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Landing Page Design Tips

Regardless of your business, landing page design is an important part of successful internet marketing. “Landing page” is simply a term for the page that your visitors “land” on when they click on an advertisement. These are usually used to capture leads, make sales, provide relevant information or in the case of affiliate marketing to direct the visitor to the merchant’s site. A well designed landing page can make the difference between a highly successful marketing campaign and one that fails miserably. Here are some page design tips that will help get you on your way to creating pages that convert visitors into customers.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing a landing page is to include too many links. A landing page’s function is to get your visitor to take whatever action it is that you want them to take – whether it is signing up for your mailing list, downloading a white paper, making a purchase or anything else. Good landing page design works like a funnel to direct your visitors to take the action you want. If you litter your page with information and links unrelated to the action, people will get distracted and click away on them rather than complete the action. By only providing highly relevant links and information on your landing page, you will be more successful in directing your visitors to go where you want them to.

Your landing page design should be optimized for your offer or for whatever you were advertising. It would help if you strived for your advertisement, the text on your landing page and the action you want your visitors to take to match up perfectly and be highly relevant to each other. The more relevant you can keep your information the more likely people are to see the value in it and find what they are looking for.

Speaking of value, that is another thing that most people overlook when designing landing pages. A well designed landing page should not just be a huge push for your product or service but instead should provide something of value to the people who visit. Value can be a review, product information, helpful advice, a free download, bonuses or anything that makes your visitor feel like they have gotten something out of visiting your page. If you try to sell to people directly, they will be less responsive than if you provide them with value, build a little bit of trust with them and then move into your sales pitch.

Finally, your page should be clean, well designed and project a professional image. You are trying to build trust with your visitors and if your page looks like an amateur people put it together won’t take it seriously. While you could hire a web designer to create landing pages for you or take the time to learn HTML and graphic design, there are other options to create stunning landing pages without needing to know a thing about HTML.

Honey Sriwas is an entrepreneur, blogger and marketer. He's also the founder of The IT Musketeers, a leading web development and marketing agency.

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