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Key Features of Hotel Listing App Development

Smart hospitality solutions are transforming the travel industry like never before. At the heart of this transformation is hotel listing app development.

Thanks to the growth of the internet, hotel bookings have now become click easy. Travelers not only have more choices for hotel bookings but also enjoy great deals and offers on bookings. 

The surge in popularity of travel apps like Trivago, Hotel Finder, Hotels Combined has shown that the market has excellent growth opportunities and there is room for more.

If you are planning hotel listing app development, here is a list of features that should be on top of your priority list. 

Must-have Features in a Hotel Listing App

#1. One-time User Login

User account login is the default feature for any app, let alone hotel listing app development. The account login feature offers multiple benefits to app users as well as creators.

First and foremost, it allows app owners to prevent unauthorized access and improves the app’s security. Unless app users create a user account using their authorized email id or their social media accounts, app owners can keep a lid on features that they can access on the app. 

Secondly, user login allows app owners to introduce greater personalization and make the user experience more engaging. App users can use their accounts to record their best experiences, favourite hotels, recommendations, frequency of travel, etc. This information allows app owners to identify user preferences better and deliver more personalized recommendations.

#2. Smart User Authentication 

Today mobile consumers are spoilt for choices. You don’t want to risk losing a user because of slow user authentication. Smartphones are now more capable and powerful than ever before. Using Touch ID or Face ID features for fast authentication will allow users to access your app with the least amount of effort and add to the overall user experience. 

#3. List Complete Information

Verified and complete information is the primary reason why people use listing apps. Hence, the information of hotels listed in your app must be updated and verified. As part of your hotel listing app development strategy research the keywords that people use when searching for hotels online.

You will get a good idea of the information that you should provide your target audience. Here’s something to give you a headstart on the same. 

Evidently, it is time for an on-demand hotel listing app development like Trivago,,, TripAdvisor,, KAYAK to rule in the market.

Top Hotel Information That People Search Online:

  • Location
  • Price 
  • Ratings
  • Availability
  • Deals and Offers
  • Standard Facilities (Beverages, Breakfast, Spa, etc)

Don’t share incomplete or inconsistent information. Make sure that every bit of information you share is verified. Unless you do so, your app will never gain the popularity or the trust of its target audience. 

#4. Search By Location

The popularity of any app is closely tied to its user experience. Travellers would prefer a listing app that automatically filters hotel search based on location, distance from the airport, proximity to key neighbourhoods, etc. Hence, adding this feature to the app will surely play a key role in driving user engagement as well as generate lots of positive user feedback across the app marketplace.

#5. Google Map Integration

Why miss out on a feature that offers you 99% coverage of the world? Integrating Google Map in your app will help app users to easily locate and reach the hotels that they have booked on the app. Plus, the feature allows you to scale your services to different areas depending on demand and app popularity. 

#6. Price Comparisons

Your users must be able to extensively compare hotel prices within a specific location to secure the best deal for their accommodations. Price comparison is a key element of hotel listing app development. 

Research has shown that price comparison is one of the important features that app users look for in an online hotel listing solution. It helps them make an informed decision and thereby builds user trust in your app and services. 

#7. Payment Security

App users will use different payment modes to confirm their booking. As a result, the hostel listing app will have to handle, store, and manage a huge amount of user-generated data. The app must offer end-to-end data security to user information and transactions are 100% secure. 

Moreover, the app must also allow users to turn on additional security features such as two-factor authentication to add a layer of security to their online accounts. 

#8. Multiple-Booking Options

This is one of those features which will add a great value proposition to your app. Especially for frequent travellers, this feature can be a real time saver. Users can make multiple bookings at any given time depending on their needs. 

#9. Pick and Drop Option

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your users pick and drop services? Integrating a taxi service or car rental solution with your app will give your users more reasons to use your service over your competitors. 

Add-on features like travel arrangements can give you a clear advantage over your competitors and play a crucial role in improving key app metrics like Drop Offs, Retention, Engagement, and Acquisition. 

 #10. AI Chatbot

Automate your customer support with smart AI chatbot features. In many cases AI chatbots can prove to be the perfect travel companions for your app users helping them with the most popular hotel options, travel reminders, weather updates, travel itinerary planning, etc. 

#11. Social Media Integration

Integrating social media platforms to your hotel booking app can be fruitful to your hotel business as you can post amazing videos and images of your hotel rooms and its ambiance to entice more people. Surely, it will help in increasing customers’ engagement to your app as Social Media usage nowadays is a necessary tool for any business. 

#12. City Tour Guide

Offering the city tour guide to your visitors would be an advantage as it will let them know about the places worth visiting, shopping destinations, local mode of transport, must-try dishes, and much more about the city. 

#13. iBeacon Technology

The implementation of iBeacon Technology adds value to your hotel business as it not only improves the offered services but also induces automation to them. Like whenever the customer reaches in the close proximity to the hotel premises, he will be notified with the welcome message whereas the staff will be ready for the further procedures like handing over the keys of the room and others. 

Other Honorable Mentions

In addition to the above, the following features are equally important to ensure your hotel booking app is loved by your users. 

  • Review and Feedback System 
  • Cancellation and Refund Options 
  • Wishlist of hotels 
  • Push notifications for timely updates on new features, deals, etc. 
  • A simple yet appealing user-interface design with ease of navigation and quick loading speed. 
  • Improved data security with strong encryption at backend and cloud computing servers to prevent data leakage.


While the coronavirus pandemic has slowed the growth of the travel and tourism industry over the past year. Nevertheless, the industry is hopeful of a strong post-pandemic comeback. Digital solutions like hospital listing apps would be at the forefront of this recovery, helping people make hotel bookings from the safety of their homes. We hope the information we shared will help make your hotel listing app development successful. 

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