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How to prepare the budget for a world tour?

You are about to live the adventure of a lifetime, the one that will change you forever: your first world tour! After having made the decision to go to the four corners of the planet, a multitude of questions come to you: where to start? Which countries to visit? How to travel? And most importantly, how much will it cost you?

Estimating your estimated budget is not easy, discover our tips for establishing it and exploring the world with a reasonable round-the-world budget!

Factors that influence the cost of a round-the-world trip

Destinations: which countries are you going to visit?

To fuel your dream of going around the world, it is likely that you will start by making a list of the countries you would like to visit. In reality, you may or may not visit these destinations. Indeed, if you want your budget to remain reasonable and you don’t want to be frustrated or disappointed with your trip around the world, we advise you to make concessions and favor certain destinations. Rest assured, each country is full of treasures and wonders!

The cost of living can vary from one country to another: in developing countries, where it is rather low, the daily budget for two can amount to around 15 € while in developed countries, where the cost of living is rather high, it can easily reach 100 €.

In order to optimize your expenses, when creating your round-the-world itinerary, we suggest that you diversify your choice of destinations.

Duration: for how long are you going? And how long do you plan to stay there?

If you choose to visit a few developed countries, be careful not to settle there too much. Indeed, in these countries the total addition could be quite high and take too much of your total budget. Indeed, if you stay 10 days in New York in the USA you will not have the same expenses as in Hanoi in Vietnam …

In the process of planning your itinerary, depending on the destinations do not forget to determine the number of days, or months there. Also, a round-the-world trip over 2 years will not require the same budget as that carried out over 15 months. It is therefore difficult to compare his tour of the globe to that of other people. Depending on factors such as the length of time, your experience can take on a whole new meaning.

The mode of travel: which mode of travel do you choose?

What if now is the right time to change your travel and consumption habits? By questioning overly expensive modes of travel, you will certainly turn to a more modest way of traveling and with which you can save money. If you opt for a “classic” mode of travel, going through a travel agency and / or organized trips, with “common” consumption habits such as hotels, restaurants, tourist activities, etc. it is certain that a substantial budget will have to be planned.

Among the different modes of travel that you can adopt to travel around the world at a lower cost, there is backpacking, otherwise known as “Backpacker” mode. It is a question of leaving with its only backpack. It’s a whole philosophy and a simple way to travel, taking the bare minimum with you.

Economical and ecological, the Backpacker style allows you to travel independently and with very little money. He favors nights under the stars or those spent with locals and the use of public transport is privileged. There are several guidelines for Backpackers to follow during a round-the-world trip: travel without taking a plane , eco-responsible travel , etc.

The budget for a real world tour varies mainly depending on the mode of travel you choose and the attitude you adopt.

Work: do you plan to work during your world tour?

Is your world tour project compromised by a lack of budget? Why not try to work while traveling . You may be able to work anywhere in the world keeping your trade or taking an interest in local seasonal work opportunities.

Remember that in some cases you will need to obtain a work visa. It is up to you to inquire with the competent authorities of the country in which you are temporarily settling in order to complete the necessary administrative procedures.

Are you going alone or accompanied?

It is often said that traveling alone or accompanied is not the same thing … It is a truth, especially if you are interested in budgets. It is very likely that you will not have the same expenses together as during a solo round-the-world trip. Nevertheless, it may be that they are equivalent or equal in some cases … If we take for example two people who travel around the world as a couple: a hotel room with a double bed often costs the same amount as one. single room. Also, it is very likely that the round-the-world budgets of two people will not be those of two single people added together.

Alone or accompanied, we insist on the importance of anticipating your expenses and knowing in advance how much you have financially to carry out this project. This will make it easier to plan and plan your world tour.

