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How To Select A Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga practice offers a lot of benefits. Due to its popularity, you may want to be more engaged in the practice, like teaching others. You should note that becoming a yoga teacher is not as easy as you may think. Some of the yoga classes you attend as a student comes with intense exercises and body movements. How much more learning to become a yoga teacher? On another hand, learning to become a yoga teacher can be fun. Of course, there are many yoga styles, and it may not be easy to choose the one to learn. However, if you have a bit of idea about yin yoga or still wondering where to go, this article will help. More importantly, this article will help you know how to select the right yin yoga teacher training package.

What Is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a very slow yoga practice. One beautiful thing you will realize about yin yoga is that you may only have to do about four or five yoga poses throughout the entire duration of the class. Yin yoga is that style of yoga practice that focuses on the connective tissues and muscles in the body. Many people regard yin yoga as that meditative and calming yoga style. The practice will put you into a deep meditative state which ultimately helps you reduce stress and anxiety. Apart from being the style of yoga that stretches and lengthens your connective tissues and body muscles, the practice also opens up energy channels in the body. In other words, the yin yoga style can be a form of acupressure that uses energy channels to improve one’s physical and emotional health.

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training 

Yin yoga trainees undergo both the study of western anatomy and eastern medicine like energy pathways and chakra theory. Whoever aspires to learn yin yoga must understand that there are several yin yoga teacher training courses with different objectives. Additionally, a trainee can also learn the traditional Hindu texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga and Bhagavad Gita. Since yoga deals with slow movements and transitions, yin yoga teacher trainees must check in with their bodies from time to time. This is to ensure that they are comfortable. By doing this, they can become more aware and conscious of their bodies to make adjustments in their poses. Every yin yoga teacher trainee needs to understand the line between comfort and discomfort. 

There is no doubt you will have fun in yin yoga teacher training classes. Apart from learning how to teach yin yoga to students, you will also develop yourself. Yin yoga teacher training will offer you a solid ground to combine both the theories and yin yoga practices. The practice of yin yoga will sign you up for many physical, mental, and health benefits. In yin yoga teacher training, you will learn the following things about yin yoga:

  • All available principles of yin yoga 
  • The connections and relationships between the meridian and organ systems as well as yin yoga. 
  • The steps to improve your observation skills 

Four Ways To Select A Yin Yoga Teacher Training

As much as there are different yoga styles, there are also several yin yoga teacher training programs. And you have to choose from the many courses available. However, it should be noted that many people in yin yoga teacher training have failed at it because they were not prepared for the training programs. There are some things you must come to terms with before enrolling for any yin yoga teacher training. Not to worry, we understand how it is, and we have compiled a list of tips you can leverage in selecting the right yin yoga teacher training for yourself. 

  • List Your Objectives 

One of the best ways to enjoy your training is to love what you do. And by loving what you do, you have certain goals you want to achieve with it. You will see many people who come into yin yoga training without knowing their objectives. They will end up not succeeding, no doubt. Training centers have lists of priorities when it comes yin yoga training objectives. So it is best to select the training program that prioritizes your objectives. 

  • Training Duration 

You will have to choose from the different yin yoga training durations. Most of the yin yoga training institutes have their distinct programmed durations, which may be influenced by the training hours. You must know the duration of the yin yoga teacher trainings before choosing one. For instance, you can have a 15-hour day, 15-hour 2 weeks, 200-hour 25 weeks, etc., options. Consider your work schedules and other factors that may affect your commitment and availability. 

  • Center Location 

It is also essential to know where the yin yoga teacher training will take place. Raise considerations on the distance between the training center and your home as well as your workplace. You want a comfortable movement and not the kind that will always make you late for the training classes.

  • Training Plans And Schedules 

Consider your work schedules, personal life commitments, and other daily or weekly activities that may affect your availability and commitment. It would be best if you go for a yin yoga teacher training with a comfortable training schedule. This will ensure you are fully and actively participating without missing out on any part. The training is for you to become a certified yin yoga teacher, so it requires a hundred percent cooperation. 

In Conclusion

You will gain many things from yin yoga teacher training. But before that, selecting the right yin yoga teacher training is very important. It determines a lot of things which also include the success or otherwise of the training. A careful study of the details of the available training options and the implementation of the above tips will definitely help you select a yin yoga teacher training that works for you.

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