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How to Make Your Business Touch Free During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 led to many employers changing the way that they did business and how they connected with both their employees and customers. You might find that your local grocery store now lets you place an order online and have it delivered to your home or ready when you stop by. Many stores also stopped taking cash payments due to a national coin shortage or encouraged customers to pay with credit and debit cards. As a business owner, you can look at simple ways to go touch-free that you might want to keep using after the pandemic passes.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your customer base without any physical contact. These sites are perfect for sharing information about your operating hours, especially if they changed due to the pandemic. Restaurants can add a take-out menu to show customers the dishes that they can order, which might be different than what they normally offer. Social media also lets you connect with shoppers and let them know what benefits your business offers during the pandemic such as free shipping if they spend a minimum amount or a gift with purchase.

Not only can you use social media to keep people updated about your business you can also use it to help improve your marketing and even grow your business. While everyone is at home spending time on their phones you can use social media advertising to help build your business and grow your clientele.

Remote Work

If you can let employees work from home, let them. This reduces the risk that infected employees might spread coronavirus to others. An epidemic in the workplace can shut your business down for days or longer and leave you struggling to bounce back later. Many small business owners find that letting their employees work remotely can increase their productivity and make them happier. 

They don’t need to worry about catching the virus or finding someone to watch their children. With a good app builder, you can easily create an app that lets them log in and out and keep track of their hours.

With the rise in work from home initiatives for many businesses during this global pandemic it would be wise to at least consider some kind of work from home or flexible work schedule for your employees so that if they happen to be quarantined they can still get their work done without impacting the productivity of the company.

Voice-Activated Technology

Using voice-activated technology can help you go touch-free and give your customers a reason to buy from you. Though you might think of this technology in terms of the electronics that you use at home, it has many uses in the business world. Several companies now make ATMs that use this technology. People can swipe or insert their cards and use the voice commands to take out money or make deposits without touching the machine. Consider adding a similar system that tracks your employees’ hours without requiring that they touch a machine to clock in and out.

Payment Processing

No matter what you sell or offer, consider working with a touch-free payment processor. Many companies offer this option, which allows customers to make payments without coming into contact with machines or other people. With standard card machines, customers need to swipe or insert their cards and then touch the button to enter their pins or sign for their purchases. They also need to touch their receipts when the cashiers hand them to them. Touch-free machines do not require that they touch the machine. Customers can even enter their email addresses and have digital receipts sent to them later.

Some of the changes that you see in the business industry today will likely stick around after the pandemic ends. They include some of the touch-free options that keep both your employees and customers safe. Not only can they avoid coming into contact with machines, but they can avoid touching other people too. This prevents the spread of germs, as well as coronavirus, which studies found, can remain on some surfaces for a full three days. To make your business touch-free, consider changing your payment processor, using voice-activated technology, letting your employees work from home, and relying more on social media.

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