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How To Travel From Lhasa to Kathmandu?

Surrounded by the grand Himalaya Ranges, Bhutan and Tibet are Nepal neighbouring countries, similar in many aspects, such as mysterious Buddhism, complex geography, and grand high mountains. While the traditions and customs in the two countries have their own characteristics, and the best way to explore those unique elements is to travel from Lhasa to Kathmandu. Where to go and what to see have become two main questions raised by travelers. Lhasa and Kathmandu are both the capital city of the two countries with many must-see attractions for tourists. There are lots of famous scenic spots which are worthy of being recommended to you along the way: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery, Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery, Ganden Monastery, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupati Nath, Swayambhunath Temple, Kopan Monastery, Pashupatinath Temple, etc.

At present, there are two main ways for travelers to get to Kathmandu from Lhasa, by air or by an overland tour. Taking flights to Kathmandu from Lhasa can see the summit of Mt Everest if the weather permits. Taking an overland tour via Gyirong port is the best way to enjoy the stunning landscape and natural views along Tibet-Nepal Friendship Hwy. The former way is always taken by the tight-schedule travelers, while the latter way takes more time on the road.

As a trustworthy travel agency, Great Tibet Tour has designed numerous Lhasa to Kathmandu tour packages by flight or overland. No matter which way you prefer, you could find a desirable itinerary planned by us. Or we can tailor-make your Lhasa to Kathmandu tour itinerary. By booking both Tibet & Nepal tours together with one agency, you will be getting a much better rate than booking them separately. Great Tibet Tour is waiting for you at any time.

Where is the best way to do Lhasa Kathmandu tour?

There are several flights from Lhasa to Kathmandu which take less than two hours. The best option for tourists is to take a road trip as the friendship highway between Lhasa and Kathmandu is regarded as the most beautiful road in the world. This overland tour will give you an opportunity to make many stops on the way and explore the magnificent culture.

What documents are needed?

Well, since you are a foreign traveler entering China, you will be required to obtain a Chinese Visa which will grant you entry into China. You are also required to get a travel permit to Tibet, which is part of China. Worry not as we will offer you support in the acquisition of these documents.

How to plan a Lhasa trip?

Potala Palace

Potala Palace is the highest structure that integrates the palace, castle, and monastery in the world. Also, it’s the winter palace for Dalai Lamas from the seventh century. It is the landmark of Lhasa, and even the most important symbol of Tibet. “Potala” is Sanskrit, also translated as “Putuo”, originally referring to the residence of Guanyin Bodhisattva. Now is a holy place in the hearts of all pilgrims. The collection contains stupas, statues, murals, thangkas, scriptures, and classics, among which the most eye-catching are eight stupas of the Dalai Lamas since the fifth.

Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple, where the statue of Shakyamuni at age 12 enshrined, is the holiest place for Buddhists and pilgrims. On the square in front of the Jokhang Temple, there are many devout believers prostrating. When the early morning sun shines on the believers, they look like an angel. You can have a cup of butter tea here, bask in the sun and watch people piously kowtow, feeling the warmth and impressed. No wonder, many tourists who come to Lhasa are reluctant to leave.

Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street which surrounds Jokhang Temple is a pilgrimage road as well as an old-fashioned district with a strong flavor of Tibetan life. It is also the place with the largest daily passenger flow in Lhasa. There are numerous shops and more than a thousand mobile stalls. The houses facing the street are almost shops, selling all kinds of daily necessities such as prayer wheels of different sizes, Tibetan robes, Tibetan knives, vivid and simple religious utensils. There are also various commodities that come from India and Nepal.

Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery, the most important monastery in the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism and the largest temple in Tibet. It is named “Drepung” because of the white buildings covering the hillside and looking like a huge pile of rice from a distance. It is a great place to learn more about the splendid history and the precious teaching of Buddhism. Every year at the Shoton Festival, there’s a Buddha thangka unfolding ceremony, displaying a giant Buddha thangka on the hillside, attracting a large number of believers and tourists to pray for blessings. The scene is very spectacular.

Sera Monastery

Sera Monastery, one of the top three monasteries in Lhasa, is a place where the eminent monks and Living Buddhas expound the texts of Buddhism from old times. The most famous debate in Tibet is held in the most northern part of the temple.


Norbulingka was the summer residence and royal garden of the Dalai Lamas in the past. Some people call it “Lhasa’s Summer Palace.” The garden is very distinctive. It not only had the style of Tibetan culture but also combined the architecture technology of garden in the Qing Dynasty. There is a “new palace” inside. If you visited the new palace, you could see all the buildings in Tibet.

There are as many as 100 kinds of plants in the garden, including rare flowers such as Tibetan hydrangea. It is called the plateau botanical garden.


Yerpa is one of the four major retreats in Tibet. It has a history of more than 1,500 years. There are still practitioners doing retreats inside caves around the temple. The temple here is connected with the rock as a whole, half of the building is embedded in the mountain, and the other half is protruding outside.

Although the circumambulation leading up to the temple on the mountain is steep and long, there are densely colored prayer flags along the way, which makes you experience the piety and hardship of practitioners even you are not a believer.

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