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How to Make Your Bedroom Look Minimalist and Chic

In 2019, the Australian Furniture Market’s worth stood at USD 7.76 million. According to market experts, it is expected to reach USD 8.78 million mark by 2025 due to the rising demand for quality furniture. In cities like Melbourne, this growth is powered by an increasingly urban population. This section of the population doesn’t mind spending for a comfortable lifestyle. Places in Melbourne, like South Wharf, Richmond, and Abbotsford, are home to numerous leading Australian and international furniture stores.

In the present time, Aussies in Melbourne are inclined to make their house look and feel relaxing and minimalist. Plywood furniture in Melbourne in mid-century modern design that’s available in a range of finishes is an excellent choice for crafting minimalist bedrooms as they offer a serene and clean look. 

Given below are the significant elements that will help you craft such an uncluttered and elegant room.

Sleek Bed

Your choice of bed design plays a significant role in the overall décor scheme of your bedroom. For a minimalist look, you can consider installing a sleek platform bed over other designs like a four-poster bed or an elaborate canopy bed. A sleek bed with neutral bedding is the epitome of a minimalist bedroom. These types of beds come in two variants, namely those with headboards and those without them. All you need to do is put some textured bed pillows on your bed and keep the design scheme of the rest of the room balanced. 

Versatile Side Table

 Innovatively designed side tables or stools built from plywood is a must-have for every minimalist bedroom. Such pieces of plywood furniture in Melbourne have gained much popularity for being strong, stable, and durable. You can also place objects of varying weights on them, like a lamp, photo frame, candle, or bottles of drink to accentuate your space. Geometric tables in black and white placed at a corner of the bedroom are also functional and aesthetically pleasing items. 

Keep the Walls Bare

For a clean and fuss-free look, it’s best to leave the walls unadorned. But it does not mean that they have to look barren. For creating a minimalist bedroom, you don’t need to install numerous photo frames or artwork on your walls. Just keep them to a minimum. One to two wall hangings or artwork pieces are enough to imbue an artistic touch in the room. 

Keep the Colour Palette Simple

A hallmark of minimalist décor is its neutral and simple color palette. Furniture in finishes like black and grey work well to instill your room with an uncluttered look. Refrain from bringing home items in bright colors or complex color combinations. A distinguishing feature of mid-century modern minimalist furniture is its classic and understated look. Geometric and organic forms are what you need to make your bedroom look and feel the most elegant.

Sleek and Clean Lines of Furniture

Minimalistic ambiance to a bedroom is ensured by sleek shaped and symmetrical furniture layout. For example, an elegant wood lampshade, along with platform beds and chests, give relaxed vibes to a bedroom. Australians in Melbourne have a unique fondness for such a fuss-free style of furniture. It is what most Australians desire. When it comes to designing the layout of your minimalist room, it is wise to consider its size and dimensions. Arranging the décor items symmetrically can help in creating a well-proportioned room.

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