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Know About Sydney Balustrades and Handrails

In any living premises, balustrades and handrails go side by side. One is incomplete without the other. Either be it a commercial building or domestic edifice, Sydney balustrades and handrails provide a great way to support while moving up and down. These structural materials also impart a great role in enhancing the decor of exterior and interior of any property.

Importance of Sydney Balustrades and Handrails

Why having balustrades and handrails is so much emphasized? Answer to this question in one or two lines is difficult. This is the reason; we have outlined a list that begs you to read. 

1.      Add Comfort 

Well, for a home, handrails, and balustrades give peace of mind to every individual in the home. You could not have ease of transfer while getting up or down with professionally installed or designed railings. It helps you maintain your balance with or without carrying any weight. 

2.      Add Support 

If a person fears from height or, in simpler words, has height phobia, the railing can help him eradicate this fear. It entitles people to walk up and down with reliable and strong support. Without a railing, most people would not venture within 6-12 inches of the edge.

3.      Enhance Attractive Look

Railings and balustrades come in a wide variety of designs, and every chic has its own class. They augment the beauty of your home interior and boost an aesthetic appeal without getting heavy on the shoulders.

4.       Versatility 

Railings are not only the way to give support and peace of mind, but also there is a whole lot of designs and shapes railings and balustrade comes in. You just have to prepare your budget and plan what type and style you require. Glass, metal, wooden, and aluminium all are great options to choose from. Every material can be designed and customized as per the need of the consumer.   

5.      Prevent Nasty Falls

This is absolutely true; with handrails, you stay protected from sudden slip and falls. You can maintain your balance even if you are in a hurry to get down or up. 

6.      Protect in Harsh Weather 

Handrails provide ease to a greater extent in snowy weather, when ice clogs the way to stairs or between the stairs. They help you achieve faster walk up and down to the stairs.

7.      Durable and Resistant 

Since there are a number of materials for handrails and balustrades to choose from, you may choose one that can serve for years to come. Almost every material, such as glass, timber, metal, etc., is weather proof and hard to break. 

Types of Handrails and Balustrade

When planning to install balustrades in your home or office, make sure that you have enough knowledge about every material.  Read on to learn!

·         Aluminium 

This is the ultimate material for handrails in terms of strength and performance. It does not only endure an incredible amount of chastisement but also look very spectacular simultaneously. For those who are on the bargain, aluminium can be an easier option to make when it comes to installation and adjustment as the material is naturally very light and easy to install. Aluminium I also favourite of the owners as it requires low-cost maintenance 

·         Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel handrail is an excellent and more affordable alternative to aluminium. This is incredibly strong, striking in look. Its upkeep is even easier than aluminium handrail. It means that stainless steel handrail is perfect for installing in high traffic areas. 

Furthermore, it is non-porous that dictates it as an excellent material for hygienic and cleanliness prospects. 

·         Wood 

A vintage image comes to mind when we talk about wood. It is the most elegant and timeless option in residential premises. Quality wood is tremendously durable and capable of standing the tests of time while delivering a classic aesthetic. Typically, wood handrails are the easiest choice for low-traffic areas. 

·         Glass 

Well, you cannot challenge the toughness of glass handrails. They have come a long way in the past few years and are now some of the sturdiest and most extraordinarily stunning on the globe. The things must be kept in mind that among all above mentioned Sydney balustrades and handrails, maintenance of glass handrails can be of higher cost. 

 Words from History about Balustrade 

Today, balustrade in Sydney is breaking all the new grounds due to their longevity they ensure, the classic look they provide, and the incredible support they provide. When thinking about balustrades, it is important to think about what history says. 

 Italian word balustrade is the origin of the word baluster, which translates as the pomegranate flower.

Balustrades have been used throughout the world for many centuries. Long ago, they were also found in distant areas in India and Assyria. Assyria manufacturers claim that they are a pioneer who introduces some of the oldest examples of balustrade designs. They had been very prevalent in the Renaissance period and commonly found in a form similar to what we consider a balustrade design today. Antique examples of popular buildings that include magnificent balustrades are the Medici palace in Italy and numerous buildings designed by Michelangelo and Bernini. Balustrades were built up of wood to add an antique appearance. The use of clay and wood were common at that time because of the convenient availability of these types of materials at that time. While contemporary construction has introduced innovative techniques and materials, new balustrades are now commonly manufactured from steel, glass, wood, stone, and other robust materials. The purpose of balustrades is two-fold, something that many individuals often fail to realize. 

Safety Measures for Balustrades

This material has a safety purpose and an attractive function by finishing off the building, staircase, bridge, terrace, balcony, or eaves of a building. In Australia, balustrades are governed by the strict regulations set out by the ministry that manifests a diversity of aspects that the balustrades need to comply with. As it is difficult to follow these codes, many contractors fail to take these projects or even leave the occupants of the building at risk. If you’re unsure if your balustrade installation complies with the regulations set out by the ministry, never hesitate to discuss with the advisor or locate a company that has an unbeatable reputation by all means. It is to ensure that your balustrades comply with all the applicable codes.

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