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Is PWA the Future of Education Industry?

There is nothing scarier to work in an industry that has a high price tag, scrutinized value, and massive competition. The education sector in the US has been facing all these challenges over a few years now. But when you want to fight the odds, you need to take every opportunity to connect with the potential audience to stay fiercely competitive. As the education industry caters to the most tech-savvy and likely impatient target audience.

Having a responsive website does not solve your purpose, and the chances of reaching out to your audience are low. Being responsive is yesterday’s ‘nice to have’. We are progressing towards a tech-savvy world, and more people are using technologies like Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

PWAs are the web applications that come with the latest features of JavaScript and are built on standard web technologies. PWA App Development solutions improve user engagement, enhance the user experience, and boost conversion rates, everything at cost-effective prices.

Moreover, PWA can bridge the gap between mobile apps and responsive web pages. Just like native iOS or Android apps, PWAs can be saved directly on the home screens of smartphones. Besides development efforts, PWAs are easy to maintain and require minimum storage space.

Reasons That Why Education Industry Should Choose Progressive Web Apps

1.      Getting Found

You can’t convince them until they find you. PWAs are lighter and faster that helps you boost Google ranking which most of the education websites lack. Moreover, PWAs are mobile-focused that make it mobile-search friendly. Unlike native mobile applications, PWAs are easy to discover & share. 

2.      Cost-Effective and Faster Time-To-Market

All educational institutes don’t want to spend enormous money on mobile app development. Hire a renowned web development company San Jose that can help you build reliable and scalable PWA which operates on any device and platform seamlessly. Thus, it saves money on developing apps for multiple platforms.

Also, PWAs are built much faster than any native app that makes it a good deal for educational institutes for saving and time while ensuring the market launch at the earliest. The PWAs are not necessarily launched in the app stores that allow you to skip the lengthy process of approvals from respective app stores.

3.      Removing Barriers

Prospective students and their families can start theirs directly from the home screen. Leveraging its potential, users can use native app functionalities like click to execute, autocomplete, and offline mode. With progressive web app development solutions, students can study, and parents can go through college/ university websites whenever they want, even if there is no or low internet connectivity.

4.      Faster Performance

One of the biggest advantages of using PWA is that it caches and return image or text in an efficient or specific way that makes it work faster than responsive websites. The impeccable performance offered by PWAs impacts your conversion rates and user experience in a positive way. 

5.      Stay in Touch, Always

Taking the full advantage of app-like functionality, PWA can also send push notifications. Utilizing the feature, you can keep your students and their parents engaged with daily activities. It not acts as a reminder but also helps to track the performance of their children in a seamless manner. You can send them content like admissions open, details of upcoming events, results, and much more with a click of a button.

6.      SEO Optimized

PWAs are easily crawled and indexed in the search engines that consequently increase the chances of being recognized among the students. Besides searchability, such apps load faster and have a high impact due to its capacity to boost ranking.

Engaging e-learning with PWA

It doesn’t matter if the user has a poor bandwidth or an underpowered device, PWA delivers content with minimum resources. Learning new things wouldn’t be a problem with PWA because of its fast responsive characteristics that deliver performance.

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How Much a Progressive App Development costs?

There are a plethora of reasons why progressive app development became trending in the marketplace, irrespective of the industry type. But being a cost-effective solution is one of the significant factors that allow it to take most of the credit.  A website costs you around $3000 to $10000, and the mobile app costs approximately between $15000 and $80000. However, a PWA costs you in between $6000-$20000.

Many mobile app development companies offer accurate and reliable app cost calculator tool that allows you to take quick estimates of your idea. This way, you don’t have to discuss your idea with every IT consultancy. 


Whether you want to deliver a next-generation learning experience to your students or want to deliver all the information on time to the parents, PWA can be the best solution. Adopting the technology, you can bring innovation that is mostly lacking in a responsive website/ mobile app while cutting costs in a long run.

If you want to dive into the digital world, hiring the right mobile app development company is the key to all your business issues. Choose among the top 50 mobile app development companies and achieve your results faster.  

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