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How Can a UX Consultant Help Your business?

You have a fantastic website idea for your business, you turn it into a website that markets your product wonderfully well, but you still don’t get traction for your website. What do you think went wrong? Most of the time, the reason is poor user experience (UX). Because of poor quality design, your customers experience a terrible user experience and leave unsatisfied.

If you have had a similar experience such as above, then it is time for you to seek a bit of professional help. First, it is time that you hire a UX consultant. A UX consultant can help you resolve issues that you or your team may not have the time or ability to solve. Based on their experience and knowledge, UX consultants detect problems and build strategies to improve your user experience.

This article will explore questions such as what UX consulting is and demonstrate some reasons to hire a UX consultant. We will also inform you about the advantages of UX consulting services and list the four different stages of a UX consultant’s work. Furthermore, we will guide you on what they do to help your business grow.

What is UX Consulting?

One possible reason you are reading this blog is that you are dealing with or have already dealt with UX issues. When your customers leave unsatisfied after visiting your website, it adversely affects the business you may have diligently worked to build. This is why you cannot compromise on the quality of your UX. A good UX in web design ensures an easy and uninterrupted user experience.

However, problems are inevitable in a digital world, especially in areas such as UX design. This is where UX consultants come in. They help businesses improve their productivity and optimize the user experience to the highest standard. Moreover, they detect issues and eliminate potential problems, thus contributing to overall usability and satisfaction.  

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a UX Consultant

Businesses hire a UX consultant when they find they need quick help and realize they don’t have the time, resources, or ability to find an efficient solution. Let’s dig into three reasons why hiring a UX consultant is a good idea:

  1. They take a fresh look at your project and detect issues that are slowing down the progress. Trying to solve the problems on your own is a time-intensive process, and a specialist will save a ton of time and figure out a solution quickly.
  2. Your UX designer may have done a great job with your website regarding technology, but it may still not be aesthetically pleasing or challenging to navigate. In this case, a UX consultant will offer you an honest outside view in contrast with your tunnel vision.
  3. UX consulting services make sure you are on par with the latest technological innovations. In addition, they help you stay ahead of the competition by following the latest trends in the UX design field. Simply put, they are not here to merely solve problems but also to develop new concepts.

How Does a UX Consultant Work?

A UX consultant offers a clear review by looking at your project from the inside out. As a result, they bring a deeper understanding of design strategies to the table and provide a more holistic approach to companies. So how does a UX consultant function? What exactly do they do to deal with challenges and determine resolution? Let’s find out.

Here are the four essential stages of their work:

  • Do research: The first thing a UX consultant does is getting acquainted with your design team. This helps the professional to understand the project, its target audience and detect unresolved issues. At this point, the consultant must have all the information he needs to provide solutions.
  • Get to know the stakeholders: At this stage, the consultant will gather insights from end-users and developers, and designers by conducting interviews, feedback forms, surveys, etc. They require this data to analyze both user and developer requirements and expectations.
  • Develop a structure: To further communicate with developers and users, UX consultants will now create page layouts or outlines, site maps, etc., to continue working on a quick but comprehensive fix that fits everyone’s needs.
  • Create a brand: At this final stage, the consultant will help brand your website. Working alongside your design team, they will take specific measures to establish brand identity and ensure the same across all your relevant resources.

Benefits of Hiring a UX Consultant

We have learned what UX consulting is, who UX consultants are, how they function, and the reasons why we need to hire them. They evaluate our project, offer valuable insight, and discuss potential solutions too. These specialists also offer their expertise in building strategies and even training your project team to help improve UX processes. So let’s take a closer look and dig into the benefits of a UX consultant:

  • Help understand target audience/users: Do you want to provide a better user experience? You start with knowing your customers and their needs. A UX consultant will collect all the data you already possess on your customers and do a thorough user research on this data. They will then implement best practices to improve the existing design and advertising.
  • Auditing: One of the most beneficial things in hiring a UX consultant is that they can audit your site to improve the user experience, thus enhancing customer satisfaction. For instance, issues such as low loading speed discourage your customers from staying on your site. UX consultants effectively identify problems such as these that need to be fixed. Hence, this type of audit increases the conversion rate of your website.
  • Testing and Prototype: After the auditing, the consultant may have detected multiple issues that require immediate attention. Therefore, to aid in finding the best possible solution, a UX consultant develops a prototype that you can utilize for testing any usability issues. Building a prototype is an essential step towards ensuring a fantastic user experience as they offer iterative testing and modifications.
  • Set up a strategy: Let’s be realistic. Fixing all issues and creating an amazing UX does not happen overnight. To establish this, we need a plan that your team can follow consistently. UX consultants aid in drawing up similar strategies that will benefit your business in the long run. These strategies are developed over time after rigorous research, meetings, and testing.
  • Implementing strategy: We have a strategy in place. The role of UX consultants doesn’t stop there. They make sure that the plan is implemented accordingly. UX consultants realize that adaptation to changing conditions is the hard part and work with companies daily. They address the potential challenges and issues, providing a helping hand along the way.
  • Develop design systems: Ux consultants build design solutions that include style guides, principles, and manuals to ensure customers experience satisfaction consistently. In addition, this system or framework contains explicit guidelines for everyone involved in the design process. Creating such a design system prevents chaos by providing everyone with the right tools to maintain a legit user experience.

That covers essentially everything regarding how a UX consultant helps businesses grow. However, when you are on the lookout for UX design services and consulting, make sure you employ professionals based on their expertise. Additional features to consider while hiring would include communication skills, flexibility, and niche-relevant experience. Furthermore, the best UX consultants engage and also educate or train your design team. Therefore, hiring one could be the best decision you can make to improve your business!

Nihal PS is a certified SEO strategist who is certified from Semrush, Moz, Yandex and Google. He works as a digital marketer at Mindster which is a mobile app development company and UI UX Design agency in India. He has the credibility of bringing up rankings of websites with his continuous efforts and tactics.

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