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Is English Tuition necessary for Students in Singapore?

Why is English revered as the world’s lingua franca? In addition to being used as the major language in many countries worldwide, it connects people from diverse cultures, thus transforming into a common language of communication for all purposes, be they business, academia or social. In multiracial Singapore too, social and professional relationships are largely built on how efficiently individuals understand one another with the aid of the English language, the nation’s official language. 

In the Singapore education landscape, the learning of English is taken seriously.  It is taught compulsorily to the student community across all education levels. Students are expected to gain proficiency in the core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking by the time they mature into young adults. Although English is uniformly taught in all educational institutions, how does one determine if a student needs additional help outside of school? Some of the signs to look out for in students are:

  • Underperformance in school due to weak foundation
  • Thoughts or surroundings that easily cause distraction
  • No self-discipline or motivation to study 
  • No passion for the language due to learning gaps

English tuition complements a student’s classroom learning experience.  It creates a more positive education environment for students to flourish as compared to the mainstream environment, which is unfortunately not foolproof. How do these two parallel systems compare?   

1. Crowded Classrooms Versus Personalised Classrooms:

All educational institutions have packed classrooms. Therefore, students are compelled to follow the pace of one single educator, who is racing against time to complete the school curriculum! Can all students possibly cope with this pace? Not really. Every student learns best at his or her own pace of learning. If learning is rushed, there is no clarity in concepts and their application. The end result is, the student feels demotivated to pursue the subject. The solution- a small class size English tuition, which acts as a buffer, or a safety net, for those students who grapple with the language. Such a setup offers two-pronged benefits. Firstly, due to the small student-teacher ratio, the educator is able to give individual close attention and guidance to identify every student’s weak areas, and then focus on teaching methods and solutions for strengthening those areas. Secondly, students learn the roots of the English language, which in turn, enables them to learn the succeeding concepts in an effective way. In the case of secondary English tuition, students are guided to analyse and unpack the essay questions correctly, as well as to pen cohesive and compelling essay that demonstrates critical thinking.

2. Uniform Learning Styles Versus Differential Learning Styles:

One glove fits all- this statement could not be further from truth. It is proven that learning outcomes are maximum when teaching methodologies are tuned to a student’s learning style, which is evident from an early age. Unfortunately, in a mainstream environment, educators face time constraint to uncover individual learning styles, let alone adjust their teaching style to accommodate them. In fact, they generally cater only to the majority! This puts students, whose learning styles and abilities vary, at a clear disadvantage. Consequently, their learning is deeply affected. Are educators at English tuition any different? Certainly! English tutors modify the learning content and adopt street smart methodologies to suit a student’s learning style. Such tweaks increase the comfort factor for the students, so they get geared up to master the language.

3. Stress Versus Confidence:

What gamut of emotions do students experience when they are besieged by doubts and fears towards learning the English language? Stress, frustration or even boredom. Most often, students are overwhelmed by negative emotions, because they feel they have nobody to turn to for help. Under such circumstances, students do not realise their fullest potential during their entire learning journey. What is the recourse? Perhaps English tuition, wherein tutors strike a personal rapport with their students to help them shake off their toxic negative thoughts and embrace positive vibes towards learning and education. Once self-confidence is restored in students, their interest is piqued. Passion to excel in the language automatically ignites. With passion comes real joy of learning!

4. Dependent Learning Versus Self-Directed Learning:

For parents, it will be a dream come true if their children become self-reliant and take ownership of their learning process! Such self-directed learning is especially crucial for secondary school students, who are expected to improve in their thinking and expressive process – skills that would be later needed in university as well as job interview processes. Is there any way to achieve this? Secondary English tuition is a possible avenue. Equipping students to take responsibility for their learning is one of the core objectives of Secondary English tuition. When competency in the language gains momentum under the able guidance of the English tutors, study habits transform and before long, students will progress to finding ways to boost their own learning. Ultimately, self-directed learning is the ideal ,route to lifelong learning! 

Small class size, individual attention, close guidance, meticulous feedback and unique teaching techniques are the hallmarks of Write Edge. By setting realistic targets and through constant monitoring of the student’s progress, students not only increase their effective writing skills, but they also display willingness to learn and achieve, a trait that underscores a bright future.

Eileen Chin
Eileen Chin is a professional tutor working with WriteEdge – which is a leading tuition agency in Singapore. Her passion for tutoring helps to motivate struggling students.

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