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How to Increase Gmail Storage Space?

Are looking for ways to increase Gmail storage space?

If yes, then you have come to the right platform!

Gmail is an email client application that is used by people at large. It is known for its advanced features and 15 GB free storage space.
It provides every user a free storage space of 15 GB. The storage space covers emails, drives, photos and other Google applications. However, 15 GB storage space is not enough nowadays and there comes a necessity to increase Gmail storage space by freeing up space in Gmail account.

Reasons to Increase Gmail Storage Space

The user activity in the form of sending and receiving emails, attachments, image and videos are increasing day by day. Due to this, the default storage of 15 GB gets filled up quickly. Here, comes the need to increase Gmail storage space so as to create some space for new incoming data.

How to Purchase More Storage Space for Gmail Account?

In order to check the storage status and to get more storage space in Gmail, you need to go to your Gmail account.
The following are the steps to check storage space and the way to purchase extra storage space:

1. Login into your Gmail account and then go to the URL as ‘’.

2. On the left pane of the page, go to ‘Home’ section, scroll down to ‘Account storage’ and then click on ‘Manage Storage’ link.

3. Now, you will be redirected to account. Here, you can check the storage space occupied by each Google Apps.

4. In order to get more storage in your Gmail account, you can scroll down and purchase extra storage space. You can check the plans and select one of them that best suits to your requirements. Once, selected then, follow the purchase instructions.

It is to be noted that if you are already a Gmail paid services subscriber for more storage then, you can opt for higher plan that suits best to your requirements.

For those users who cannot afford taking subscription plans they can adopt alternative method of deleting unwanted emails, photos, documents etc. to empty the space for new arrivals.

In order to create more storage space, you can delete the Gmail data using one or mix of the methods as given below:

1. Delete large sized attachment files

The users can search and delete the unwanted attachment files from Gmail by entering into the search bar. The syntax for deleting the emails with certain file sized attachments is ‘has:attachment larger:file size’ or ‘has:attachment smaller:file size’. For example: To delete larger files supposing more than 10 MB, the syntax would be ‘has:attachment larger:10 MB’. In case of smaller file size attachment, the syntax would be ‘has:attachment smaller:10MB’. All the searches would appear and then can be deleted.
The respective emails need to be deleted from ‘Trash’ folder as well in order to delete permanently.

2. Delete Older Emails

The users can deleted the older emails which are of no relevance and are occupying necessary space. The syntax for deleting older emails would be ‘older than: year or month’. For example: ‘older than: 2y’. This syntax would search all the emails which are older than 2 years.
Hence, the search emails can be deleted manually and then also from the ‘Trash’ folder.

The above aforementioned are the ways to search and manually delete the emails. However, it is always recommended to take the backup of Gmail emails before deleting them.

Automated Method to Increase Gmail Storage Space in few Clicks

Use SysTools Gmail Backup Tool and its ‘Delete After Download’ feature. That allows to delete emails from Gmail server after taking their backup. It is a trusted and reliable software that helps to take the backup and then delete them from the server.

The following are the steps to take the backup of the emails using the Gmail Backup Tool:

1. Install and Launch ‘Gmail Backup Tool’. Provide the Gmail credentials and then click on ‘Login’ button.

2. You will be redirected to Gmail sign in page for authentication. Enter the Gmail credentials again.

3. Click on ‘Allow’ option to grant accessibility to files, drives etc. as asked.

4. Select the category as ‘Emails’ and email format as ‘PDF’.

5. Click on ‘Browse’ button to select the destination location for the export process.

6. Click on ‘Delete After Download’ button to download the emails and then permanently delete them from the server.

7. Click on ‘Incremental Backup’ in order to take the backup from where you had stopped before. It should be ensured that the machine is same.

8. Click on ‘Apply Filters’. You will get two options as ‘Select Folders’ and ‘Email Filter’.

  • Select Folders: Allows you to select the folders which you want to backup
  • Email Filter: Provide the date filter to select date range ‘from’ and ‘to’.

9. Click on ‘Start’ button to initiate the export process.

10. Once the export process gets completed then, the software will display a message as ‘Download completed successfully’.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, a brief on Gmail, reasons to increase Gmail storage space and the suitable methods to increase Gmail storage space have been discussed. The best method is using the Gmail Backup Tool as it is a one-time investment. It allows to back up the data locally and delete them from the server at the same time. This creates some space in the Gmail account and thus, user can work in hassle free environment.

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