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How to drive traffic with Reddit

Reddit is one of the social bookmarking sites which keeps a great importance in the world of blogging. Many bloggers are driving a huge amount of traffic through reddit.

In this article I am going to tell you how to drive traffic from Reddit. Reddit users are getting more than 5,000 traffic daily from reddit. Through reddit you can drive over 5,000 daily unique visits to their blog. Users who drive traffic through reddit are mostly getting 65% visits from USA and rest from other countries and they also earn a decent amount of dollars if they are using any best advertising program like Google AdSense, BuySellAds, Ads etc.

Increase Traffic with reddit

If you are a new user of reddit than sign up on reddit. It takes only 60 seconds to get registered on reddit. After registering, first of all verify your reddit account through the following link. The reason behind verifyng your account is this that it helps to prevent getting banned or marked as spam on reddit.

After getting verifying your account on reddit, now it’s time to to drive traffic. Now you have to submit a link of your website in a specific sub-reddit to get traffic. Sub-reddits are the categories in reddit. Now copy any link of your blog post and submit it to the sub-reddit which suits to that article.

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After your submission the users of reddit will UpVote and DownVote your submission. If your article was readable, informative and revelant to the sub-reddit you used to submit your post link than you will get more and more upvotes and traffic. If you are having more than 2,000 UpVotes than your submission may appear on the homepage of reddit and may down your server if your blog/website is on WordPress.

Note: I recommend you to submit the link of your blog/website after 10 AM Los Angeles (PDT). The reason behind this time is this that Reddit is a social bookmarking site with over more than 55% of USA traffic.

So between and after this time most of the USA people are online and they will see your submission and will definitely visit your website. Second thing, most of the people gets some downvotes at start and than delete the post. But they do wrong by deleting their submission.


Never be upset when someone downvotes your submission because at first you will get some downvotes and upvotes as well but as you want traffic so remember this that the person who downvotes also visits your website!

In reddit there is Link Karma and Comment Karma which you can say that these are your Link Points/Score and Comment Points/Score. The more link karma and comment karma you have, the better traffic you can drive with reddit. To increase the Link Karma I recommend you to first submit the links of some images from to get some link karma.

I hope that you would have liked my little tips to increase traffic with reddit. Now go and take action and drive huge traffic and share your views with us by commenting below.

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