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How to Retain Employees the Best Way?

Imagine you started a computer repair shop downtown, where there was previously not even a single one. You opened it cause you saw multiple schools in the district. More schools mean more students, which directly means more laptops. Moreover, you use computer repair shop software for all your repairs, which makes you faster and efficient. So you saw prospective customers every day.

All they need is better service, faster delivery, and quality work.

On the other hand, you need good, skillful, fast employees to fulfill your customer’s expectations. Without these people, you’ll lose on all your customers.

You know that people come to computer repair shops for the skillful people they have. So there is no way to lose your competent staff. 

For retaining your best workforce, we provide the following tips.

Ways to retain them

Follow Theory x and y

One size fits all is not the strategy here. You have to know that each person, position, and the situation needs a different approach. For example, you cannot say that every person would be interested in only monetary benefits.

According to theory x and y by Douglas Mc Gregor, some would need strong support, whereas others would want self-esteem and motivation. 

The only downturn to this is that the employee would need some change after a while. 

That employee you originally placed on theory x, giving monetary benefits and bonuses, suddenly stopped being productive. So now provide them with some challenges. Make their work exciting. It’s time you change his work responsibilities a bit.

So know what your employee needs and when. If you couldn’t understand him and realize his needs, he would lose interest and ultimately look for better challenging opportunities.

Give Respect

Your employee comes every day to do your work. They take their valuable time and invest it in growing your company. Respect them for the effort they put in.

 He works by your ambitions to help you achieve your vision. 

What he needs is respect. If you give him the respect that he deserves, he is bound to stay. 

Another reason to respect him is the skill that you don’t have. That’s why he is here in the first place. And other than being your employee, he is also a dignified person.

Don’t disrespect your employees, as they will fly away like a flock of birds. No matter how much you feed them, they wouldn’t be satisfied.

Make them feel relaxed

I get it that they come to the office to work for you. But in that workload, they do need some relaxation. 

Make your employees comfortable by offering a relaxed and less stressful environment. 

They will work more freely and independently. As a result, you would see an increase in productivity and brainstorming abilities.

It would help if you aimed for a healthy environment. Preferably uncomparable, where once an employee enters and is not ready to leave, despite lesser perks. It should be like a wonderland; once a kid is there, you can’t pull him out. No matter what.

Have faith in employees

Give your employees their responsibilities and trust them. You have hired them cause you believed that they would be the best fit.

 Believe in your choice.

Trust me, when you give them faith, they work better and freely—putting in all their creativity and efforts. But then, they start to take it as their project and convert it into a masterpiece of their own.

Invest in their professional development

Employees don’t just want to use their existing knowledge, but they also want to excel in their field. So do respect that and provide them with the opportunities that help them grow.

Doing so will benefit not only them but also you. The new knowledge that they acquire would improve your work quality.

They would stay up to date with the new knowledge, and you would provide them with those opportunities.

You are giving them the message that you care for them on an individual level.

Keep them updated about the company’s financial health

Employees are uncertain and underconfident if they don’t know what’s going on in the company. So rumors start to revolve around spreading a wave of confusion among employees.

They are affecting their productivity and job satisfaction. In addition, your co-workers start to second guess their financial security, despite all the insurances that you have provided.

To avoid confusion, companies keep their employees up-to-date about the business’s financial condition and direction at every point. This way, employees remain happy and contended. Moreover, they are satisfied with their job and future. 

Otherwise, they would make assumptions on their own and make decisions based on doubt. Instead, they will look at their opportunities and ultimately leave.

Celebrate Achievements together

Make your employee’s moments memorable for them by celebrating their achievements whether they have their 5 yr anniversary mark or have finished a project before the deadline. It’s time you celebrate with them.

Let’s say you ran into problems often for invoicing your customers for the repairs. One of your active employees got to know about repair shop software. He was loyal enough to bring it up to you for the sake of your business. Since then, invoicing is very transparent, and your customers keep coming back for it. Don’t you think you owe an acknowledgment to someone?

 Make sure you make them a part of your family, acknowledging their accomplishment. Make them feel important.

Give them a work-life balance

Don’t expect your employees to be available for you 24\7. They have a life that has a ton of other responsibilities. So try not to disturb them after office hours.

Give them the unlimited opportunity to enjoy their life.

Try not to make them feel booked all the time. Instead, provide a feeling of utter freeness. As a result, you will see your workforce come with an aura of freshness the other day.

Improving their work mood and give them an impression that you are playing fair with them.

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Care about your employees’ well-being

Well-being is not just from the physical perspective. It involves considering employees’ stress levels, mood, and cognition. Next, try giving them the drive to feel like having a purpose in his life. Finally, it’s considering his overall well-being.

When you focus on the quality of life, you are providing to your employee. Thus, you are focusing on his well-being.

For their physical well-being, you can set up early yoga or meditation classes. You are helping them with being mindful. 

For emotional well-being, you could impose a healthy environment where peers care for each other. 

When you show them the care, why would they leave?

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Perks are of importance

Let’s say you own a repair shop that runs on software. Every employee uses computer screens all day for the work on your repair shop software. They need to have their health covered since the strain from the led screens weaken their eyes make their headache. 

For this, there is a need to give your employees the perks that they need the most. Such bonuses give them a reason to stay and personal satisfaction that the company owns them and takes care of their needs.

Summing up, your employee is a person and needs recognition, respect, care, and an opportunity to grow while he’s working with you. Understand him and give him the nutrients he needs to grow correctly.

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