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It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Low Battery Capacity Smartphones

When you’re looking for a great Indian mobile, you want a phone that does it all. Nonetheless, you may be apprehensive about some of its features. Besides having a great camera and a speedy processor, you will want one with a long-lasting battery. Long battery life is something that is commonly sought after by most mobile phone users everywhere, not just in India. The battery of your phone is arguably its most important hardware component, as nothing can operate on your phone without it. 

Many smartphones in the Indian mobile phone market today come with long battery lives. The days when you were apprehensive about your battery getting discharged on an important conference call are over and done with. 

The new demand from the mobile buyer is for longer battery life, more than any other feature on a mobile phone. As a result, manufacturers have stepped up their game and tried to provide this as far as possible. A competitive race of 6000mAh battery mobile exists in India today. The mobile manufacturers who make these powerhouses with 6,000mAh battery lives are mainly international brands.

Look at it this way, a 6,000mAh battery capacity in a phone can give you up to 27 hours of video play time, up to 125 hours of music listening, and up to 22 hours of internet usage on Wi-Fi. To charge a smartphone with such a battery till it charges completely takes just under 2 hours. These statistics are boasted by Samsung, but they are pretty much true for any smartphone with a 6,000mAh battery. Note that, ultimately, the extent to which the battery is used, maybe for multiple features simultaneously, may determine actual life of the battery.

Smartphones with a 6,000mAh Battery

Smartphones in the Indian mobile industry with a battery of 5,000 or 6,000mAh are much needed in today’s world. As the world shrinks, the mobile market gets bigger. What is a smartphone, after all, if not a mini computer? With more social media apps, more connectivity, and all kinds of software to cater to a myriad of dreams and desires, it is no wonder that a powerful monster of a battery exists today. The following phones come with 6,000mAh batteries, catering to the Indian mobile users, and ensure that the phone never runs out of juice.

  • Samsung Galaxy M30 and M31 – Futuristic budget phones that are both smart and fast. With adequate storage of 64GB, and the latest Android v.10 operating system, you can’t go wrong with these smartphone models.
  • Realme C12 – With the Realme C12, you get really long battery life with a unique feature. This smartphone doubles as a power bank, using reverse charging, and you can use it to charge your other devices.
  • Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro – With a really long-lasting battery of 5,760mAh capacity, and 30W charging support, you are always ready for life. Apart from this, the phone comes with a 6.47-inch full display HD screen. The smartphone also packs excellent cameras to boot.

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