schools offering similar curricula and facilities, the school fees are not exorbitant.  

Scholarship fees: The school also offers various scholarships to deserving students.  

  1. GSS (GIIS Superstar Scholarship): GSS is offered to students desiring to complete grade 11 and 12 in Abu Dhabi campus of GIIS. It is valid for two years and provides concession on tuition fees. Students from ASEAN countries ( Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar) and South Asia (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh), Gulf countries and European Union countries can apply.

The following categories of students will get 65% off on tuition fees:

Students from CBSE / ICSE / State Boards / Other Boards scoring 96.0 % and above. IGCSE / GCE/ GCSE O Levels or A in ALL 9 subjects

9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship: 

This scholarship aims to provide a holistic education that balances academics and extracurricular activities by inter-weaving them beautifully. Rebate in fees is given to the winner (any of first three positions) of competition in any of the 9 Gems Skills including Sports/ Music/ Dance/ Instrumental Music/ Martial Arts/ Literary Competitions/ Drawing and STEM as follows: The winner at a national level in India is eligible to get 20% off on tuition fees. The winner at the UAE level can get 15% off on tuition fees. The winner at an inter-school level can get 10% off on tuition fees.

The 9GEMS™ structure is an honor-winning all-encompassing instructing procedure that assists understudies with meeting the changing requirements of the time. The model is intended to prepare understudies, sharpen their natural qualities and form their characters to make them balanced residents.

Their 9GEMS structure offsets the scholarly community with extracurricular activities and is painstakingly woven into each component of the GIIS biological system. Each plan, each element, and learning space has been deliberately intended to help the most extreme influence of our teaching method.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship: 

It is for recognizing and encouraging young talent in the digital space. Deserving students conducting new and unique scientific experiments, innovating tools, making gadgets and developing apps for digital devices, etc. are offered this scholarship. Depending on the merits, students are divided into four categories, and fee reduction of 15%, 12%, 10%, and 5% is allowed.

In this advanced world, understudies are known to be innovation sagacious from the get-go in their life. Their characteristic tendency towards the comprehension of devices, applications and other advanced apparatuses makes them capable in the subject at a youthful age. This grant perceives such youthful abilities in the field of advanced space and energizes them.

Zayed Gandhi Means Cum Merit Scholarship: 

As the name suggests, it offers financial assistance to students based on merit, hailing from moderate family income groups. Families with gross family less than 10000 AED (about 2700 $) get 15 % off on tuition fees.

Families with gross income between 10001 – 13000 AED (about 2701$ – 3540$) get 11% off on tuition fees.

Families with gross family income between 13001 – 14000 AED( about 3541$ – 3812$) can avail of a waiver of 8% on tuition fees.

Families with gross family income between 14001 –15000 AED (about 3813$ to 4084$ ) can get 5% off on tuition fees.

GCS (Global Citizen Scholarship):

It is a stepping stone for students’ future growth as it provides unparalleled opportunities for a fantastic learning experience. It is for grades 11 to 12. Students from CBSE, ICSE, State, and other boards can get 100%waiver on tuition and hostel fees if they score above 97% and those from these boards scoring 96.5% to 97% can get a 75% waiver on tuition fees. IGCSE/ GCSE O-levels students with A in all nine subjects can get a 100% waiver on tuition fees, while O-level students with A in 8 subjects can get a 75% waiver on tuition & hostel fees.

Now, the next question in most parents’ minds is how to manage school fees on a tight budget?

  1. Choose carefully: Fees in educational institutions across Abu Dhabi Indian School differ widely. Remember that an expensive school need not be a better school. Research on schools and take a tour of shortlisted schools. Talk to the principal, teachers and observe them in the classroom. Keenly note where the tuition fee is being spent. We don’t need fancy classrooms though we want clean and bright classrooms. Ask yourself if the school gives you what you want for your child.
  2. Various fees: Ask for bifurcation of costs like what is the tuition fee, what is the school bus fee, the available payment plans, whether scholarships are available if there are tuition reimbursement programs.
  3. Apply for scholarships: Most private schools offer various scholarships for students that can waive a substantial amount of tuition fees.

Not everyone can afford private school. There may be public schools available. However, don’t shun private schools, thinking that they are expensive. You may be able to work out a plan that makes private school affordable.

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