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Is Cat6 better than Cat5e?

The world of networking is full of a variety of ethernet cables. It divides the ethernet standard cables into several categories. The most common examples of these cables are cat6 plenum and cat6 plenum 1000ft. You should know that what does cat6 plenum means. This is because there aren’t too many differences between the cat6 and cat5e cables. Especially on paper, it means that both these network cables are nearly the same. However, there are some aspects that are not identical. In this article, we will go throw them. Let’s get into it. 

Cat6 Plenum Cables
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The Bandwidth Speed:

The difference in the bandwidth speed is the major difference between these two cables. The cat6 plenum 1000ft offers superior bandwidth compared to its predecessor. This is quite evident as bandwidth speed is what matters the most for most of the users. You get up to 550 MHz bandwidth speed on the cat6 plenum cable. Whereas the bandwidth speed is limited to 350 MHz maximum on cat5e cables. Bandwidth speed plays an important role in determining the overall quality of a particular network cable. 

Data Transfer Rates:

We cannot forget the importance of data transfer rates while discussing any ethernet standard or network standard cable. This is because most of the users get these cables for the high data transfer rate. In the case of cat5e cables, there are some restrictions in terms of their data transfer speeds. Both these cables are compatible with Gigabit Ethernet Applications. In this case, the cat6 will offer better speed over twice the length of cat5e cables. Let’s say at 50 meters, the data transfer speed of cat6 cables would be better keeping the fact in mind that both support Gigabit Ethernet applications.  

The Crosstalk Factor

Crosstalk in simple words is the electrical signal interference that interrupts the network speed of a network cable. for instance, both the cables that we are discussing are prone to crosstalk. But there is a difference. The cat6 cables are less prone to crosstalk which means better overall performance. Similarly, the cables after this generation will perform even better when it comes to minimizing the effect of crosstalk.

A fiber optic cable, also called an optical fiber cable, is a fiber-optic assembly similar to an electric wire, comprising one or more highly conductive fibers which are designed for transmitting light through a medium. Unlike electric cables, which are made from a combination of copper and plastic, it makes these cables of highly reflective fibers including plastic and glass. The cables can transmit light faster than electric light. They can transmit light and transmit signs in the ultra violet, xrays, gamma rays, and infrared.

Internal Structure 

This is an end where the differences between both these cables end. This point is more of similarity rather than a difference. Because the number of conductors and twisted pairs are the same in both these cables. There are a total of eight conductors and four twisted pairs. These eight conductors are twisted so that they can perform better against interferences. Apart from this twistiness, all four pairs are also kept away from each other. The spline is the component that keeps all four pairs at a distance from each other. Coming to the outer part of these cables, the number of jacketing options is also the same. The plenum jacketing is considered far more superior to any other cable jacketing. This is because this coating is specially designed to be used in the plenum space of offices and buildings. It is less toxic and emits non-toxic smoke.

Ethernet Networking Cables is the foundation of high-speed inter-networking systems. Ethernet is a short form of electromagnetic impulses or zigzag pattern which describes data packets transmitted over a network. They construct networks on the principle of packet switch technologies. This technology enables devices with comparable signals to interconnect and so to transmit their information simultaneously and in a cost efficient way. Media cables are the chief element in the networking system and make up a very significant part the overall system architecture.

Cat5e Plenum Cables


So, if you ask Is Cat6 plenum cables better than Cat5e plenum cables? Then the answer would be yes. The cat6 cables are better. They offer more bandwidth, improved data transfer rates, and better internals. So choose them over its predecessor for fast, and convenient connectivity.

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