How to Effortlessly Migrate Emails to Microsoft 365


Being one of the most popular email services, many organization attracts to Microsoft 365 and its suits. There are a large number of organizations that are looking for ways to migrate emails to Microsoft 365. Therefore in this blog, we will help you with such a solution. In this article, we will be helping you to migrate emails from Outlook email client to Office 365.

Why Migrate Email to Microsoft 365?

As a cloud-based service, Microsoft 365 is easily and widely accessible. Microsoft Office 365 is convenient, it provides various functionalities to the user; only by subscription to the Office 365 suite.

  • In Office365, there is no need to worry about security and data protection as Microsoft takes care of the data.
  • Services like Enterprise Social Network (ESN), Yammer, also attract different users.
  • Features like Skype for business, Share point are some of the important complementary features that the user gets with Office 365 Suite.
  • Users will always receive updated Office 365 services, no need to manually update, and wait for the next updated version; everything will happen automatically.

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Problems occur in the Manual approach:

  • In any migration process, the top priority is data, but in the manual method, the data is not fully protected. There is a chance of data loss to occur during the migration process.
  • Manual methods are accompanied by a long series of technical steps, and to perform them correctly you need to have technical skills.
  • The chances of human error are very high and a single mistake can lead to process failure and even the possibility of data loss.
  • Even processing the manual method involves the limitation, the size of the mailboxes that are migrating is not unlimited; restriction on migrating a large number of mailboxes.
  • Manual methods are time-consuming and boring too, any professional user will not prefer the manual method in any way.

All the points written above are the main reasons why users escape migration by manual methods and move towards third party Outlook migration tool.

Why does the need for the Outlook Migration Tool increase?

To migrate emails to Microsoft 365, the reliable and intuitive Outlook migration tool is a must. The most important thing for any organization is its data and during migration, this is what we migrate and its security is maximum. Users can use the manual methods which could be Microsoft Office 365 import service or network upload method, but there are many drawbacks of manual methods due to which they need for professional Outlook Migration Tool increases.

Best Ways to Migrate Email to Microsoft 365

For easy migration of Outlook data to Office 365, we recommend using the professional Import PST to Office 365 tool. It is advanced software that is integrated with many features and fulfills the need for a perfect Outlook migration tool. Check out its features:

Advanced Features of the Automated Tool

  • Allows you to migrate emails to Office 365 from multiple PST files at the same time
  • It does not impose file size restrictions during migration.
  • Provides the ability to migrate emails to the shared mailbox using the administrator account
  • It does not require user credentials when using the administrator account.
  • Category and date range filters for selective data migration.
  • Include / Exclude Folder option to skip sent and deleted items.
  • Ability to create a mailbox with the same name as the PST file.

When migrating emails to Microsoft 365 using the administrator account, the tool enables some unique features. It allows you to migrate emails without needing the user account password and also allows you to migrate emails to the shared mailbox if needed.

  1. Launch the Office 365 Import Wizard. Click “Is admin” and enter your Office 365 admin ID and password for login.
  2. Choose the Add file or folder option available in the tool to import PST.
  3. Provide the user account ID for each PST file or choose the Add CSV option.
  4. Select the category as “Email” and set the date-range filters
  5. Choose the Additional Filter option if needed, then click the Import button.
  6. The migration process will Start and the tool will show the real-time status of the migration emails within the tool window.

Wrapping Up

To migrate emails to Microsoft 365 there are possible manual and automated solutions to do the task. Such methods are explained in this post. You can opt for any method you like and easily migrate your emails to Office 365 account without any hassle.