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How to Register for the GMAT Exam?

If you have decided to attempt the GMAT exam, then the first step is to register for the exam. You will have to finalize the exam date taking into account admission deadlines of the universities you are applying to and also allowing yourself sufficient time for reattempts, in case you are not satisfied with your performance the first time. 

The GMAT registration process is fairly simple and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with the process. 

  • Go to to create your account or alternatively you could call GMAT customer service of your region to create an account.
  • Enter your personal information like the first name, last name, email address, password, gender, date of birth, nationality, address, and contact number.
  • Then proceed to create your account.
  • You must then schedule your exam by selecting the date, time slot, and test center that you prefer. While selecting your exam test center you will have the option to select up to 3 centers to compare availability. 
  • Next, you will be asked to confirm your exam details and preferences.
  • The final step is to make a payment of US $250. The GMAT exam payment can be made using a credit card or debit card. Finally, click on complete your order. Your GMAT registration process is now complete.

All the details about your GMAT account, exam details, and payment confirmation will be sent to your email address. In case you want to reschedule your exam date, then you can do so by paying a small fee. Once your GMAT registration process is done, the next step would be preparing for the exam. You can start by looking up at some GMAT sample papers before you chalk out a study plan for yourself. This way — especially if you have never attempted the exam before — you get a general idea of the exam pattern. So, let’s see how solving these GMAT sample papers help. 

GMAT Sample Paper

While preparing for the GMAT, it is essential that you spend adequate time-solving GMAT sample papers. They form an integral part of any good GMAT preparation strategy. 

The GMAT exam comprises four main sections — Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning. Each of these sections is aimed at evaluating your prowess in the respective subjects. Your performance in each of these subjects will contribute significantly to your GMAT score which in turn will help you get admissions into the University of your choice. Solving GMAT sample papers can be a trustworthy way to determine which topics are your strengths and which ones are your weakness. 

Moreover, the GMAT exam has an adaptive testing method, which means the difficulty level of each section increases or decreases based on your performance in the previous section. Hence, you can familiarize yourself with this testing method by solving as many GMAT sample papers as possible. This will also acquaint you with answering questions of varying levels of difficulty. Additionally, you will be able to understand the question pattern, the marks allocation, and the time taken to complete each question from your end.

While there are many sources from where you can download these papers, you must select carefully and rely only on credible sites. Also, while registering for the exam, you also gain access to two free sample papers and a mini GMAT quiz. A great way to help you gets started. 

Practicing these GMAT sample papers consistently will certainly help you in many ways to reach your target GMAT score.

Sections of questions in the GMAT exam

In the GMAT exam, you have to face four different sections of questions. Even though all the sections are based on similar analysis and critical thinking skills, you should give your best while you had been given importance in the MBA coursework. The content present on the GMAT exams is divided into four sections, you have to score in every section equally. The sections are

  • Analytical writing assessment
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal
  • Integrated Reasoning

The business schools are deciding by the results of the GMAT exams. People who are sufficient in the business strategy and methodology can able to clear this examination. If you scored good marks on the GMAT you can stand unique when it comes to the admission process of business schools. The scores of your examination help to obtain a scholarship in the academy and in the admission the administration provides initial importance to the high scorers of GMAT.

The benefit of the GMAT exam:

The GMAT exam helps to set a standard when it comes to ability and success. Every lecturer and other students have unique inspiration about the well-scored students in the classrooms. This GMAT exam possess a lot of profits which is 

  • With the help of the exam, you can yourself know what are your skills and the administration will also have the skilled person they are requiring.
  • The GMAT exam is proof of your success. It shows the academic performance of yours in the GMAT programs.
  • People who had passed this exam in a better manner will consider as the most important person in the MBA admission.

Of course, the GMAT is an end exam, but this exam is just a start for business school admission. There you are going to continue and prove your skills in the classroom. The GMAT exam creates a lot of positive impacts on your lifespan in different situations. The GMAT is furthermore providing the additional qualitative value which is

  • While preparing for the GMAT, you had been gained a lot of knowledge. That knowledge will get take away from you; you can implement those skills in your real life too.
  • People who had scored better will have a lot of confidence while applying for a business academy or else while in the situation of attending an interview. Most probably people who had performed great in the GMAT will be hired by amazing multinational companies with good pay. So, never consider preparing for GMAT is an unworthy thing.
  • GMAT is not only providing good knowledge, skills, logical things aside from this it also provides diligence and perseverance. The habits which you had enhanced while getting ready for GMAT will also either help you for your professional success in your life.

Reliable facts about the GMAT exam

The GMAT exams had been conducted for more than above 60 years, it is most probably consider an important exam when it comes to MBA student admissions. Throughout the world, 2000000 candidates are writing these GMAT exams for each year. Over 7000 MBA plus master programs are utilizing for the GMAT exams. 

More than 2300 business schools are utilizing the GMAT exams and providing importance to the score report of GMAT in more than 110 countries. Through this, you can understand how much importance is given to the GMAT exam in today’s globe. Even though it is an ancient exam methodology it helps to find out skilled persons easily. The corrections are done for the exam by using computer programs and generators.

Scoring equally in all the sections of the exam is the most important thing to focus on in the GMAT. Now a lot of people are preparing to get success, but it is not that much easy. To get a possible outcome you should be ready to invest your time, energy, and efforts in it.

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