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Innovative Ideas to Drive Businesses in the Pandemic Era

There are many contactless technologies, delivery solutions and payment systems that have evolved quickly in the pandemic era to meet the need of the hour.

Business evolves and adapts with changes in society, and it leads to innovation of all sorts. The current pandemic era is no exception to this trend. Not only are new business ideas emerging these days but many ideas that were considered too odd or a needless thing before pandemic but now sound like a futuristic vision.

Let us look at some of the ideas that could become the norm for businesses in the future and help revive sagging growth without compromising consumers’ safety. It is innovation alone that can steer the global industry clear of the unthought-of obstacles it is presented with these days. Any challenge comes with hidden opportunities that only need to be used in the desired manner to achieve the most satisfactory outcome. Here are a few examples that exemplify and epitomize that spirit.

Low Contact Dining Experiences

All set, a Los Angeles-based food ordering platform launched a contactless ordering solution with a view to support restaurants and people willing to dine outside. Consumers can easily place orders for dining-in or pickups through this platform seamlessly and minimise the contact between restaurant staff and guests.

This initiative is a unique step in creating a low contact dining environment where contact can be minimised to a great degree without taking away from dining experience quality. This is of course s challenge in the pandemic era. Still, more tailor-made initiatives and solutions are needed to turn things around and make dining out a safe and enjoyable experience for consumers.

Domino’s Carside Pizza Delivery As A Contactless Carryout Option

This new innovative method of receiving pizza deliveries from Domino’s is a step forward in how people order and pick up food in these changing times. As a part of this contactless delivery solution, customers can place their online orders and details of their vehicle and location of the order placed. The contactless car-side delivery can be availed by users who place prepaid online orders through Domino’s outlets across the United States.

Once they have placed the order with details like colour, make and model of their car, customers can park their vehicles at a designated location and stay inside as one of the Domino’s team members is sent to deliver the pizza directly from the store to car as a carryout form of delivery.

This way, people do not have to physically flock to the stores and avoid creating a risk for public health safety in the pandemic era. These kind of elegant solutions are need of the hour to reduce the threat posed by the pandemic and keep people safe as businesses recover their lost sheen and try to get back on the track instead of letting workers look for unemployed loans.

Master card Online Search Tool to Pinpoint Stores Open During Pandemic

One of the largest financial services providers, Master card, launched an online search tool to help look for businesses that stay open in the Pandemic. It is difficult to find which stores would still be available in the ‘new normal’ imposed by this pandemic, and it is here that this tool comes in handy.

The new platform is called ‘’ and is available to both Canadian and US users, and additionally, it helps identify stores that accept contactless payments. Along with the platform, Master card launched another global initiative nicknamed ‘Digital Acceleration for Small Business,’ aimed at offering a variety of resources for upcoming brands to grow their online presence. Program partners feature popular brands like Spotify, Big Commerce and Hello Alice along with a few others.

Both these initiatives are part of Master card’s Recovery Insights program meant to help businesses and governments globally achieve economic recovery and security in the Pandemic era.

Contactless Freestyle Beverage Machines by Coca-Cola

Keeping this creative contactless solution in mind, one could say that no change is too small to affect a change. Coca-Cola designed its Freestyle beverage machines to deliver beverages with its contactless technology to avoid the need to touch the machines in this pandemic era.

One can instantly access the Freestyle machine by scanning the QR code that it displays to select the beverage one want. It also allows for the transaction to be completed without the help of any additional apps. It achieves the goal of enabling consumers to use the machines amid this pandemic and sustain its brand image and business growth when lots of businesses and services are facing uncertain times amid this global pandemic.

We live in times when doorstep deliveries, contactless deliveries, transactions and payments are becoming more of a norm than exception as part of the ‘new normal’ whether it is delivering cash loans to your door or contactless getting a can of beverage from vending machines.


The current Covid-19 global pandemic has forced businesses to look for novel solutions and ideas that help keep people safe from the virus threat. Contactless technologies are not an entirely new thing, but the vision to mainstreaming them results from our times. It also showcases the resilience of technology and our ever-increasing reliance on technological solutions for our evolving needs.

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