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How to quickly sell a broken car – basic nuances and sale without repair

Selling a well-maintained car at a reasonable price is often not a problem, but it is another matter if the car is broken or completely wrecked and cannot be restored. An accident is a thing that cannot be predicted or foreseen, everyone has seen a minor and serious accident at least once in his life.

Having learned that the car was in an accident, not every future owner will agree to this. It’s one thing if it’s a couple of painted parts on the front bumper, but if it leads the geometry of the body, then these are permanent problems, even after a full restoration. As statistics show, in large settlements, almost every third car was at least once in a minor accident. There is also a minus, to the extent of the current economic situation, 95% of such broken cars are restored and sold again at the car market or trading floors.

Both the owner and the buyer have the risk of a deal with a broken car. The owner runs the risk of losing a certain amount of money if, in case of recovery, he cannot return the money invested. The buyer runs the risk of buying a broken car that will eventually become unusable or will not serve the owner at all, as the manufacturer intended.

There are two main directions of selling damaged cars with or without restoration. The first risk is if the car got into a significant accident, much less risky, but the sale will be longer without hiding the damage. In accordance with the chosen sales option, the amount received for the damaged car will also depend. The honesty of the owner plays an equally important role. As statistics show, in the case of restoring a damaged car, many owners hide less obvious damage, or even completely hide the fact of an accident.

The main types of damage to cars in road accidents:

The car body is one of the most expensive parts, but at the same time the most vulnerable part. As a rule, there are two main types of damage – minor and with deformation of the body. Small ones are small scratches, partial breakages of plastic parts or with the possibility of replacing parts yourself. Damage to the body of a broken car most often entails significant financial costs and time to restore, moreover, experts will notice this type of damage immediately when buying a broken car.

  • Damage is also divided according to the classification: operational and emergency. Operational damage can be found on any car, even the most well-maintained and newest. Often they appear as a result of the daily operation of the vehicle, as a rule, they cannot be avoided, except by putting the car in the garage and not using it. And even then, in this case, corrosion of the body or paintwork may appear.
  • Whatever the damage, operational or emergency, in any case during the sale, it is better not to hide them during the sale of the damaged car. If you want to eliminate defects or restore the body, but it does not work out on your own, then it is better to turn to specialists in order to avoid experiments and further additional financial waste.

Where to start selling a broken car:

All situations that can happen to a car after an accident simply cannot be enumerated. First of all, they look at the broken car on the move or not, then you need to decide – to repair the damage or leave it as it is. It is clear that every owner of a broken car, in any case, wants to sell it more profitably than he expects.

  • Before you start selling a broken car, you need to resolve all legal obligations, as well as obtain the necessary documents. In some cases, such documents may not exist, so this is not the most stringent point to adhere to. If the accident is legally liable, the driver must obtain the relevant documents. You also need to obtain the relevant documents from the insurance company in which the car was insured.
  • If the owner of the damaged car is not going to hide the defects of the body after the accident, then it is not bad that the package of documents for sale contains a receipt from the injured party that there are no claims (if such was the case in the event of an accident), as well as the consent of the investigative commission to sell the car.

The main options for selling a broken car:

Having decided to sell a broken car, first of all, it is worth deciding in what condition you will sell, as it is, or restore and then sell. Further financial costs are considered the main factor for such a decision. If the broken car has received minor damage (a chipped bumper, a cracked radiator grill or just a scratch), then it is often enough to touch up the indicated place or not touch it at all, so that the future buyer himself makes a decision and incurs subsequent financial expenses.

If the car has received significant damage or cannot be restored at all, then there are several options for where to sell the broken car. First, you need to consider whether the restoration is worth the money that you can get for the car after the sale.

Where to sell a broken car:

Having decided on the direction of selling a broken car, as if it is, after restoration or for disposal, it is worth deciding where to sell the car. The classic way, which many remember from the early 90s, is to drive the car to the market or attach a corresponding sign on the rear of the glass. As a rule, this method of sale is subject only to vehicles with moderate or minor damage, in other words, capable of moving on their own.

The modern way to sell a wrecked car is to submit an ad on the Internet or to call a car wreckers company. As statistics show, this method is much more cost-effective and will significantly reduce the time, moreover, it can be sold profitably at an affordable price. To do this, it is enough to take as many photos as possible, in particular the damage, describe as accurately as possible all the details of the car (from the details of the equipment and the state of the interior to the entire list of damage).


A wrecked car in any of the situations or in any scenario is always a risky business, both for the seller and the buyer. Many try to hide the facts of an accident or completely keep silent about it, but as statistics show, it is better to openly sell such a broken car.

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