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Is Video Help to Boosts Conversions and Sales?


Many marketers explain how a video can help to bring conversion and sales for a company. Let’s explain it in a more relaxed way; a brand launched its e-commerce store with various product pages and content. By the passage of time, they experience the site increasing sessions and engagements in their social media platforms, but somewhat the sales are still flat. Every brands end-success is when its sales are booming. To achieve this goal, Video content work’s best. Since the market competition is fierce and all brands are focusing on being ahead, you need to step up your game as well to increase your sales. Video content marketing is an instant, secure and less expensive way to improve your e-commerce store performance.

Developing an explainer video or commercial is expensive and cost-less. It depends on how a brand wants to initiate it. Many companies cannot afford to hire valuable logo animation services. Therefore, making video content on your own can provide exceptional results as well. All you need to do is find a video editing tool that suits your demands and lets you edit an innovative video.

Why Video Helps Boosts Conversions and Sales?

  • According to consumers, 62% of product reviews are watched before purchasing.
  • As per to 84% consumers, they survey a product or service online to know about the brands.
  • A report suggested, 97% of consumers understand a product in a better way through the video, and 76% acknowledge, video helps them purchase.
  • Adding a video on a website landing page can boost conversions without any doubt by 80%
  • According to a consumer survey, 56% believed brands should display explainer videos on their websites.

Video content is the best and most reliable marketing strategy. Every brand can receive positive outcomes from this, and there are 0% negative results.

Some productive ways through which video boosts website conversion rates and sales.

1- Customers interact with video
Video content is convenient for consumers to see and know a product or service through the visual presentation. It catches the user attention. Also tells them more about the brand, the messaging company is sending, triggering emotions and encourages users to take a provoking action. Video is a win-win situation for the user and the brand. It has animated content, engaging information, colourful backgrounds, voice-over or bold music.

2- Product videos promotes consumer trust
If we take this example on ourselves, then be honest and think. Would you purchase an item you have seen on the internet with positive product reviews? Or would you blindly buy a thing you never heard about or seen in visual? We think many of us would agree to its first part.  

How awful it feels to see an image of an item you wish to purchase. You cannot know its original colour, the specification or details in an understandable way. How would it benefit you? It’s just a basic description. When a consumer finds more information in video content, they are more convinced to purchase a product.  

3- Details in video assist in responding User with Q/A
Let’s provide an easy example of make-up tutorial videos. These videos help a user with all the questions they have in their mind. A product video explained in details will provide all the right answers and encourages the user to purchase the product how the product works, its integrations and addresses while using video.

4- Videos give a productive omnichannel experience
When you shift to a new city, you are searching for different places near to your home. When you are particularly looking for a grocery store, you come across a 20-second video ad of a local store. You watch it and your convince to shop from there as they have given you a virtual tour about their shop. The same is the case when a user land’s on your website; they want to know about your products or services engagingly. That is possible through the video.  

5- Videos are shared more
Video content is more comfortable to share and provides brand more exposure once they go viral. In the digital era, mouth publicity has changed into sharing advertising. When a user likes your brand explainer video, they share it on their social platform, and their networks get to know about your brand as well. Videos are divided by 1200% more rather than text, and as per consumers, 80% are convinced to purchase when they see a shared brand video content.

3 Video Contents which boost conversion rates
We have talked in-depth about the productivity of a product video. Similarly, there are various other things a video can do like boosting your conversion rates. It depends where these videos are a live, direct, or indirect influence on sales.

How-To or Tutorial Video
This is the perfect and straightway of a video that can cover everything about your product or service, from how to details the usage and benefits of your item. It tells all to the consumers. Just keep it virtual. Show a step by step guidance and give answers for every possible user question.

Informative Video
Many industries are providing educational tips about resolving complex issues and how they can be fixed. This is where informative or educational video content can assist. These videos can be published on platforms where users are exploring for relevant information, and they can directly land on your website to know more.

Consumer Testimonials
Testimonials are known as one of the perfect types of video content which you can publish. They provide a brand the credibility and people trust the opinion of other users who have used your product. Try to gather more consumer feed-backs which can be essential for new users.

The Conclusions
It is easier to know that you need a video now, but since you are not sure how to initiate it. These were some of the most convincing steps mentioned above. Start planning your video content, and you will know about your video objectives, your financial budget, and where you want to promote your video.

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