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How to Enable HiPi Filters and Lenses

What is HiPi?

As we all know, the government has recently banned Chinese apps and urged us to become independent. Following the same, ZEE5 launched a short video platform called HiPi.

It is an initiative made for Atmanirbhar Bharat. HiPi is like TikTok, which provides entertainment to the users. The time allowed is up to 90 secs. Users can get likes on their videos and can see themselves becoming famous! HiPi is an Indian app made truly for Indians. Also, the makers have added security features to protect the safety of users.

How does the HiPi app work ?

The app is quite simple to use. Following are some steps one needs to follow in order to make videos on HiPi and become famous

  • Register yourself by creating an account.
  • Make sure that you are not under 18 to use the HiPi app.
  • On signing up, you are ready to make videos.

How to make videos?

  • Click on “Me” icon
  • Start making videos by clicking on “Create a HiPi”
  • You can add effects and music to your videos using the music and effects feature available.

You can even explore videos of other people. You can like, share and comment on your favorite videos. So, guys what are you waiting for? Install the app and become famous right now!

Do check out their Instagram page to check out the Amazing platform and what’s in for you guys as content creators.

Key features of the app:

  • HiPi will be free for ZEE5 users as it will be an advertisement driven platform and not subscription based.
  • Security features ensure the safety of the information transferred among the users, hence making it a best alternative for TikTok which was having some security concerns.
  • The app is also providing employment to the people as depending upon the number of likes and views, users will be paid.
  • Unlike TikTok which gave only 15 secs for a video, HiPi gives 90 secs.
  • ZEE5’s imaginative and energizing stage called ‘HiPi’ is where India can make the most quick and energizing substance with the assistance of best in class highlights.
  • It is the objective for everything, amusement and a stage for fandoms and narrators which they can call their own.
  • The name HiPi originates from the vision of an energetic and cheerful planet where everybody can communicate with opportunity and certainty.
  • A great spot where clients can uninhibitedly and proudly act naturally without the dread of being judged.
  • It offers vertical looking of many recordings that can be loved or shared across online media stages.
  • Content makers can likewise include music tracks out of sight of their recordings. It was the substance separation that made HiPi an alternate stage by and large.
  • ZEE5’s HiPi is driven by the vision to support self-articulation and it intends to open the potential ability that this nation has by welcoming capable and assorted substance makers who are looking for a stage that energizes imagination and makes them ready for fame.

So, to all the talented actors out there, utilize your talent and enhance your acting skills. #HappensOnHiPi is a platform which will be a tough competitor to other ones like MX Takatak, Chingari as well Bolo Indya.

The Recent rise in these kind of application is the reason of Indian Government banning Tiktok which was a very popular platform. This decision has led to 5 Million Plus traffic in a single week over the applications. Earlier, due to a very great and good developers TikTok could introduce features, Fix them or make many changes overall. But, The main competitor is out of business so every Indie app is rising.

If, HiPi is good enough it will surely survive and reach a huge fanbase which is possible due to the ZEE5 name in it. Also, The filters make this more interesting because no one would use these apps much when it doesn’t have proper filters.

It’s time to give these out a try so that, you can also make some fun videos and get famous over social media. Also, we can hope to see some major improvements when the hype train hits the platform.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out HiPi by ZEE5 and make sure you create some awesome content. The platform awaits for some really awesome content.

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