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How to Protect Your Phone from Water Damage?

Summer reign has arrived and it’s ordering its rain ministers to shower the world. You might get captivated by rain but it could damage your expensive phone. Water damage accounts for 40% of all the android or smartphone damages. Moreover, water damage can nullify your phone warranty so, here are some tips which can help you to save your phone not only from rain but also from routine water damages.

Your phone needs a raincoat too!

It’s better to spend some bucks on waterproof bags rather on phone maintenance. These waterproof phone pouches are easily available at any mobile store. These pouches save your phone up to 32ft of water and even it protects your phone from dust, smoke, snow, and many more. If you are not in the mood to purchase waterproof pouches then no worries; take transparent plastic, wrap it on your phone and close the open ends with tape to make sure water may not enter into your phone during a cloudburst.

Waterproof cases:

Most of the renowned companies of the world are also providing waterproof phone cases for their smart customers. After buying these cases you can move confidently anywhere, whether you are working on a construction site, in mining, or chilling out with friends in a swimming pool.

Keep hands-free or Bluetooth with yourself:

It is better to keep your mobile in your pocket or bag to protect it from rain if necessary use a hands-free or Bluetooth device while driving or moving in the rain. These Bluetooth or hands-free devices are available for every android or mobile phone at reasonable prices. 


Avoid taking your mobile to high-risk areas. Leave mobile before going into the toilet, pool, or near water bodies or keep your mobile at a safe distance from water.

However, if your phone does get threatening contact with water, grab your mobile quickly besides tapping agitatedly all the buttons or blowing it out with a hairdryer, start drying it by trailing on these steps:

Shut it down as soon as possible:

To prevent your mobile from short circuits take out the battery immediately, or in case if you have iPhone shut it down as soon as possible.

Say “No” to hairdryer:

Never use a hairdryer to fix your phone from water damage it would fry up your device. Try to evaporate water from water naturally as too much heat increases the chances of corrosion damage to phone innards. Experts say that there are more chances that a hairdryer may push the water and moisture back to the phone.

Help water to drain out of the device:

As soon as your phone comes in contact with water, try to keep your nerves stable and help water to get out by removing all the obstacles coming in its way. Therefore on quick shot remove the battery, SIM card, Memory card, and hands-free.

Use towel:

Grab a clean towel to wipe water from your phone cracks and openings. Use towel softly and do not rub dry your phone as it could impulse water to the most sensitive areas of your phone.

Dry it out:

If you feel your phone is still wet inside then try using conservatively and carefully compressed air. An excess amount of air can blow water further inside your phone. According to experts’ opinions, a fan may improve the drying process so, try using open-air methods to dry up your phone.

Old is gold:

Although this method isn’t very effective but old rice method is of the essence in this situation. Many individuals still rely on this method. Stuff your phone in a bag of rice for at least 24 to 36 hours as during this process excess water will be absorbed by rice grains.

Silica Gel:

Silica gel is far more effective than the rice method as mushy rice might get stuck into the pods of the phone. Put silica gel and your phone in an airtight container and leave it aside for 24 hours.

Professional repairs:

If you have applied all these strategies and your phone is still not working then consult to a professional phone repair guy. As you can’t see with the technician’s eye.

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