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How to Make an App Like Paytm – Features and Cost

Everything nowadays is done online, and you can pay for things with your phone. So, let’s see how much it costs to develop an app like Paytm.

Every country in the world today is pursuing digitization in order to build a cashless economy. Mobile wallet applications can be found in restaurants, shops, movie theatres, grocery stores, and pharmacies, among other places.

With mobile wallets, money transactions become a lot easier. Paytm is the only mobile wallet program that is widely used in India. Do you have a desire to learn more about app development? You can use this blog material to learn more about how much it costs to develop app like Paytm.

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Features of App Like Paytm:

Before creating a mobile recharge app for Android, it’s best to do some study. This is because it will assist in obtaining an understanding of the characteristics that must be included.

The developer will display the cost of developing an app like Paytm in front of you based on those characteristics. After that, you can move forward at your leisure.

Here are some of the features:

Bluetooth and Ibeacon

It is critical to have a fast and secure payment system whenever the topic of how to build a payment app like Paytm arises.

You may easily achieve this with your mobile wallet app using technologies like iBeacon and Bluetooth. Simultaneously, the technologies aid in the discovery of neighbouring buddies for money disbursement.

Blockchain Applications

The cost of developing an eWallet app is determined by the developer’s current trends. When creating an app like Paytm, for example, including the blockchain trend for payment transfer is a must-have feature.

In fact, these cryptocurrency wallets are unchangeable and incredibly secure. Many large financial institutions and government agencies now employ mobile wallet apps since the amounts they send are frequently large.

QR Codes

The use of QR codes is included in mobile recharging apps for Android. This is especially useful for those who must pay other people on a regular basis, such as members of a social community, food stores, and businesses.

User Registration

Making a Paytm clone app requires making the registration process as simple and painless as feasible for users. This is the section that affects whether or not a user will continue to use the application.

If he or she finds it time-consuming or irritating, they may choose to uninstall the app and never use it again. Users must be able to sign in quickly and easily using only their email address or a social media account.

Because the Paytm registration process is straightforward, it continues to attract a large number of customers.


Make sure to include technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication) in your Paytm clone mobile app. Users can benefit from these technologies since they allow them to easily share information for the purpose of moving payments.

Bank Account Authorization

Make sure that your Paytm clone app design allows customers to quickly add any bank account they desire for instant money transfers.

They must be able to simply select which of the numerous bank accounts they have added to make the payment, regardless of how many they have added.

Add Balance

Users can put a specific amount of money in their wallet based on their needs. You must request that this feature be added to your Paytm app by your Paytm app developer.

Checking the Balance Status

Users may quickly check their remaining balance after disbursing payments using the Paytm wallet app. This feature is significant since it allows users to keep track of how much money has been sent and how much money is left.

New Offers

After the application procedure is completed, you have the option of becoming the administrator yourself or appointing a capable administrator of your choosing.

The administrator’s role is to keep track of the app’s subscribers as well as other important data.

The administrator must also deal with new bids. He or she will be in control of offers related to rewards, daily transactions, and referrals.

Geographical Location

If you’re working on a clone app like Paytm USA, you can’t afford to overlook the geolocation feature.

With the addition of this feature, the cost of developing an app like Paytm will undoubtedly rise, but the app’s popularity and visibility will soar to new heights. It will be something you could never have predicted.

Camera Inside The App

Do not be concerned if you believe the average cost of app development is increasing due to features such as an in-app camera.

This is because when an app has features like this, customers may use it without fear and with complete confidence. With the help of an in-app camera, users will be able to email transaction receipts to a variety of other users.

Data Synchronization

In the context of Paytm mobile app features, this is quite significant. It must be included by your Paytm app developer.

For higher level accuracy and security, the programme is connected with the documented mobile number and social account network.

Calendar for Bookings

This functionality eliminates the requirement for users to remember the date in order to send all transactions. The application’s booking calendar feature provides users notifications on specific dates.

Cloud Operations

With the help of cloud operations, users can save transaction information in a secure and reliable manner. The incorporation of cloud operation characteristics is enhanced by the quality standards for any mobile recharge applications for Android.

Payments can be made more quickly as well. With the assistance of app development businesses and app developers, the process of creating a payment app like Paytm will appear to be more straightforward.

Breakdown of the Cost of Developing an App Like Paytm

To make your Paytm online recharge app a huge success, you’ll need to incorporate the following pricey elements:

  • First and foremost, there are the aspects of mobile application development.
  • Discounts and offers presented by the brand on the mobile application are tied-ins.
  • API development that allows consumers of mobile apps to engage with service providers.

The following is how it works:

  • For API development in your mobile app, contact service providers such as Airtel and Vodafone.
  • Payment APIs will be presented to you by the service providers.
  • Following that, your developer will create an interface that will allow the API and mobile app to communicate with one another.
  • It’s also crucial to include a payment method within the app.

The cost of developing an app like Paytm is estimated to be roughly $50,000. It will be priced at $20 per hour and will cover both platforms.

The cost, however, may vary based on the growth of complexities and features. When it comes to Android, the cost may be a little more because programmers must develop more programmes, more devices must be tested, and so on.


For apps like Paytm, the content accurately depicts the full app development process. The estimated cost of developing an app like Paytm is now evident, as seen above.

With this in mind, you’ll see a lot of fraudulent adverts promising to build an app for you in 24 hours. Never fall for such a con, as developing a successful app like Paytm that can benefit millions of people takes at least 2 to 3 months.

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