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How To Organize New Year Themed Hashtag Contest On Instagram?

Australian leading followers sales site Social Captain we prepared for special occasions themed hashtags reads this article will consider the issue of competition. We will answer questions such as how hashtag contests work, how they are organized and what contributions they make.

There are few days left until 2021. If you want to organize an Instagram hashtag contest about this special day, continue reading.

How does Instagram hashtag contests work?

In Instagram hashtag contests; The participants share a photo of the theme determined within the rules of the contest under a special hashtag created by the contest organizer. These photos are also automatically posted on your Facebook page, so people can like, share and vote on what they like.

Thus, you can easily share these valuable content created by users related to your brand in every social media profile effortlessly. If you wish, you can also show that they follow your Instagram account as a condition to participate in the contest. As a result, you will also increase your organic followers on Instagram.

How should the hashtag be determined for the competition?

The special day themed hashtag you create will be a tool for Instagram users to find your contest. Make sure your hashtag is unique to your brand and avoid hashtags used by others before. If you prefer a general hashtag that is also used by other users or brands, it may be impossible to discover your contest.

Create your own hashtag

If you are competing for a special day, the hashtag you create should reflect this special day. It should also have something to do with your brand or products. Make sure your hashtag is easy to understand. Since this hashtag is a factor that will allow users to interact with you, try to choose a hashtag that is easy to remember, easy to remember and fun.

Using the site, you can identify special day themed hashtags that are already in use. This will reduce your risk of choosing a hash that has been in use before. You can also use the same site to see which hashtags are the most popular.

Set a special day theme for your hashtag contest

You have set your hashtag for the contest, now it is the theme of your contest. You have to explain to Instagram users need Followers and likes. Social Captain provides all social media services specially Instagram Followers and Likes. If you need more followers then you can Buy Instagram Followers  from social Captain at a very cheap rate. What photos of the theme they will use to participate in the contest. For example, for a new year themed hashtag contest with few days left, you can organize a new year tree and decorations themed contest.

If you wish, you can require that a product belonging to your brand be included in the photos that will participate in the contest. If there is such a condition, the number of participants may decrease, but it may be an effective advertisement for your products as photographs will be added on how they use your products.

Create a page dedicated to your Instagram hashtag contest

You have set a hashtag and theme for your special day themed contest. It is the page where you will organize this competition.

Competition title

The title that you will use in your contest should be encouraging people to participate in the contest. It should excite them. You can attract people’s attention by choosing a title that specifies the type of competition and prizes. Here are a few examples of titles:

Competition details

There are some details that you need to specify under the title of your contest. Be as clear and precise as possible so that users know very well how to participate in your contest.

If there is a requirement to follow your profile for participation, give the name of the profile they will follow. Be sure to state which hashtag they should share with their photos.

Specify the prize to be won by the winner of the contest.

Explain how to choose the photo that will win the contest.

Competition award selection

As a reward for your Instagram hashtag contest, you can give a valid gift voucher for purchases in your brand. Thus, the people who will participate in your contest will be those who really want to shop from your brand.

If you wish, you can increase the excitement and interest in your competition even more. To do this, besides a grand prize at the end of the main contest, you can also distribute small weekly gifts within the envelope until the end of the contest.

Announce your contest

To host a successful Instagram hashtag contest, you need to effectively announce it inside and outside Instagram.

To announce your contest on Instagram:

In addition to the general hashtags on special days, share a photo of a contest poster with the hashtag you have set for the contest on Instagram. In this way, you ensure that people who do not even follow your brand hear your contest.

Use Facebook ads:

With targeting features in Facebook ads, you can effectively determine exactly who you want your ad to see. In this way, your ads are delivered exactly to the people you are looking for.

Facebook ads; you can target by age groups, location, gender, and age. You can even drill down and target it to those who spend online, use a particular internet browser, and even their favorite shopping sites.

Announce your contest by email:

You can announce your contest by sending an email to the records in your email list. These may be members who subscribe to your newsletters or have made purchases before you. It is very effective to make such announcements to people who have already visited your site.

Announcement of the winner of the contest

Once your contest is over, you can manage to attract more interactions by announcing the winning participant in your social media and email newsletters. Remember, there is no rule just because a person did not win the contest and that you will not interact with that person any more. You can still get interactions with these people.

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