Expenses before going around the world

To your final budget, don’t forget to add all the expenses to prepare for your trip around the world. Some preparations are essential, we advise you to divide them into several expenditure items:

Miscellaneous equipment:

Travel equipment represents the first major expenses, but also those with which you can make your first savings … We advise you to bet on quality rather than quantity for practical reasons, but also and above all so that your equipment can help you. accompany throughout your adventure to the end of the world. Here are some ideas of equipment to take with you: backpack, shoes, water bottle, camera …

Means of locomotion:

Purchased in advance or as you go, plane tickets represent a good part of your round-the-world budget. It’s hard to do without long journeys, but when it is possible to travel without a plane, trains, buses, boats, and other means of travel can become your best friends. Less expensive, they will also allow you to contemplate beautiful landscapes or to travel at night.

Limiting your travel by plane will allow you to travel responsibly, but also to save money. Think about it when purchasing your round the world tickets !

Administrative and health:


Paid or free depending on the destination, visas are very important in planning your itinerary: they are what will ensure that you can enter certain territories or not. Visa prices vary depending on the country. For example, a visa for China costs € 60 while a visa for Cambodia costs € 30.

If you want to work during your trip around the world, you should know that obtaining a tourist visa will not always allow you to work there, you will sometimes need a work visa. A work visa for Canada, for example, costs 175 €, for Singapore, it will take 100 €.

In any case, remember to check with the consulate or embassy of the country of destination. You will not be able to obtain the work visa for all destinations and often certain conditions will have to be met. Among them, there may be a maximum length of stay and the obligation to have travel insurance. Depending on the passport, the rules are different, you must always check, depending on your nationality, the rules in force in the country of destination.


Certain areas of the world are considered to be at risk for your health, which is why, before leaving, you must take your precautions and carry out certain vaccines under the advice of your doctor. The number of vaccines you will need to do will depend on the countries you plan to visit.

The Travel Advice website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs provides, among other valuable information, the list of recommended or mandatory vaccines by destination. Do not hesitate to consult it.

Very few vaccines are reimbursed by social security and it is therefore very likely that a large part is at your expense. We advise you all the same to get closer to your mutual insurance company to check the coverage. To give you an idea, the average price of a vaccine against meningococcus A, C, Y and W135 is 80 €.

Aid kit :

The first aid kit is an essential element to plan for a successful world tour. In some countries pharmacies are perhaps not as frequent or as supplied as they are in our regions in France. Also, having enough to treat a few ailments without having to see a doctor can save you money.

We advise you to leave with some basic items: sterile compresses, cotton, bandages, antiseptic, thermometer, etc. Then come antipyretics and analgesics, used to lower fever and calm pain such as paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen. Do not forget also the antidiarrheals, which help to fight against stomach aches as well as antibiotics to treat infections such as turista. Finally, if you have special needs, such as chronic illness care, be sure to include them in your first aid kit. You can consult your attending physician or pharmacist who will be able to advise you on how to put together a first aid kit adapted to your needs.

Two additional tips: first, do not forget to bring with you the instructions for the medications you have decided to include in your first aid kit and, if applicable, your doctor’s prescriptions; second, make sure that you know the use of the different items that you will have included in your travel medicine.

Note that depending on what you put in it, a travel first aid kit can have a high cost. 


If you travel to a developing country, and you become ill or have an accident, you are likely to be referred to private clinics, often the only establishments that can provide quality care. And there, you will quickly realize that the prices have nothing to do with what you could imagine. If you go around the world without taking out travel insurance , if something goes wrong, it could cost you dearly. In addition, some countries will require travel insurance to enter their territory or issue you a visa.

To go on a trip around the world with peace of mind, while taking care of your budget, we suggest that you choose Globe Partner travel health insurance . It covers (for real!) Your medical expenses and hospitalizations abroad. This travel insurance also includes repatriation assistance coverage and “private life” civil liability. The contract can be taken out for a period of up to 12 months for travelers under 69 and works while traveling around the world; all with the best value for money on the market. A single price for all countries, serious, comprehensive guarantees and a support platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enough to go on an adventure with REALLY peace of mind!


