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Hybrid Learning Experiences in the COVID-19 Era

The use of AI ML in education sector is also one of the most trending industrial sectors in the world which hires and trains thousands of data science engineers and IT analysts certified from the top Artificial Intelligence course in India.

We are living in a highly disruptive era where everything from Food service to manufacturing to healthcare and space exploration is heavily dependent on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning developments.

Every country is not only beefing up its healthcare infrastructure but also making sustainable efforts to improve quality of life, welfare and socio-economic support. Education, unfortunately, took a backseat through the pandemic crisis. But, things have changed — as we understand the value of Digital Online classes for educational activities.

In this article I have pointed out the top trends in the Education Technology industry and how COVID-19 experiences have actually brought about revolutionary developments in the sector.

Let’s roll…

Jobs Lost versus Created

The year 2020 will be remembered for so many things, and not just for the damage COVID-19 caused.

According to an independent job market report, nearly 4 million Indians lost their jobs. These jobs were mostly related to agriculture, manufacturing and field sales sectors, the secondary and tertiary industries also suffered heavy losses due to the pandemic-centered lockdown policies. Real estate, education and utility services management firms had no choice but to abandon the ship in the middle of the pandemic, and fire millions of semi-skilled professionals. Nobody was safe through this period, but AI ML certification might have helped retain the job, or at least prepare for the next interview in case the opportunities came calling.

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Open Source is a Huge Enabler

Out of experience and common mindset we share within the AI ML training community, the open source development community came to the rescue through sufficient projects assessments and support during the lockdown. In fact, a large group of Cloud and SaaS based companies hired the services of Open Source developers and AI engineers to improve their pre COVID-19 products and deliver some really fascinating remote workplace assistance systems, including the popular Video Conferencing, Voice chat, and AI based customer support systems. Reliance, TATA, FACEBOOK, Google, Microsoft, and IBM were the top firms that leveraged open source devops engineering services to meet tight deadlines and retain customers.

Flexi-Projects with Hands-Free Experience

Schools and colleges have closed down, but the education continues. Thanks to the blended approach to flexible learning, most online training courses are combining smart phone experiences to deliver highly relevant content in fastest mode.

The use of AR VR and Mixed Reality has suddenly made on campus experiences surreal and authentic, even if it means experiences it on your lowest grade smart phone or internet connected devices!

If you are planning to train in Artificial Intelligence Course in India, there is absolutely no shame in admitting that Open Source Auto ML, Cloud Computing and the Blockchain trends are really hot and offer enticing job opportunities in native and off shore sites.

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We call it hands-free learning, because you no longer need to just type what you are looking to find. Voice and vision enabled courses are also available that scour through billions of data points and millions of files to find the education content you are looking for.

For example, I used Google Lens to find the AI ML algorithms that are currently in place for COVID-19 mask detection and vigilance systems. I was astonished to see the level of investments and support government has from the AI based AR VR and video analyses software makers.

The brain behind these innovations invariably trains with the fresh as well as experienced AI engineers who have certification from the Artificial Intelligence course in India.

AI ML Proved its Mettle as a Sustainable Science

We might have lost livelihoods opportunities, jobs and relationships– but, the spirit of continuing together doesn’t stop us from moving forward. And, when we have the support of innovations and scientific analyses, such as the ones provided by Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Deep Learning, fighting against COVID-19 crisis seems a befitting campaign to continue. In the last 8 months, more so driven by the pandemic crisis, a majority of fresher graduates and IT analysts have opted for top ranking Artificial Intelligence Course in India to upgrade their knowledge, skill sets, and utilize the time under lockdown to master the most coveted technology groups in the education sector — AI ML and Data Science.

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