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Internet of Things (IoT) – Future Technology Trend

In recent years at CES consumer electronics exhibitions, smart devices such as smart TVs, smartphones, smart refrigerators … are constantly being introduced by major technology companies. The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) has since been mentioned more often and more commonly. So what is the “Internet of Things” and why is this a technology trend in the future?

What is the “Internet of Things”?

Internet of Things is a system of appliances and devices connected to each other via the Internet. They have the ability to exchange and transmit information and data effectively and conveniently via the Internet without the need for direct interaction between people and devices or between people. That means that when every device has been “Internetized,” with just one smart device, such as a Smart TV, a Smartphone, or even just a small smartwatch on hand that has IoT support, users can control them anytime, anywhere without limitation in time and space.

At CES 2015, tech companies are not just focusing on stand-alone devices anymore, but are turning to the trend of connecting devices together via the Internet, whether it’s appliances, refrigeration or electronics. And the idea of ​​a smart home is helping consumers get closer to the prospect of the world connecting everything.

Internet of Things – Future Technology Trend

According to CISCO estimates, by 2020, 50 billion devices worldwide will be connected wirelessly to the IoT network. And this number will increase to 500 billion by 2030. With success until now, IoT is expected to become the largest equipment market in the world and will create a new economic boom.

IoT is becoming an inevitable trend of the world, estimated to 2020:

– 4 billion people connect with each other via IoT

– US $ 4 trillion in revenue from IoT

– More than 25 million applications

– Over 25 billion smart systems and embedded systems

– 50 trillion Gigabytes of data

Real-world Applications of the Internet of Things

It can be seen that people are always curious, always asking questions, challenges, breaking the current rules to reach for the better. From these curiosities allows us to imagine a world where machines become close to people, replacing human activities in life. To do that, we have found IoT – Internet of Things technology to help connect devices and improve the automation of machines.

The coming wave of IoT will far exceed the wave of laptops, smartphones. IoT towards smart cars, smart home, smart city, connected health care, …

Smart Home

It can be said that the smart home is the most searched application on google. So how is understood as a smart home? You will be able to turn on the air conditioner, water heater before you go home or even turn off the lights when you are not at home, you can open the door for your friends to play while you are still at work.

Companies are building and manufacturing a range of products to make human life simpler and more convenient. A smart home is the revolutionary ladder of the IoT development process. The arrival of smart homes is expected to become as popular as smartphones today.

In order to live in such a smart home, homeowners have to spend extremely large house ownership costs. Products in smart homes are predicted to save time, energy, and money.

Smart wearable devices

Currently, in many countries, wearable devices have appeared with extremely smart features such as headsets, glasses, backpacks, super-smart bracelets, etc. worldwide market.

Google and Samsung are the big companies making huge investments in the creation of such devices. Wearables are installed with sensors and software to collect data and user information.

These devices include high physical, health, and entertainment requirements. The prerequisite for these designs is extremely low capacity and compact size, high aesthetic.

Cas are connected

Car manufacturers have gone through the phase of focusing on optimizing the internal functions of a vehicle. Now they are interested in optimizing user satisfaction with enhancing the in-car experience.

A connected vehicle is a vehicle that optimizes operation, maintenance as well as customer comfort. Big brands like BMW, Tesla, … are making efforts for the next revolution of the automobile industry.

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Industrial Internet

Industrial Internet is a new echo in the industry, called IIoT (Industrial Internet of Thing). IIoT supports industrial engineering with large sensors and software to create extremely intelligent machines. Machines will be more accurate and consistent than humans in communicating through data. From the collected data, it helps companies and managers to solve problems sooner and more effectively.

IIoT has great potential for quality control and sustainability. Applications that exchange information between suppliers, distributors and retailers about goods and inventory information will increase supply chain efficiency.

Smart city

A smart city is an application of IoT that creates the curiosity of many people. Smart monitoring, automated transport, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, urban security, and environmental monitoring are all examples of the internet of applications for smart cities. IoT helps to solve the problems encountered in big cities that are environmental pollution, traffic congestion, and lack of energy. An example of the devices that use mobile communications, such as smart bins, will send an alert to the sanitation department when it needs to be cleaned up.

By installing the application and using smart devices we can easily find gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants or even free parking lots. In addition, the electrical system is also protected by sensors that will quickly detect interference, malfunctions, or installation problems.

Internet of Things is really amazing and we together wait to see more applications applied more and more in our real world. Besides, you can take a look at more technology trends in 2020.

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