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Is Flutter The Future of Mobile App Development Services?

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit(SDK) utilized for cross-platform app development that allows developers to create top-notch applications in both Android & iOS at a lightning speed. The requirement for a cross-platform framework was always in demand and many other technologies have come to help. But those were limited and were not viable with the need and eventually faded from the tech world. Now it is Flutter that has fulfilled numerous and individuals see as the future.

These days mobile apps are not just limited to smartphones. So a technology that satisfies just Android and iOS app development will not keep going long in the market. Here is the reason why this language is sought after. The new portable UI kit isn’t just for mobile applications, but for web apps and embedded screens. This post aims to assist you to comprehend what is Flutter and why it is widely accepted.

What is Flutter?

It is an open-source development platform created by the tech giant Google and launched in May 2017. It utilizes the Dart programming language and is a leading app development framework for cross-platform app development. Google’s power-packed SDK gives Flutter an upper hand and many developers have already switched to Flutter for mobile app development. With Flutter, you can develop applications easily, and with a limited time frame. It was at first utilized for prototyping the applications but now it has already covered the market with leading brands like Alibaba, The New-York times, Google assistance, Google ads, etc. building up apps with Flutter.

Features of Flutter App Development Services

  • Hot Reload: It a feature that gives fast results to changes that are made in real-time. This is especially useful when a developer is trying a new design change or bug fix. The changes are made visible in a few seconds of time so that developers can fix bugs in minimum time.
  • Cross-Platform Development: Flutter abolishes the requirement for multiple frameworks for multiple platforms. Android or iOS apps can be created utilizing Flutter app development services and provides a native-like experience to users. Hence it saves time and money as well.
  • Integration & Scalability of Apps: The frameworks are easy to access and integrate. So if you are doing a rework on an existing app to expand or if you are building a quick wireframe then Flutter can serve both purposes.
  • Performance: In comparison with the native apps, Flutter guarantees excellent performance. With the assistance of Dart, C, C++ users get higher experience.
  • Easy setup: Flutter contains a large number of ready to utilize widgets which assists directly from setting up to developing the app. And furthermore, the Flutter documentation is simple and thus it is easy to understand.
  • One time coding: You can build up applications on both platforms (Android & iOS) utilizing Flutter. Hence you don’t need to maintain separate files for both. Along with this one-time coding feature, you have other benefits like code reuse and minimal coding.

Based on Dart Programming Language

Flutter allows you to create apps on multiple platforms, but how is it happening? Dart helps Flutter. Dart is the programming language that can work on all these platforms and provides a quicker development experience. Google is planning to build up another OS ‘Fuchsia’ and it is viewed as to be the next Android. Dart is now hidden under Fuchsia and when it is available, Dart programmers will be on-demand soon.

Due to the similarities with other languages, you can learn Dart easily and it combines features of other languages making it powerful. Dart has faster compilation abilities and therefore hot reloading exists in the Flutter and that makes app development faster and productive.

Why Google’s Flutter represent the future of cross-platform app development?

Flutter is an inspiration to React. But, it offers a top-notch UI and user experience compared to React Native. So, it is expected to see more demand in the upcoming years.

To sum up

I believe that the possibilities of the Flutter app development services are practically perpetual and developers can build up applications easily and deliver at the earliest. Flutter has entered in tech world very strongly and ought to be the first choice for cross platform app development solutions.

Ankit Patel
Ankit Patel is a Marketing/Project Manager at XongoLab Technologies LLP and PeppyOcean which offers top-notch mobile apps development services globally. As a hobby, he loves to write about new & upcoming technology, business, and marketing. His write-ups have been published on popular platforms like TechTarget, SmallBizDaily, JaxEnter, Social-Hire, TorqueMag, and more.

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