Before leaving, also remember to put an end to some of your current expenses and to have enough money aside for those that you will continue to pay in your absence (examples: loans, car insurance, property tax, mutual insurance, etc. .). Also, when preparing for the trip, don’t forget to set aside enough money to resume your normal life when you return.

The budget to plan for your trip around the world

The expenses during your trip around the world are the most important and the most difficult to quantify. Keeping in mind that it is preferable to reduce costs to travel for a long time with a reasonable budget, upstream you have to be able to organize your expenses on the spot and make choices. Thus, several categories of expenditure are to be expected.

Transportation :

On site, use local transport, especially the buses that can be found in almost every city in the world. They will ensure you a certain authenticity during your long trip.

In countries where the cost of living is lower, you will be able to take taxis or other low-cost means of transport more easily. This is the case in Thailand, where the local tradition is to travel by Touk-touk for cheap. Also, in Asia for example, internal flights are sometimes very cheap. Do not hesitate to take a look if you plan to do long distances within a country. Also remember that in a vast country, it can be interesting to organize a road trip ; you will discover more thanks to this mode of travel.


It is according to your expectations and your budget that you will choose the places where you will spend your nights.

In fact, sometimes you will have a choice and others not … In general, you have to choose between comfort and cost of accommodation. The cheapest accommodation is not necessarily the most comfortable, but it will allow you to limit your expenses.

When traveling around the world, travelers often look for secure and clean accommodation as a priority. Comfort is always welcome as, if you plan ahead and / or have a little luck, it can be accessible at reasonable costs.

Many Globe Trotters alternate between nights in tents, youth hostels, small local hotels and homestays to limit their expenses.

The food :

At the restaurant ? At the snack bar? In the street or in the markets? By choosing your different refueling locations according to your budget, you will spend more or less money. In the street markets of many countries, you will have the opportunity to find local, fresh and tasty food for very little money. It’s a great way to sample local specialties and immerse yourself in the country’s culture. However, there are a few things to pay attention to to be able to savor the local cuisine without getting sick .

Food is an expense that you don’t see, when traveling you often spend lavishly, but by paying more attention you can save money and indulge yourself from time to time in “good” restaurants. Also, if you have the option of cooking yourself, don’t deprive yourself, it will always be cheaper than eating out.

Outings / excursions:

Throughout your journey, you will meet tourist poles where it will be possible to do activities, visit or participate in festivities. To avoid missing out on incredible moments, we advise you to find out in advance about the must-sees and activities that will be on your way. Consider devoting a special budget so that you can achieve your desires and your projects depending on the destination.

Bank charges:

Going around the world without using your bank card seems more than difficult, if not impossible. You will certainly need to withdraw cash and pay expenses at different stages of your adventure.

Money distributors abroad are taxed by French banks, so you will have to pay a tax for each withdrawal. We advise you before leaving to make an appointment with your banker to direct you to the best offer that will allow you to withdraw your money anywhere in the world at a lower cost. You need to estimate these costs and include them in your round-the-world budget.

Some banks and bank cards offer offers that will allow you to reduce, or even eliminate, bank charges abroad . Don’t hesitate to shop around, as this can save you some precious euros.

Other expenses:

Who can resist the urge to bring back a little souvenir from their trip? Often singled out as “not very useful,” spending on souvenir shopping can drive up the bill. Very few people manage to resist the temptation of the small object which reminds them of their exceptional adventure around the world.

We advise you to set aside an amount that you will only touch in the event of the unforeseen, these expenses are not those we directly think of, but, if you have not anticipated them, they could have a significant impact. on your round-the-world budget.


Every trip around the world is different, and it is difficult to model your trip around the world on that of a blogger or an acquaintance. Of course, the experiences of others are a precious help in building your adventure. Certainly, it is easy to see that your expenses will be closely related to your travel style and the standard of living of the countries you will be visiting.

Before going around the world, remember to gather the necessary travel budget for all your expenses. You will have to make concessions, show organization to keep your commitments and ensure that this experience is not spoiled by a lack of money …

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