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How To Market Your Hotel And Get Actual Growth | Ultimate Guide

It is difficult to correctly estimate the importance of having the right marketing strategy for the hotel, as it is a key element in starting a hotel, optimizing the number of reservations you generate, building brand awareness, and managing reputation. In this article, you can learn more about some of the most important strategies adopted at any given time, as well as some specific strategies that should be prioritized during the global COVID pandemic.

6 COVID-specific strategies and 10 core hotel marketing strategies

It is essential to adopt the right hotel marketing strategy in the right circumstances, but some strategies are also applicable at any time. Below is an overview of some “all-weather” hotel marketing strategies, as well as some strategies used in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting changes in consumer behavior.

6 Specific hotel marketing strategies formulated by VIDOC

Here are some strategies that hotel managers should consider in response to the global VIDOC pandemic, which has destroyed the entire tourism industry.

1. Maintain the security of hotel marketing and communication with guests

To respond to the coronavirus threat and change guest behavior, the most important marketing message a hotel needs to convey may be that safety and health measures have been taken. After all, in order for guests to be with you and enjoy their presence, they need to feel that their risk is as low as possible.

During the booking process and pre-stay communication, communicate the health and safety measures you have taken on the website home page and on social media. Be sure to update the description on the third party platform and look for other methods, such as contactless registration and payment.

2. Pay more attention to entertainment

Participants in the hotel industry must deal with the impact of COVID on business customers. With the increase in the number of people working from home, the widespread cancellation of business activities and restrictions on mass gatherings, business travel is particularly affected. If this is a critical issue for your hotel, you may need to change the focus.

Although leisure travel has also been affected, it has not been affected to the same extent. There are still ways to attract leisure travelers, especially if you focus your hotel marketing strategy on families, couples, and groups of friends. You also need to make sure to use distribution and communication channels to attract these customers.

Emphasize some activities, such as guided tours and visits to local attractions, and promote facilities that attract leisure travelers. Look at how competitive leisure travel hotels also market their properties.

3. Emphasize local and international

Due to travel restrictions, quarantine requirements for entry or return to certain countries, and growing fear of international travel, some of the most effective hotel marketing strategies during the pandemic are those aimed at attracting local guests from the same country or neighboring countries with similar conditions Strategy. The rules are in place.

Focusing on the local market may mean promoting facilities such as restaurants, gyms or meeting rooms. It may also involve promoting one of the hotel rooms as a temporary office, which may be ideal for those working remotely.

Some hotels also target the local market by providing services such as food delivery. In this case, a hotel marketing strategy advisor would advise you to turn food delivery into an experience. This means making sure that the food is arranged in an orderly manner and providing extra food during the meal, such as candles or QR codes with romantic Spotify playlists.

4. Take the time to analyze your data

One of the best marketing strategies for hotels is to take advantage of the availability of website data, use tools like Google Analytics, and then use that information to understand who is most interested or willing to visit the hotel. In doing so, you may need to change your primary target population.

Also read this guide to take your social media marketing to the next level with these 5 tools.

Use your property management system to explore different client groups and analyze data. Which population groups are most likely to travel? Who is least likely to travel? What are the main disadvantages and what measures can you take? What is the growth potential of your hotel?

Once you’ve found these answers, you can start thinking about modifying some marketing messages.

6. Allow potential customers and B2B customers to remotely discover your hotel.

With COVID, many travelers need to be confident that their visit will be valuable, and the virtual reality tour of the hotel is the ultimate way to discover a hotel or restaurant in the decision-making stage. This will allow potential leisure, wedding, or event guests to see the facility clearly from a distance. Hire professional SEO services providers and get the top marketing ideas to convey your message to your customers and let them represent your brand.

In recent years, the accessibility of virtual reality tours has been greatly improved. Most modern VR videos are web-based and can be viewed on any device with a web browser, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Of course, by using VR headsets, the experience and overall immersion can be further enhanced.

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