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Install HP LaserJet P1102 Printer Driver in the PC

HP LaserJet Pro P1102 is a very famous printer model. Due to its size and specifications, you can easily set the printer anywhere. After setting the device, take your printouts reliably. For the printer configuration, the user has to install a driver. The driver is a connecting channel. When the user sends the command, the driver conveys it to the printer. Without the printer driver, the HP Printer won’t get the print job. Whenever you configure the printer with a PC, check for the driver.

Every printer requires a driver to communicate with the computer. It is important that you identify which driver is compatible with your operating system. It is important to have the HP printer driver installed on your computer. Windows 10 makes it easy to set up a printer. A USB port is one way to install printer drivers. When installing a printer, you need to be aware of a few things like the model number and operating system.

Installing HP printer driver on PC using the CD

When you open the printer box, you will receive a CD. The user can directly get the driver by running the disc on his device.

  1. USe CD and insert it on the disc drive
  2. Wait until a run wizard appears
  3. Tap on Run and the printer driver will start running
  4. Select the Finish button 
  5. Once the driver gets installed, you can find your HP printer easily.

Installing HP printer driver on PC from web

Not all PC devices have disc drives. If you can’t get the driver using the CD then check for an alternate method. Users can find the driver on the web. Go to the PC and open the HP website on the browser. Now go to drivers and select for HP LaserJet Pro P1102 driver. Check the whole name correctly as people sometimes install the wrong driver on the PC. Also, download the driver which is for your device’s platform. After downloading the driver setup, open downloads and run it. When the driver is installed, you can connect your HP printer and take the printouts. 

  1. Click “Start” and then click “Devices and Printers.”
  2. Locate the “Add a Printer Option” button in the upper right corner. Click “Add a Printer”.
  3. The Printer Setup Wizard will ask you “How do you want to set up your printer?” When using a USB cable, select the USB cable option.
  4. Click the Next button and select the “Use existing port” option.
  5. The list of Windows built-in drivers appears. Select your printer model and driver. Click Next to start the installation.
  6. If you are unable to use the built-in driver, there are two options: (1) Have a disc or (2) Windows Update.
  7. To use “Have Disk” you must have drivers downloaded from the website. Select the driver path by clicking “Have Disk”.

If the driver is not found, use Windows Update. The driver will be downloaded and installed this way.

Connecting HP printer to PC

After you install the correct driver, connect the printer to the computer. For the direct setup, you can go for a cable connection. 

  1. Use the cable to connect the HP printer and PC
  2. Go to the Devices folder on PC
  3. Choose Printers & Scanners
  4. Select Add Printer option
  5. The PC will start checking the connected devices
  6. HP LaserJet Pro P1102 name will appear
  7. Select the printer and follow the screen

The user will get a Printer is a Ready message on the screen. Open the document and press the Ctrl+P keys. On the print wizard, users can make changes on layout, print copies, etc. When your HP printer not responding; check the driver. If the driver is corrupted then reinstall it. 

HP Printer Network Connection

When you can’t use the cable or want to set it wirelessly; go for a network connection. Before the connection, the user has the ready HP printer for the wireless configuration. Check the printer screen and open the setup page. Adjust the printer settings for wireless connection. Now get the network SSID and the pin. 

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on the printer
  2. Wait until available networks appear
  3. Choose SSID of the related network
  4. Enter the pin
  5. Your HP printer will start configuring 
  6. On PC, go to Settings
  7. Open the Devices
  8. Choose Add a Printer
  9. From available devices, select HP printer
  10. Tap the Add Device 

While connecting the PC to the printer on the network; check the driver. You will require the driver on every PC. Once your HP device finds the correct driver, you can take printouts easily. But sometimes, people face errors even when they have the correct driver. You should check for other issues which can get your HP device into error.

Check the computer for malware

Many times, the printer shows errors due to invalid print commands. When the user gives the command, viruses corrupt it and the printer can’t get the correct command. The printer will show errors until the user removes all the malware. The user should go to the computer and inspect for all the hidden viruses. Run the Windows defender software for removing malware. If you have a personal security program; run it on the system. After complete malware scanning; restart the device and check printer issues.

Check your printer 

Sometimes the user sends a print job when the HP printer is not ready. Before sending the job, the user must check the printer status. Also, check the pages on the tray and align all of them correctly. Now inspect the cartridge and the ink level. If low, refill your HP cartridge and use the printer.

When the driver is connected to your computer, it will be detected by your computer. You can also use the CD/DVD that came with your printer to install the driver. Windows Update can also be used to find and install a printer driver. Lastly, the following steps will allow you to set up your printer once you have all the necessary drivers.

You can follow the instructions to install the printer driver for Windows 7. To avoid any problems, follow the steps step by step. There are many guidelines on the internet. Online support is also available. Windows 10 provides support for users with any problems. It also provides its own assistance in installing printer drivers. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Common HP Printer Issues

Printers can malfunction or “act”, and often at the wrong time. There are a few problems with HP printers that can be encountered when installing them, but these can be easily fixed using on-screen solutions and a little help from their website. What are the Most Common HP Printer Problems? These are:

Paper Jam issues

We get notifications so often that there is a paper jam on the front or back of the printer. This is usually due to an internal change. This problem can be fixed by restarting the computer so that it starts when it is turned on. Or you can lift the cover to take out the paper.

Printer Error

Most often, this is caused by a driver error or a problem with transmission from your printer to your computer. You can fix this problem by cancelling and starting the print again. If the problem persists, contact their support team to get help or reinstall the device.

Do not Print any Document

At times, a document sent to the printer cannot print or remains blank. This can be caused by technical problems with your system, which can usually be fixed quickly without the need for a technician.

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