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Keep Safe from Coronavirus While Doing Laundry

It has been more than a year since the pandemic began. People are slowly adapting to the new normal. Most of us attend online classes, work from home, and even buy groceries online. However, not all of us can completely isolate ourselves at home. Some have to do their errands, just like going to the nearest laundry shop.

Not all families have their washing and drying machines at home. Although some laundry shops have a laundry pickup and delivery service, you might be one of the few that does not have that opportunity. Thus, you have to carry their dirty laundry at their neighborhood laundromat, bringing a new set of concerns.

So, how can you keep safe from the coronavirus while doing laundry at your neighborhood laundromat?

1. Wear Masks

Although some of us have been vaccinated, it is your choice to continue wearing a mask in indoor public places to protect yourself and others. If you are not fully vaccinated, there’s no excuse why you should not wear a mask.

Wear your mask properly; over your nose and mouth.

2. Bring Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol

When you go out to the laundry shop, you most likely touch the high-touch surfaces. These surfaces are the countertop, washers, doorknobs, and such. If someone is COVID-19 positive and has touched these surfaces, the virus might transfer to you. That’s why it is best to bring a hand sanitizer or alcohol to sanitize yourself frequently.

Once you arrive home, immediately wash your hands with soap and water. Ensure you are doing it the proper way and for at least 20 seconds.

3. Maintain Social Distancing

It is essential to practice social distancing and maintain a 6-feet distance around people. If your neighborhood laundromat is crowded, it is best to drop off your laundry and take it back after its laundry schedule.

Crowded places put you at higher risk for COVID-19. Thus, it is better to avoid going to the laundromat during rush hours. Ask the staff about their rush hours so you can adjust your laundry schedule accordingly.

4. Monitor Yourself for Symptoms

Although you only go to the laundromat once or twice a week, it is essential to monitor your health daily. You have to watch for symptoms of COVID-19, especially if you go out for necessary errands from time to time.

Moreover, if someone is sick or has tested positive in your household, you cannot go outside, right? You need to practice self-quarantine also. If you are lucky enough that your local laundromat accepts laundry pickup and delivery. However, you should inform them about your situation. The laundry experts might have additional instructions for your dirty laundry.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, it has been more than a year, and we are slowly coping up. If you are fully vaccinated, it is best to practice these safety precautions. The vaccine does not protect you from the virus, it only reduces the symptoms. Thus, keep safe while doing your laundry outside home.

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